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Why Your Store Needs Customer Reviews
Why Your Store Needs Customer Reviews

Many online retailers cite a fear of negative customer feedback as a primary reason for turning off the review function on their online store. But there are crucial reasons why some of the biggest online retailers activate review functionality. If you’re not making the most of your customer reviews, you could be missing a huge opportunity to build customer loyalty and help your search visibility online.

In fact, a study by Foresee Results claims that reviews drive 18 percent higher loyalty and 21 percent higher purchase satisfaction. That means reviews offer traction that you can’t ignore. Here are five reasons why your online store needs customer reviews.

01: Inspire trust in your brand.
The absence of customer reviews could have a negative impact on how customers review your store. From a customer point-of-view, missing reviews can imply the wrong thing—specifically, it can imply that you have something to hide. By empowering customers with a voice, you build trust in your brand by showing trust in your customer base.
02: Leverage positive reviews to drive higher conversions.
Sure, they aren’t all going to be positive—but the reviews that reflect well on your product or brand are going to help you make more sales. Featuring the best reviews under each product is a great way to gain a little traction from the good ones.
03: Build case studies off of the most interesting stories.
Case studies are a great way to add more content to your site and tell a story that appeals to your customer base. When someone leaves a good review on your site, chances are they’ll include a story with it. Reaching out to those customers can help you build stories that will help you get better traction out of your marketing.
04: Understand your customers’ needs and fix problems.
Customer reviews offer you great insight on your business. If you get a negative review, you have a chance to respond to the customer and fix the problem so other customers won’t encounter the same problem in the future. You gather great insights into your business and learn how to run it more efficiently.
05: Your customers add free search-friendly content to your site.
When you enable your customers to offer reviews, they build free written content that usually contains keywords you want associated with your website. In turn, the content and keywords placed on your site make it a more search friendly place, driving more potential customers to your product pages.
by Gonzalo Gil Google