Guide to Effective Promotions

Coupons, sales, and other special promotions are a tried-and-true way to boost your traffic with customers both new and old. Of course, there are some proven methods for getting the most out of your promotions. Let's take a look at some awesome ways you can use offers and discounts to increase conversions and drive traffic to your online store. It's important to understand what your real goal is with your promotions— ultimately, to get more sales, yes, but a lot goes on in the shorter term. You'll have an easier time enticing your customers if you know specifically what you want them to do other than simply making a purchase. Do you want them to share the promotion with their friends? Sign up for your newsletter? Register on your site? What else? All these short-term goals can benefit from promotions, as long as you know how and what to implement to get what you want. In this course, you'll learn: •  How to use multiple promotions for appropriate situations. •  The most effective types of promotions and why they work. •  How to make your promotions exciting for your customers. •  How to get your promotions seen by more potential shoppers.

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