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We want our customers to buy amazing web designs for their stores. And we would like you to design amazing templates and profit. If you design, program (html/css) and support your template you get 70% of your template sales. All support issues will be e-mailed to you and you agree to respond and resolve the issues within 24 Hrs. To start, register with us and follow this simple design guidelines:

You design, program and support your templates in exchange of 70% of the template sales.

We'll evaluate the template and determine its technical viability before it goes to sale. Our premium templates range from $99 to $199

Template Design Guidelines

Elements and rules your templates should follow

Sample Design
1. Logo 2. Secondary Navigation 3. Main Navigation + Drop Down 4. Log in / Log Out 5. Search 6. Shopping Cart 7. Interchangeable Blocks 8. Include Featured Products 9. Newsletter Signup 10. Homepage Banners 11. Bottom Navigation + Credit Card Logos

The Dont's

What you should not do

No More Than 3 Presets

You can come up with color/texture variations of the same template, but they must be unique and no more than 3 per layout.

Don't violate copyright

Do not incorporate copyrighted material into your designs as they will not be distributed.

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