Barcode Generator

Scanning barcodes is a lot faster than typing numbers. With this free tool, you can generate barcodes ready-to-print from any UPC.


Quickly Generate Barcodes for Any Product

Small business owners need to streamline their work as much as possible, and barcodes are a great help. When you label your products with barcodes, you can just scan them instead of typing in product codes. This is a huge time-saver in multiple situations, such as price lookups, face-to-face POS sales, inventory control, and more. 3dcart's free barcode generator makes it simple to get your own barcodes for use in your business. By entering the 12-digit UPC of your product and clicking Generate Barcode, you'll create an accurate barcode for your intended product. Make sure you click Save as SVG to save your barcode in scalable vector graphics format which will resize properly as needed.

Enter the full UPC (the 12 digit number under the barcode) of your product and press Generate Barcode button.