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Our powerful eCommerce platform integrates with POS software to allow you to perform transactions face-to-face, whether you're at a trade show or your own brick-and-mortar location. Smooth integrations keep your POS software synchronized with your online store to ensure accurate inventory management across both online and offline sales channels. 3dcart offers several POS options to provide for the unique needs of any business.

A Mobile Checkout

With a POS you can sell anywhere, anytime: tradeshows, retail shops, kiosks, salons — virtually anywhere!

Payment Options

Accept credit cards, cash, check, money order, split payments and more, whether online, in-store, or on the go.

Getting Started

Who says setup has to be difficult? Easily sync your products and orders in a few short, painless minutes!

Easy Integration

Cater to your business’ needs by integrating with a standard barcode scanner, register drawer and/or printer.

What is a POS?

A POS, or Point-of-Sale system, is a combination of hardware and software which lets you process in-person transactions much like a cash register. While you can ring up sales and take payments, POS systems also have additional features built in to make it easier for you to process sales quickly. Your customer records and product catalog are included directly in the interface, making it a breeze to complete orders even without a barcode scanner. Of course, you can opt to expand your POS with a barcode scanner and other hardware, like a cash drawer and a receipt printer.

With a POS system, you can take debit and credit card payments, cash, checks, and even contactless digital wallets. Many POS systems also include advanced features like sales reporting — perfect for analyzing your most popular products and busiest days — and shift management for your employees. Payments are also automatically routed to your business bank account.

In short, a POS system can do everything a cash register can do, and much more.

When do you need a POS system?

A POS system comes in handy for any business that wants to accept multiple payment options and have access to a reliable, electronic means of automatically cataloguing sales and customers. Retailers who also sell online need to keep careful track of their online and offline sales alike to prevent discrepancies due to selling on both these channels, and a POS system lets you synchronize your online and offline sales to keep your inventory counts accurate. Many POS systems can be installed on an iPad or Android tablet, which also makes them more portable than a traditional cash register — great for bringing your business on the road and selling at conventions or trade shows.

A growing business can also reap huge benefits from the analytical tools included in the best POS software. You can never have too much data in your sales reporting, especially when that data can help you anticipate busy days, discover your most popular products, and make better business decisions accordingly. Plus, every new business can benefit from the professional look a modern POS system provides.

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Benefits of using a POS system

POS systems bring many benefits to businesses through software features that are far beyond the capabilities of a traditional cash register. A POS operates as a centralized workstation that can process transactions as well as access all the data you've gathered. Some POS systems provide automatic notifications when you start to run low on certain products — giving you ample time to prepare before the next day's rush.

A great POS also makes it easy to use your collected sales data to your advantage. For example, not only can you identify your most popular products and busiest sales weekdays (or hours), you can compare that information to determine if any of your products tend to sell more at specific times. This is valuable data that can help you meet demand, or reduce stock of other products that don't sell as well. Basically, you have all the information you need to make smart business decisions right in front of you at all times!

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Integrating a POS System with your online store


We've already mentioned the difficulties inherent in tracking inventory across multiple sales channels, but the right POS makes this automatic and simple. Retailers who sell in person in addition to running an online store will want to integrate their POS with their eCommerce platform as soon as possible. Thankfully, if you're using an advanced eCommerce website provider like 3dcart, this connection is a breeze. 3dcart offers its own POS system as well as seamless integrations with other popular POS systems.

When choosing your POS, ask yourself what kind of hardware you want to use it on (iPad, Desktop computer, Standalone hardware?) and what kind of interface you're most comfortable using. Take a look at 3dcart's integrated POS options and you'll see a POS available for every type of business using any hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an internet connection to use POS system?
Yes, most modern POS systems require an active internet connection.
How much is a POS system?
A traditional POS System with a single-registermight require an initial investment of $1,250 and about $1,000 per year. With an iPad solution like 3dcart POS, the only cost is the one related to the hardware to get the tablet, card reader, cash register and receipt printer.
Why do you need a POS system?
Using a POS software instead of a traditional cash register, allows your business track sales, cash flow, inventory and more automatically.
What are the components of a POS system?
The system consist of the terminal or tablet device, credit card reader, cash drawer and receipt printer.
How does a point of sale work?
A POS or Point-of-Sale system works as a traditional cash register allowing the cashier to process payments from shoppers using different types of payments.

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