Introduction to Product Photography for Online Stores

Syndicating Your Promotions

Promotions lead to more sales. It’s that simple. A strong online store utilizes a strong promotional strategy.

If you’re struggling to figure out why your promotions aren’t performing, odds are your trouble stems from your selected advertisement channels. Simply creating a promotion and posting it to your website won’t garner you the sales you’re expecting. If no one knows about your promotions, you can’t expect them to deliver conversions.

So what are the best ways to syndicate your promotions? Take a look at the following ideas that will help you get the word out about your promotions.

Coupon Websites

Just about everyone has heard of Groupon, yet few are aware of the cautionary tales spread by many online merchants. For one, you have to pay out a portion of your sales to Groupon, which may draw in new customers, but in the end, won’t make you money. Used often, promotions won’t add up to much if you try to push them through Groupon.

But don’t worry. Coupon sites represent a great alternative. Websites like, CouponMom, SmartSource and more offer you a great way to promote coupons, discounts and other promotions. Get listed with these sites for a lower cost than Groupon and increase the visibility and success of your promotions.

Onsite Ads

You’ve created landing pages for your promotions, but you need to promote them on other pages of your site, too. There are plenty of traditional ways to accomplish this, including a banner on your homepage, or a sidebar that stays with the shopper on every page.

Have you ever considered pop-ups or page-peels? Something interactive that serves as a clear call to action is a great way to ensure you’re getting eyeballs on your promotions. Experiment with different ways to direct traffic towards promotions and you’ll find ways to increase their success.

Social Media

 Are you using your social media channels to their fullest potential? The easiest part of content marketing is reusing content for each marketing channel you maintain. Yet plenty of small businesses ignore this concept.

You’re trying to get your promotions out into the world. Use your own social media channels for this—but more importantly, use other people to get the word out too. Before giving a customer access to a promotion, give them an action-step. Make sharing the deal a barrier to actually claiming it. You’re asking for a small investment from your customer that could lead to a higher performing promotion.

Email Marketing

A personalized marketing strategy can help you make serious headway with your percentage of return customers. Consider how quickly you can convert a new customer into a returning one by sending a complimentary coupon with their first purchase. After the customer receives their product, set automatic emails to go out that contain a deal. When they have the product in hand, it helps them visualize a future purchase, enhancing the likelihood they’ll buy again.

Outside Ads

Still not finding any success? Get involved with Google Ads or other forms of PPC campaigns to return targeted search results to potential customers. This is another great place to experiment with your marketing tactics. Try different sets of keywords and headlines to optimize your promotional campaigns.

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