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They’re already on Facebook - you
might as well sell them something.
More than 150 million americans spend their days and nights on Facebook. It only makes sense to set up shop where your customers are.
Sell your products online with the 3dcart Facebook Store
Facebook Store
Double your storefront
without the extra effort.
The setup process is simple yet powerful, allowing you to
select which items of your store are going to be displayed
in Facebook. You can even setup a category, specifically for
the items you will sell there and 3dcart takes care of the
synchronization automatically, freeing you from having to
update two stores.
Facebook Store One-Click Checkout
One-click to checkout.
One of the most powerful features of 3dcart’s Facebook
Store is its one-click to checkout feature. Once a visitor
clicks the “Add to Cart” button the visitor is directed imme-
diately to your checkout page in your website, minimizing
the chances of cart abandonment and giving you the
opportunity to upsell.
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