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Better Conversion through Diversified Card Payment Options

While your shopping cart software may give you the ability to take credit card transactions directly, it’s important to offer buyers plenty of payment options when they’re ready to checkout using your online store. Aligning your brand with other major eCommerce brands helps build brand loyalty and credibility while simplifying checkout for a large portion of your customers.

Consider this: Amazon is one of the biggest and most popular online stores today. With so many shoppers buying goods through Amazon, the company has built up quite a loyal following. Incorporating Checkout by Amazon into your shopping cart allows shoppers to choose a payment process they’re familiar with—and one that often has payment information prepopulated to make the checkout process as simple as the click of a button.

While some eCommerce software solutions incorporate as many as 100 different payment options, here are four of the best to consider for your online store.

As you well know, Amazon is gigantic in the world of eCommerce. Among Amazon’s other resources for small shops, Checkout by Amazon offers the ability to pay for goods through your Amazon account, a process that customers are familiar with. Whatever your usual checkout process entails, Checkout by Amazon speeds it up by giving your customers the ability to pay with saved credit card information, instead of having to fill out a new form. PayPal is a great way to let customers pay for your products without sharing financial information. It’s one of the world’s largest marketplaces and one of the most trusted names in online payment, representing one of the easiest ways to gain customer loyalty through aligning yourself with a trusted brand. Some 43 percent of North American online shoppers have used PayPal.
eLayaway™ is a patent-pending alternative payment option that allows merchants to process, administer and automate their online and brick & mortar layaway programs. By providing convenient payment plans that are automatically drafted from the consumer’s bank account, merchants enjoy the benefits of offering layaway without the administrative and logistical headaches previously associated with the popular payment process.
by Gonzalo Gil Google