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How to Sell Rugs & Carpet Online

Good with rugs? You could be sharing that passion with the world (and making money, too). Finding out how to sell rugs & carpet online is a lot easier than you might think. And it’s a great way to turn your hobby into profit. Getting up and running in the world of online business is a lot easier than you might think...

...Just ask 3dcart customers. We’ve been playing the ecommerce game for years. We’ve made our software extremely easy to use. And we’ve seen people of all shapes and sizes get to the point where they have to quit their day jobs just so they can handle the growth of their online stores.

Ready to learn how to sell rugs & carpet online? Here are a couple of tips to get started.

1. Work with a wholesale distributor.

A manufacturer or wholesale distributor is the place to start your business plan. They’ll be crucial partners, supplying the product that you’ll buy in bulk and sell to consumers at a mark-up. Choose a distributor with a reliable track record and plenty of happy customers. And remember to take price into account; you need to make your margin, after all.

2. Pick products that fit your flair.

As you learn how to sell rugs & carpets online, you’ll begin to understand that you can’t just start out as a warehouse. That would require far too much starting capital. Plus, you have to allow time for your business to get off the ground.

So, you’ll want to start off small with a handful of specialized products that you can turn around to your first wave of buyers. Then, you can grow organically and add more products as you go.

3. Choose a software solution to act as your foundation.

Next, you’ll need software that makes for a reliable backbone. It should come equipped with plenty of features to help you market your website as you learn how to sell rugs & carpets online. And it should be developed by a dependable company with positive reviews from customers.

4. Design a website and configure your software.

It’s time to move on to your storefront. Like a real-life storefront, you’ll want to make sure your design is eye-catching and attracts your audience. It should include plenty of ways to ‘sample’ carpet, with simple color swatch options.

On the backend, you want an experience that simplifies how you run your store. Make sure you play with the features and see which ones work best for your store.

5. Form relationships with interior decorators.

One of the most important parts of learning how to sell rugs & carpets online is finding your starting audience. Interior decorators always have a need for your products; reach out to them first to get sales rolling before you start to market to the public. That way, you’ll have a steady stream of revenue.

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