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Our Saas enterprise ecommerce solution offers 99.9% uptime and dedicated support starting at $499/month

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3dcart Enterprise

3dcart Enterprise is a SaaS based, PCI certified enterprise ecommerce platform designed for high volume online stores.

Get all the enterprise level features, infrastructure and support without the traditional headaches of licensed or self-hosted enterprise applications.

  • Flexibility to adapt to your business needs
  • Performance and scalability to accommodate high volume
  • Built-in Tools to grow traffic and sales
  • Dedicated Team of Support, Server Admins and Developers
Enterprise details

Enterprise Ecommerce Plans & Pricing

Enterprise I
  • Up to $5M/yr in online sales
  • 20 Staff Users
  • $299 One-time Setup Fee
Enterprise II
  • Up to $10M/yr in online sales
  • 40 Staff Users
  • $299 One-time Setup Fee
Enterprise Custom
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  • Over $10M/yr in online sales

Dedicated Support (Technical Account Manager)

Your 24/7 access to 3dcart's tech support will be further bolstered with access to your own dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM), a 3dcart support expert who will serve as your main point of contact for any questions or issues you may have. In addition to providing personalized support, you'll also receive priority status, guaranteeing faster turnaround time for any issues. Your TAM can help you skip the standard support queue and you're also free to take advantage of our usual support channels if desired.

Dedicated Support

QuickStart Onboarding Session

QuickStart Onboarding Session

At 3dcart, we know running a business involves a lot of work, often with a very tight schedule — especially when your business has grown to enterprise levels. That's why we're ready to help you jump right into 3dcart with a QuickStart Onboarding Session. A 3dcart expert will schedule a one-on-one phone call to help you set up crucial elements, demonstrate how the 3dcart software works, and wrap up with a test order to ensure everything works smoothly. There's no better way to get your online store up and running quickly!

Your Online Store, Safe and Secure

Secure Level 1 PCI Hosting

This is the same level of security that banks and large financial institutions use for their customers. Rest assured that your customer data is safe with 3dcart!

Unlimited Staff users with role based security

Whether you are a one-man army, or a small business with 100s of employees; all plans support unlimited admin access users with no extra fees! You can even limit areas of the store to individual staff members as needed!

IP Blocking Security Feature

Need to block someone from reaching your site? Perhaps you want to prevent employees from accessing the store’s orders unless they’re in your office. Whatever the need, YOU are in control over who can access to your web store and administration panel.

99.99% uptime and 24/7 monitoring

With multiple data centers and points of access across the country, our PCI certified Ecommerce Web Hosting facilities guarantee the performance and security of your enterprise online store.

Safe Store

Handle Any Volume of Sales and Traffic

There are no limits for your business when running on 3dcart Enterprise

High trafic

Scalable eCommerce Hosting

3dcart Enterprise is ready to handle everything your online store needs, from its initial inception, all the way up to 100s of millions in transactions.

Unlimited disk space

All plans include unlimited disk space for your product images!

Fast Site Performance

Optimized for performance, your site will load blazing fast to your visitors, helping you convert every sale.

Unlimited Email Hosting

You can have unlimited emails. Our email hosting includes a webmail interface and support for mobile devices.

100% Uptime and 25x Enterprise SLA

Your customers rely on your website being ready and available at all times. This is why your business needs a reliable uptime guarantee that both ensures your website will be available and offers compensation in the event of a problem.

enterprise SLA
what is SLA

What is an SLA?

SLA stands for Service Level Agreement. For website uptime, the SLA describes the limitations of any guarantee regarding the maximum amount of time your website will be up and available. Any website downtime within the SLA is considered acceptable as long as it doesn't exceed the limit stipulated in the SLA. For example, an SLA of 99.99% uptime would guarantee your website is only down for 0.01% of the time, which works out to a maximum of a few seconds per day.

What is 100% Uptime

What is 100% Uptime?

100% uptime means zero downtime is acceptable within your SLA. It means our guarantee is that your website will never go down, even for a few seconds — no matter what happens. Because of the unpredictability of the internet, and the existence of malicious behavior like DDoS attacks, 100% uptime guarantees are rare. But we're prepared to back it up with total confidence in our infrastructure to protect and support your website, as well as compensation if your site does go down.

How Am I Compensated

How Am I Compensated?

In the rare event of website downtime, Enterprise customers receive a 25x credit toward your monthly fee, in proportion to the respective disruption and affected customer ratio. This means that the more your site is harmed by a downtime event, the more you'll be compensated with a portion of your monthly charge for our service.

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Advanced eCommerce Functionality
for Enterprise Businesses

3dcart Enterprise packages include bonus apps to enhance your business with additional features. While these apps are available in the 3dcart App Store, they're built into our Enterprise plans as outlined below.

Enterprise I
Enterprise II

Enterprise I

3dcart Enterprise I includes the following extra add-ons out of the box.

Advanced Shipping Modules

Enterprise businesses often have additional shipping and fulfillment needs due to their larger reach and wider customer base. With 3dcart's Enterprise I plan, you'll automatically get the following advanced shipping modules for your online store.

Advanced Shipping Modules

Address Verification

Regular price: $9.99/mo. – $449.99/mo. based on number of orders. Included FREE in 3dcart Enterprise.

It happens — sometimes a customer makes a mistake entering their shipping address during checkout. Whether it's a forgotten apartment number, a typo in the street name, an incorrect ZIP code, or anything else, these mistakes cause problems for both you and the customer. The customer needs to wait longer for their order, and your business will have both a customer service situation to deal with and the possibility of carrier fees or lost inventory.

3dcart's Address Verification Add-On uses the USPS address matching system to check the validity of the destination address in real time, and display any needed corrections to the customer to help ensure on-time, accurate delivery.

Restrictive Shipping

Regular price: $199. Included FREE in 3dcart Enterprise.

Sometimes certain products require specific shipping methods, whether because of regulations within the shipping industry, special needs relating to the products, or other reasons. If customers select inappropriate shipping methods for orders that include these products, you'll face fulfillment issues — and instructing customers to always select certain shipping methods for particular products simply won't work much of the time.

3dcart's Restrictive Shipping Add-On enables you to define specific shipping methods for products that need these restrictions, even if a customer's order includes other items that can ship normally.

Multiple Distributors

Regular price: $49/mo. Included FREE in 3dcart Enterprise.

If your business sells across multiple regions or if you've scaled up further and gone global, you can face fulfillment challenges based on varying shipping costs and times for customers in different locations. Multiple distribution centers can solve this problem by shipping your products from locations closer to the customer.

3dcart's Multiple Distributors Add-On allows you to designate service areas for multiple distribution centers so your customers can receive their orders from the distributor closest to their location. Define areas each distributor will ship to, and set up exceptions as needed. Shipping costs will always reflect the distribution center that will actually fulfill the customer's order.

Enterprise II

3dcart Enterprise II includes all of the add-ons from the Enterprise I plan as well as the following additional bonus apps.

Faceted Navigation

Customers often appreciate extra navigation features in online stores with large inventories. 3dcart Enterprise II includes this functionality.

Faceted Navigation

Category Filters

Regular price: $199 for basic filters; $499 for dynamic filters. Included FREE in 3dcart Enterprise II.

Browsing by category is a favorite way for many customers to find the products they're looking for, but categories with tons of products can get unwieldy. Category navigation can be improved by allowing the customer to filter their results so as to see a more precise selection of products at one time.

3dcart's Category Filters Add-On enables you to set up ten different filters for each of your categories, which will be displayed to customers as they browse. Customers can select these filters to narrow down the number of products being shown.

Advanced Product Management

Enterprises often have large inventories, which means additional requirements for product management. Without adequate tools, your business can face insurmountable challenges, so 3dcart Enterprise includes the following advanced product management tools.

Advanced Product Management

Option Rules

Regular price: $199. Included FREE in 3dcart Enterprise.

Large product selections often have numerous options, such as size, color, material, and more. Certain products may also have restrictions on their options, such as mutually-exclusive option combinations or unavailability of specific combinations of options. With several eCommerce platforms, the only way to handle these special option requirements is to split up your products into separate listings, but 3dcart has solved this problem.

3dcart's Option Rules Add-On expands on the possibilities for your unlimited product options and variants by allowing you to set rules that define which options can be selected depending on previously-selected options. When the customer chooses options on a product, the remaining option selections will dynamically display or hide according to your Option Rules.

Inventory Stock Buffer

Regular price: $99. Included FREE in 3dcart Enterprise.

Certain situations may make it desirable for your business to keep a buffer of backup inventory on hand while awaiting restocking. Your reasons for this can vary, but backup inventory can be difficult to keep track of correctly while also ensuring it isn't accidentally sold early — especially if your customers can view your inventory count.

3dcart's Inventory Stock Buffer Add-On lets you decide how much backup inventory you want to keep on hand, while still allowing you to display your chosen "out of stock" message to your customers (Sold Out, Back Order, Waiting List, etc.). Simply enter the buffer size you want, and the number will be subtracted from your public-facing inventory.

Reserve Inventory

Regular price: $199. Included FREE in 3dcart Enterprise.

Highly-anticipated products can be sold out within minutes of their release. Sometimes the product is released in limited numbers, or the distributor simply underestimated the demand. Other times, the product is already expected to sell out quickly, as in the case of event tickets and other time-sensitive items. No matter the reason, customers will flock to their favorite online retailers in a hurry to get these products while they can. The one thing shoppers hate most in this situation is to add the product to their cart only for someone else to snap up the last one before they could finish checkout!

3dcart's Reserve Inventory Add-On helps manage the rush (and prevent customer dissatisfaction) by ensuring that any products added to a customer's cart cannot be claimed by another customer for 15 minutes (or a configurable time you set). If the time limit passes and the customer still hasn't checked out, the reservation is removed automatically.

Custom Product Email

Regular price: $49. Included FREE in 3dcart Enterprise.

Some products require a bit of introduction in the form of a user's guide or other information. Rather than trying to direct customers toward the information on your product page, it's often better to send it directly to their inbox — which also gives you a chance to address them personally. Personalization and attention to customers' needs are two of your most powerful customer service tools.

3dcart's Custom Product Email Add-On allows you to create product-specific emails to be sent to customers after their order, so they will receive an email that directly relates to the product they just purchased. This makes it simple to send product-specific information when necessary, and also signals to customers that you are paying attention.

Advanced Marketing

An Enterprise business is ready to take extra steps in marketing, and 3dcart Enterprise II includes some valuable tools to enhance your strategies and boost conversions.

Advanced Marketing


Regular price: $24.99/mo. or $149.94/yr. Included FREE in 3dcart Enterprise II.

There are all types of situations in which you'd want to quickly grab a customer's attention — to display a special offer, to get them to reconsider leaving your website, etc. One of the best methods to do this is via modal popups: non-intrusive "cards" that appear onscreen based on criteria that can include the customer's cursor actions, time spent on the page, and more.

3dcart's 3dboost Add-On is a robust and configurable modal campaign creator that makes it simple to set up attractive, time-sensitive offers. Choose when and how your modals appear, the text and images they include, and how their appearance is triggered. Setup takes minutes and can fully match the branding of your website.

Custom Sale Price Rules

Regular price: $199. Included FREE in 3dcart Enterprise II.

Online stores with large inventories can face challenges when it comes to setting up discounts. Even with 3dcart's built-in promotional tools, you may still desire an easier way to set large numbers of products on sale at any given time.

3dcart's Custom Sale Price Rules Add-On increases the functionality of promotions by allowing you to quickly update discounts across products in a specific category and can be updated manually, or allowed to automatically update once per day. Products will show their regular price as well as the percentage sale price, and also have their "On Sale" flag activated to ensure customers are aware of the sale. Custom Sale Price Rules can also override existing discounts, giving you more freedom and faster control.

eCommerce Automation

Automation has many benefits for both you and your customers, and provides them with a level of convenience they'll always appreciate. 3dcart Enterprise includes some bonus automation tools to enhance your online store.

eCommerce Automation

Autoship Recurring Orders

Regular price: $49.99/mo. – $99.98/mo. based on number of orders. Included FREE in 3dcart Enterprise.

Subscription services are very popular in eCommerce, whether it's to help customers keep a supply of needed items, or to offer them regular samples or other surprises in a monthly or quarterly "box." No matter your business model, if you want to ensure automatic recurring orders and deliveries for your customers, you need a way to let them set it up conveniently.

Autoship, 3dcart's Recurring Orders Add-On, makes it simple to offer configurable subscriptions on products that customers will want to receive on a regular basis. This ensures a consistent source of revenue for your business and eliminates stress for customers who may worry about running out of a product. Set up subscription options on your products and customers can choose them at checkout and manage their subscriptions from their Account page on your website.

Time-To-Reorder Reminder Service

Regular price: $49.99/mo. Included FREE in 3dcart Enterprise.

Some customers want to replenish products on a regular basis without needing to manage a subscription. However, remembering to reorder can present its own problems, and customers always appreciate the ability to receive reminders from their favorite online retailer.

3dcart's Time to Reorder Add-On lets you set up configurable reminders to be automatically sent to customers when it's time for them to renew their supply of your products. You can offer different reminder frequencies and select which products to which they apply. Customers will be able to opt in to receive reminders when they place their order.

Connectors for Enterprise Apps

Enterprise merchants frequently prefer to use outside software and services connected with their 3dcart store. This requires the payment of any fees associated with the third-party software, as well as the programming fee for the connector that enables the integration. However, 3dcart Enterprise II includes certain connectors for free, meaning you only need to pay the third-party provider's fees to use their software.

Enterprise Apps

PunchOut2Go Connector

Regular price: $1,000 for connector. Included FREE in 3dcart Enterprise II.

PunchOut2Go is a procurement solution that makes it easier for 3dcart stores to connect with B2B customers as a supplier. PunchOut2Go ensures compatibility for your online store with any PunchOut-based eProcurement system, including Ariba, SAP, Oracle, Coupa, SciQuest, and more.

Setup and ongoing fees from PunchOut2Go apply.

Kount Fraud Prevention Connector

Regular price: $1,000 for connector. Included FREE in 3dcart Enterprise II.

Kount is a powerful, all-in-one fraud prevention platform that analyzes hundreds of variables and activity in real-time to identify and stop fraudulent transactions before they can affect your store. Kount's patented technology is an industry leader in fraud prevention, and is trusted by some of the world's largest brands.

Additional fees from Kount apply.

The Problem with Licensed & Open Source eCommerce Platforms

  • License Cost
  • Time to Market
  • Average Implementation Cost
  • OROCommerce
  • $35k - $250k
  • 1 - 6 Months
  • $250k
  • Hybris
  • $200k +
  • 7 - 9 Months
  • $2M
  • Oracle/ATG
  • $200k - $1M
  • 12 - 48 Months
  • $1M - $6M
  • Websphere
  • $1M
  • 9 - 12 Months
  • $1M
  • Magento 2
    Enterprise Edition
  • $22k - $400k*
  • 6 – 12 months
  • $80k

SAAS Enterprise Cost Comparison

  • License Cost
  • Time to Market
  • Average Implementation Cost
  • $499 - $999/per month
  • 3 Months
  • $10k - $20k
  • Shopify Plus
  • $2,000 - $40,000/per month
  • 6 Months
  • $10k - $20k

Native Integrations with Powerful Apps

Powerful Apps
Apps for Integrations with ERP solutions
Enterprise Fraud Prevention
Advanced Tax solutions
Plus Fulfillment, Shipping, multi-channel and more.

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Eliminate the cost and
headaches from IT Management

Completely managed, secure and reliable ecommerce hosting for your online store

Monthly Transparent Upgrades

To stay competitive, your business needs the latest technology, and we’re constantly updating the 3dcart platform to give you that edge! You can expect monthly releases adding new functionality to help you stay ahead!

FTP Access to Files

Bank grade security is included with all 3dcart plans ensuring your customer data is safe and secure!

Daily Backups

Your store and website data is secure with 3dcart, which includes daily data backups in case you delete or overwrite any file that you might need to restore.

Worry-Free hosting

That’s zero maintenance costs or time spent managing technology.

DDOS protection

Protection for your online store from a range of online threats from spammers to DDOS attacks. Powered by Cloudflare.

24/7/365 Priority support

Ecommerce experts available 24x7x365 via phone, email and chat. The best technical support, committed to help your business succeed online

All Enterprise Level eCommerce Features

Conversion Optimized Checkout

Get more conversions with a checkout that's simple and optimized for Desktop, Tablet, and Phone.

Mobile-Ready Responsive Themes

Be mobile friendly right out of the box with over 100 free and premium HTML5 responsive themes and templates.

Built in Abandoned Cart Tools

Recover sales automatically by sending pre-defined emails to customers that started an order but did not finish it. Reporting tools show you exactly how much was recovered.

Content Management System (CMS)

Create additional pages with ease in an intuitive and easy to use Content Management System built into the 3dcart Interface.

Powerful REST API

Augment your store’s functionality with a powerful REST API that allows for easy integration with any of your created Apps.

Built-in SEO features

Manage and configure your store’s Search Engine Optimization settings in one centralized location for ease of use.


Consolidate your orders from Amazon and eBay into your 3dcart store to help minimize the number of interfaces that you’ll be working in to process orders.

Marketing and Conversion Tools

Market your business and turn visitors into shoppers with Newsletter, Abandoned Cart Recovery, and Promotional tools built-in to the 3dcart system!

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