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How to Sell Fabrics Online

So you want to learn how to sell fabrics online, but you’re worried setting up your own business will take too much time. Today’s DIY ethic should be enough to give you hope that starting an online fabric store isn’t quite as tricky as you might imagine. When you set up your own shopping cart software, the entrepreneurial spirit will take over and you’ll be selling to a wide audience in no time.

Perhaps the biggest hump to get over is getting started. But don’t worry: we’re here to help. Becoming a fabric reseller takes some preparation, but it’ll be a piece of cake once you get started. Just follow the steps below and you’ll have a strong sense of how to sell fabrics online in no time!

1. Put some thought into your store and domain names

If you want your online store to show up high in the rankings, you’re going to need include descriptive keywords. A name like “Katie’s Store” won’t inspire potential customers to visit you. “Katie’s Fabric Store,” on the other hand, makes much more sense.

There are plenty of cost-effective shopping cart software solutions on the market (like 3dcart), so you should have plenty of options to evaluate before you launch your store and show your competition how to sell fabrics online.

3. Start buying fabrics wholesale

You can find a slew of different wholesalers online who offer bulk products at good prices. Then, you can turn around and sell those products at direct-to-consumer prices. Reselling is a simple task that applies to a variety of industries, but fabric is one of the easiest

4. Take detailed photos of your products

Make sure to include helpers to determine the size of the patterns on each piece. Including a ruler in the picture is a great way to do this.

5. Include detailed descriptions

When you’re considering factors for how to sell fabrics online, make sure to include detailed descriptions of each product, featuring all of the information that might be relevant to a shopper (size, color variations, types of materials, etc.)

6. Integrate an automated shipping system

Some shopping carts offer you partner programs with online shipping solution providers. If you send your stock to one of their designated warehouses, you can set up a direct integration that feeds orders directly to the order fulfillment provider. It’ll save you a ton of time and money.

There is definitely more work involved in this process than what’s outlined above, but you now have the basics on how to sell fabrics online. Getting started with the tips above and taking advantage of built-in shopping cart marketing tools will get you well on your way to success as a DIY online business. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not selling anything your first couple weeks; it takes a little time for Google to start reading your site.

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3dcart's Unique Advantages for Fabric Retailers

  • Fractional Quantities
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  • Minimum and Maximum
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  • Bulk Order Feature
    Allow customers to place large orders for different types of fabrics from the same page.