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3dcart vs EkmPowerShop: More Features, Better Price, Premium Support

Need more out of your shopping cart software? Comparing 3dcart vs EkmPowerShop? At 3dcart, we've spent nearly 15 years perfecting our product based on the biggest trends in the ecommerce industry and foresight on what online retail will look like in the next few years. If you want your ecommerce software to go further for your business, you've come to the right place.

Building efficiency in your online retail business shouldn't be difficult - especially with the development of bigger and better technologies that can help you save time, money and valuable resources. To put things in better perspective, we've put together a few reasons why we think 3dcart makes a great alternative to EkmPowerShop.

 12+ Years of Experience (since 1997)
 Lowest Monthly Cost ($19.99/mo)
 99.9% Site Uptime with SLA Guarantee
 PCI Certified
 24/7 Premium Phone Support
 API Available on all plans
 UPS/FEDEX Label Printing
 Multiple Location Datacenter
 Unlimited Email Accounts
 Facebook Store
 YouTube Video Integration
 Built-in Ecommerce Blog
 SocialCommerce Twitter/Facebook
 Real-Time Drag'n'Drop Design
 Picnik Image Editing
 Built-in Gift Registry
 Customizable SEO Friendly Links
 Mobile Store mCommerce
 iPhone Admin App
 One Click Re-Ordering
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More Ways to Market
If you want to build a successful online retail business, you have to build a brand first. You might be a savvy marketer, but you can't do everything on your own. With 3dcart, you get tons of tools to help you market your products and brand using social media, email marketing and traditional tools. Autoresponders, launched with 3dcart 4, give you the ability to set and forget email reminders that can help create return customers and drive sales higher. Retailers consider this one of the biggest advantages when evaluating 3dcart as an EkmPowerShop alternative.

Manage Customer Relationships
When you get set up with an ecommerce software solution, you want one that leverages the best and brightest business technologies. 3dcart offers a built-in customer relationship manager (CRM) as part of our platform so you can dig deeper into the behavior of your customers, gather crucial insights and keep marketing to your existing customer base. Without a CRM, you'll have to keep manual tabs on your customers - a practice that is outdated and inefficient. If you're reading this article, you're ultimately asking yourself, "Should I use EkmPowerShop?" We'd like to postulate a different question: "Why aren't I using 3dcart yet?"

Lower Starting Price, Better Support
If you're getting started with EkmPowerShop, you'll find that the lowest starting price weighs in at $29.99 per month. In contrast, 3dcart will only run you $19.99/mo. for our smallest starting package.

While EkmPowerShop has a live support hotline, it operates during UK business hours only. 3dcart is one of the only ecommerce providers that offer all customers access to 24/7/365 phone support. It's a relatively new development for us but one that our customers love. We know your business doesn't stop when the rest of the country goes home for the day, and we believe your lifeline shouldn't end there either.

It's Great to Work With Our Award-Winning Ecommerce Solution

See what our clients have to say about 3dcart:

I have developed and built many sites over the years and 3dcart by far stand above the rest from what I have seen. The custom design was great. They fit the site perfectly to what we had in mind. Navigation was key for us and they worked with us to obtain the functionality . The software is very user friendly, I was able to train my staff quickly and they fully understand how to use the system. I have much more control over the diffrent aspects of the store which make it a complete system rather then just a shopping cart.

- Greg Balestrieri | Candy.com

Thank you so much 3dcart for going above and beyond the call of duty for sorting out a problem that occurred on our website. I cant say enough to any one that is wanting to use 3dcart that it's a company that when you need support they are there for you and they even go above what anyone else would ever do to solve the problem. This is my personal testimonial to how good 3dcart are: If I had to pick a cart to sell this is the one I would pick.

- Peter Clayton, President | TradePlumbing.co.uk

"3dcart truly combines everything a small shop could need into a comprehensive, cost-effective package."
Mike & Karen