Email Marketing and Newsletters

In eCommerce, a great deal of work goes into getting that first conversion: turning a casual visitor into a paying customer. Email marketing and newsletters play an important role in this process, as they attract and entice readers to visit your online store and make purchases. Email marketing can be extremely effective in general, but if done improperly, can have poor or even negative results.

As an eCommerce merchant, it's vital for you to understand email marketing and how to use it to best effect, as well as how to build a strategy for all your email communications and newsletters. This course will teach you:

  •  The benefits of retaining existing customers rather than relying on attracting all new ones.
  •  How to use email marketing to keep your store in customers' minds.
  •  How to write newsletters your customers will want to read.
  •  What to include in your email marketing and how often to send your newsletters.
  •  How to get subscribers and build relationships with them.

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