Announcing 3dcart

3dcart version 9

The constant growth and development of eCommerce means online business owners have to keep up to date, or risk falling behind competitors.
Since your online store can only be as good as your eCommerce platform allows, 3dcart is dedicated to constant improvement to help our merchants stay ahead of the game.

As part of our mission, 3dcart is proud to announce Version 9 of our robust and powerful eCommerce platform. We've added a ton of integrations, features, improvements, and more — everything from additional (and much-requested) payment processors to a whole new way of designing and building 3dcart themes. Thanks to valuable feedback from our 3dcart merchants, we've overhauled several current features into new, more powerful versions, and we've build upon our existing integrations to continue to expand your tools for selling online.

So, what's new in 3dcart Version 9? Read on to discover our exciting new additions and features!

Core Template Engine

3dcart's Core Template Engine is an exciting innovation in online store theme design. It is a modular, "building block"-based method of design that enables a great deal of freedom and increased speed when constructing 3dcart themes. In addition to better design options, several features have been built in to automatically improve user experience and SEO. Our developers have engineered the Core Template Engine to accomplish the following:

Faster load times!

All Core templates load JavaScript and CSS assets near the end of the page, significantly increasing page load speed. Not only is this friendlier to visitors, it provides an SEO boost as Google favors faster-loading websites. Theme developers can choose the order in which these assets load.

Improved layouts.

Product pages, the cart itself, and checkout pages have all been updated for a more user-friendly layout to optimize conversions and customer experience. The product grid has been significantly improved as well for increased responsiveness on mobile devices. Grid changes can now easily be applied globally.

Use of AJAX for increased functionality.

AJAX has been implemented for newsletter signups, Add to Cart, and several other parts of the cart including product, home and category pages. AJAX allows you to update a page without reloading, send and receive data to a server after the page has loaded, and more— perfect for updating information seamlessly in the background.

Enhanced design capabilities.

Features long-requested by theme designers have been implemented, such as Code Blocks like global_footer and social_icons, dropdown menu icons for categories with subcategories, and star ratings as icons rather than images (eliminating the tedious work of creating graphics for partial stars).

Bootstrap integration.

By popular demand, we have integrated Bootstrap into our new template engine. This powerful and popular front-end framework makes development quicker and helps to standardize UI elements to ensure your pages are optimized for mobile devices.

More control for designers.

Through the use of flexible Code Blocks and Variables, designers and front-end developers will be able to customize many more aspects of every page. With the new system, frame Code Blocks can be used in other templates too, allowing for even more customization.

Sell in more places

3dcart integrations expand the functionality of our platform by working closely with popular third-party services to build a connection. In Version 9, the following integrations have been added to our ever-expanding list, enabling new useful and convenient features, additional payment methods for your customers, and more.

More ways to pay

Payment Ways

Payments API

3dcart is dedicated to offering our merchants as many options as possible, and this includes choice of payment provider. In Version 9 we've taken this a step further with our Payments API. This provides a fast way for payment providers to develop their own integrations with 3dcart through a REST API app that will enable the provider's payment gateway on any 3dcart store that chooses to install it.

Sezzle Pay

Sezzle is a popular payment provider that offers interest-free financing without a hard credit check. Customers can sign up for Sezzle ahead of time or apply at checkout for instant approval. Adding financing options to your online store encourages customers to make larger purchases and raises your average order value — and while the customer pays over time, you get paid up front. To learn more about Sezzle, visit


Paynamics is a flexible payment provider with great features such as international payment processing, built-in fraud protection, and a powerful system for setting up subscription orders. You can learn more about Paynamics at

Fully Up-to-Date Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital wallet that allows customers to check out on participating stores using the information saved in their Google Account. 3dcart is fully integrated with Google Pay including its Platform Authentication and API 2.0, meaning you won't need to enter a Merchant ID in the 3dcart Online Store Manager to add Google Pay to your store.

Upgraded PayPal Braintree Integration

3dcart has integrated with PayPal Braintree's new API to enable its use on Virtual Terminal as well as its usual payment processing capabilities. Our integration is also compatible with Braintree's fraud protection through Kount, and customers no longer need to add a postal code to the payment widget while checking out.

Improved Stripe Integration

Stripe is a popular payment processor that allows you to accept credit cards and more. In Version 9, 3dcart now uses Stripe's upgraded API to enable its use while processing manually-created orders (i.e. the 3dcart Phone Orders feature). Stripe can now also be used on Virtual Terminal. Learn more about Stripe at

Square, Square POS, and Square Register

Square is one of the most popular and frequently-requested payment gateways and is fully integrated into 3dcart. With Square, merchants can accept all major credit cards at a low rate with no monthly or hidden fees. It also allows for next-day deposits, easy integration between online and offline sales, and offers merchants chargeback protection and payment dispute assistance. 3dcart also has up-to-date integrations with Square POS and Square Register, powerful point-of-sale solutions. More information on Square can be found at

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a secure gateway on Mac and iOS, associated with Stripe. With Apple Pay, customers can check out instantly using their supported iOS device with only a single touch or click. The 3dcart integration ensures that you can activate Apple Pay on your own store in seconds, with no extra setup involved. Plus, Apple Pay fits seamlessly into your store, appearing only on supported devices without cluttering your checkout. For more information on Apple Pay, visit


zipPay is a popular payment gateway based in Australia that offers the ability to "Buy Now, Pay Later." zipPay users have access to an interest-free $1,000 wallet. zipPay's other offering, zipMoney, is a high-value regulated credit product. Both zipPay and zipMoney are now integrated with 3dcart.

Factor4Gift Integration

Factor4Gift is a gift card provider that enables businesses to sell gift cards, both physical and digital. The integration with 3dcart handles the technical details and provides tools and resources for 3dcart merchants to expand their gift card and loyalty programs. Factor4 gift cards can be redeemed online and at retail locations and can significantly aid 3dcart merchants in breaking into the lucrative online gift card market.


CenPOS is a secure payment gateway with access to the "Authorize Only" feature, a means of authorizing a payment without immediately collecting funds. CenPOS also utilizes a Customer Information Manager (CIM) that allows merchants to store credit card information for the convenience of customers.


Sage Payments is a payment processing gateway that also gives access to the "Authorize Only" feature as well as the Sage Vault, a secure method of storing credit card information for customer convenience.

WorldPay SecureNet

WorldPay allows you to accept payments online or through a point of sale or mobile device, all through a single merchant account, giving you the ability to accept your customers' favorite payment methods. SecureNet Vault Tokenization allows tokens to be created and stored for payment information, and can then be used for transactions instead of the actual credit card number.

Authorize.Net Accept Hosted

Authorize.Net Accept Hosted is a user-friendly payment form optimized for mobile devices and built to provide a smooth customer experience. It allows developers to use the Authorize.Net API to submit transactions while remaining SAQ-A level PCI compliant. Customers can be redirected to the Authorize.Net payment form or you can embed it in your page.

More built-in modules than any other platform

Version 9 introduces several new built-in modules and upgrades numerous existing features to expand the functionality of your store.

Carrier Delivery Notifications

In Version 9, we've built in new Carrier Delivery Notifications to 3dcart Pro and higher plans, previously only available through our AfterShip app. These notifications consist of two new automatic emails, the first to be sent when a customer's order is out for delivery, and the second when the order has been delivered. These notifications help customers feel secure that their order is on its way and provide you with additional delivery confirmation proof in the event of a fraudulent chargeback.

delivery notification

AliExpress Google Chrome Extension

AliExpress is an online marketplace consisting of thousands of Chinese small businesses ready to supply their products to international buyers, many at low prices with no retail markup. AliExpress is a popular source of products for dropshipping, and we've made it easier with the new 3dcart AliExpress Google Chrome Extension, the 3dcart AliExpress Importer. Our extension helps you find products on AliExpress and import them to your 3dcart store along with their information and photos. When you receive orders, you can then quickly export them to AliExpress for fulfillment.

ali express

Google Address Autofill for Core Checkout

In Version 9, we've built in new Carrier Delivery Notifications to 3dcart Pro and higher plans, previously only available through our AfterShip app. These notifications consist of two new automatic emails, the first to be sent when a customer's order is out for delivery, and the second when the order has been delivered. These notifications help customers feel secure that their order is on its way and provide you with additional delivery confirmation proof in the event of a fraudulent chargeback.

Google Address Autofill

New Activity Log: Changes to Orders, Products, and Customers

The 3dcart Online Store Manager has been enhanced with a new activity log that will display a complete history of changes made to orders, customers, and products by any of your Staff Users. This log will help you track all the changes made to this information, and who made them.

New Activity Log

Improved Control and Non-Spam Verification for Store Emails

Version 9 brings important store email upgrades to help prevent your store's newsletters and other emails from being erroneously flagged as spam. These upgrades include DNS Records Manipulation with capability to edit MX and TXT records (helps verify your store as the real owner of the domain name your emails are sent from, and helps control how you receive emails as well), and email bounceback management with DKIM signatures (adds an encrypted "fingerprint" to your emails to verify your store as the genuine sender, and prevents repeated emailing of any dead email addresses in your mailing list). These features will help identify your online store as a legitimate sender of email and vastly reduce the risk of your business being listed as a spammer.

Non-Spam Verification

Freshdesk Integration

Freshdesk is a popular customer service platform that allows customers to submit tickets for support with any issues they encounter while shopping. Freshdesk is great for all sizes of business and helps bring improved customer support capabilities to even small eCommerce stores. 3dcart's integration with Freshdesk allows customer and order information to be pulled from your 3dcart store into your Freshdesk ticketing system for easier use. To learn more about Freshdesk, visit

Reward Points


The Pre-Orders module provides a powerful system to let your customers pre-order items, and handles all the details through automation. When the product becomes available and the customer has paid, the Order Status changes to Processing.

Pre Orders

Customer Loyalty Rewards System

The Reward Points module has been updated to ensure that an item will always display correct number of awarded Reward Points for a purchase, even when a product option is selected that adds an additional cost.

Reward Points

Product Reviews

Product Reviews have been enhanced to allow easier management of reviews, sorting of reviews, displaying related products, and allowing reviewers to upload images.

Product Reviews

Product Comparison

A paid app that allows merchants to select a variety of comparison points that their customers can use to compare products, such as size, price, and more. Up to 4 products can be compared simultaneously.

Product Comparison

Sales Rep and Commission Management

An addition to the dashboard for adding Sales Reps and assign them to customer records, automatically connecting all future orders from a customer to their Sales Rep. The Sales Rep listings include contact information and commission rate, and you can add, edit, or delete Sales Reps as needed. Sales and commission reporting for all Sales Reps can be monitored in the dashboard.

Sales Rep

Facebook Shop Tab

The shop section is a tab you can add to your business Page that lets you display and sell your products right on your Page. It's ideal for merchants, retail and eCommerce advertisers who want to reach customers on Facebook. It's free to use, and we never take any percentage of what you earn through your shop section.

Facebook Shops

Google Customer Reviews

Google Trusted Stores are being phased out in favor of Google Customer Reviews, a new system in which you can collect feedback from your customers. Your customers will be given the option to provide feedback to Google about their shopping experience. These feedback ratings are collected and displayed on your optional Google Customer Reviews badge, as well as being shown in your Merchant Center dashboard and used for seller ratings.

Google Customer Reviews

Invisible Captcha

Google's Invisible reCAPTCHA performs the same functions as the CAPTCHAs you are used to, without confronting the reader to prove they're a human. Invisible reCAPTCHA uses advanced technology to analyze the user's humanity based on tracking mouse movements and clicks, providing a much less invasive experience for your customers while still protecting you from bots, spam, and abuse.

Invisible Captcha

The best ecommerce platform for SEO

AMP for Products

AMP for Products

The power of Accelerated Mobile Pages brought to your online store. AMP pages load at blazing-fast speeds, appearing almost instantaneously to your visitors. Version 9 enhances your product pages with AMP, benefiting your customers as well as your search rankings.



Mobile browsing and shopping are the future. 3dcart's responsive design ensures full compatibility on all devices, allowing you to tap into the mobile audience and sell across more platforms, everywhere. Mobile-friendly web sites have a significant advantage in search results.

Custom Page URLs

Custom Page URLs for Products

3dcart product URLs are structured with SEO in mind and are ready to customize with product names or keywords.
Human-readable URLs make for a better visitor experience and contribute to higher search engine rankings.

PageSpeed Optimized

PageSpeed Optimized

3dcart stores follow best practices for PageSpeed as outlined by Google, ensuring the maximum possible page load speed across your entire site. This contributes to your visitors' experience and provides a bonus to your search engine rankings.

Content Pages

Content Pages

3dcart lets you create unlimited content pages to add relevant information to your site.
With content pages, you can provide evergreen content that will add value to your site and contribute to your search engine rankings over both short- and long-term.



Product category names are used while building URLs, making them more human-readable for a better user experience. You can also hide category headers and footers from pagination to prevent search engines from penalizing for duplicate content.

Customizable Canonical

Dynamic and Fully Customizable Canonical

Canonical URLs prevent SEO penalties for having multiple overly-similar pages on your site, which can easily happen in an online store. 3dcart has this functionality built in, so you can refer search engines to a single page to optimize your rankings.

Blog Posts

Brands Pages and Blog Posts

Brands pages let you list your products by manufacturer, and blog posts are a fantastic way to keep adding value to your site through fresh content. Both will help your site rank for pertinent search terms, increasing your online store's visibility.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags

Meta tags apply important page attributes like the page title and description as seen in search engine results pages. With 3dcart you can customize these easily, to boost SEO rankings and make your search listing more attractive to click on.



Title attributes for links are generated automatically and default to the product names, building an association between links and their corresponding products. This not only benefits SEO, but saves you a great deal of time.

Google XML Sitemap

Google XML Sitemap updated to latest standards

An XML Sitemap is vital for search engines to properly index your site, and 3dcart is on top of the latest technical requirements for this critical SEO feature. 3dcart's included sitemap follows current standards to provide the highest benefit possible to your online store.

H1 and Alt Tags

H1 and Alt Tags

Alt attributes for images are automatically generated with product names, ensuring your site meets accessibility standards and providing a rankings boost. H1 tags are applied to the main headings on every page, drawing search engine attention. Structure Data Structure Data

3dcart sites have built-in support for the initiative, providing informative structure data to search engines to help them determine what your site is about. This guarantees more relevant search results and puts your site in front of more interested visitors.

301 Redirects with 404 Auto-detect

301 Redirects with 404 Auto-detect

Need to change a URL without losing accumulated ranking power? Use a 301 Redirect to ensure that the old URL still goes to the moved page, preserving most of your rank. Automatically detect 404 errors and redirect your customers to another page for a seamless shopping experience.

Sitewide HTTPS

Sitewide HTTPS

Recent Google updates made security more important than ever before, ranking HTTPS higher than HTTP on all counts. 3dcart stores are secured with HTTPS sitewide, providing a rankings boost and presenting a safe shopping environment to your customers.

Fully customizable Robots.txt

Fully customizable Robots.txt

You can freely edit the Robots.txt file, giving you complete control over how visiting search engine robots index your website. Prevent certain pages from being indexed to prevent false data and even disallow crawlers from entire regions.

And Great Improvements to Existing Features

New features in Version 9 have been added to improve and complement existing features, expanding the capabilities of your store and the options available to both merchant and customer.

Promotions Module

Promotions Module Improvement

Customers love sales and discounts, so we've developed the 3dcart Promotions Module to be as powerful and flexible as possible. In Version 9, we've added the ability to create promotion coupon codes as links that can be sent directly to customers, such as in an email. Customers will be able to click the link to apply the promotion instead of needing to enter a coupon code. This increased convenience reduces checkout friction and encourages customers to buy.

Waiting List

Waiting List Improvements

Waiting Lists are a great option for allowing customers to sign up to buy products as soon as you get them in stock. In Version 9, we added a tool for merchants to export Waiting Lists via CSV the same way you can export your store's other data types. Customers can also view and manage their Waiting Lists in their My Account page.

Shipping Improvements

Shipping Improvements

3dcart's robust shipping management tools have continued to improve in Version 9. Merchants with USPS credentials enabled can quickly add USPS flat rate boxes to their preconfigured boxes list, and now, in addition to full integrations with several carriers for real-time rates and label printing, you can also display and sort all your store's available shipping methods at checkout as needed, including any custom shipping methods you've set up. This is better than grouping them by carrier because your customers will have an improved understanding of all the shipping options available to them at all times. Our integration with Advanced Shipping Manager has also been enhanced to include Customer Group information to enable its use for ASM rules.

USPS Flat Rate Boxes

Address Verification Added to Phone Orders

Address Verification is an important step for helping prevent fraudulent orders, so we've added it as a setting to our Phone Orders manual order creation module.

Automation Rules

More 3dcart Online Store Manager Admin

We want your experience as an online store owner to be as smooth as possible, so we improved the 3dcart Online Store Manager's admin home screen for faster, more efficient loading — whether you're accessing your dashboard from a desktop computer, or from a mobile device on the go.

Automation Rules

Automation Rules

An update to our Automation Rules feature that adds rules to filter by Payment Methods, Shipping Methods, and Multiple Product Selection, and the addition of an Action to automatically change the status of an order.

UPS SurePost

UPS SurePost

Similar to FedEx SmartPost, UPS SurePost handles long-distance delivery of packages to the shopper's local post office, where the final delivery is made by their regular mail service.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal

We've added the ability to make notes about a transaction when using the Virtual Terminal to charge extra for an order, as well as the ability to send an email to the customer regarding the extra charge.

Advanced Options

Advanced Options

Advanced Options for products, including product variants with different dimensions, variants that must ship by themselves, and more, with custom pricing available for each.

Product Inventory Manager

Product Inventory Manager

A new Stock Alert field and graphical Stock Indicator, among other improvements, make inventory management much easier and decrease the likelihood of unexpectedly running out of an item.

USPS Flat Rate Boxes

File Manager Improvements

The 3dcart File Manager has been completely redesigned for an enhanced user experience while uploading your ever-crucial product photos to your online store. The upgraded Image Upload feature provides a fast, seamless method for uploading your photos.

Autoship Recurring Orders Module Improvements


3dcart's powerful Autoship subscription module allows you to offer configurable automatic ordering and billing options to customers who want to reorder the same product on a regular basis. In Version 9, we made several improvements to Autoship including Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly recurrence settings (instead of settings based solely on number of days). We've also added the ability to specify the number of times the order will recur, so customers can create temporary subscriptions. In addition, all options are available for customers to edit in their My Account pages on your store. You'll be able to track all the data related to your subscription sales in a new reporting dashboard as well. Autoship is included free on 3dcart Pro plans and higher, and also available in the 3dcart App Store for merchants who want to use it without upgrading their whole plan. Check out our powerful eCommerce subscription tool here.