How to Build a Vaporizers eCommerce Website

Maybe you have some experience trying to quit smoking— it's a challenge few people can overcome. During your quest to ditch the cigs, you might have considered vaping, and for good reason. Vape has taken the world by storm, as a healthier alternative to cigarettes and also a fun hobby. Vape enthusiasts like to try different e-juice flavors and even build and mod their own vape pens. It's a great time to get into the vape industry, and with a solid eCommerce platform you can build an online store that works like a dream.

"The right software is the foundation of your online business."

You wouldn't want to build a house on shaky ground, and the same goes for an online store. Slow speeds, system failures, and insecure connections can sink any website. Avoid these potential issues by choosing 3dcart for your online store platform. There's nothing for you to install, and you can design and run your whole site from a web browser. Plus, all the technical heavy lifting is done for you, no programming needed.

Narrow your focus — or don't.

The world of vape is a big one: e-juice, vape pens, mods, cigalikes, and more. Decide if you want to only cover a few of these products. For example, if you decide for simplicity's sake to sell only e-juice, you'll still have hundreds of products to sell. Or maybe sticking to just one part of the growing vape industry doesn't appeal to you, and you'd rather build a one-stop-shop. If you go this route, 3dcart's unlimited categories make it easy to keep your store organized.

Build a brand that stands out.

You're about to embark on the journey to becoming a well-known business. Come up with a great name and logo that tell everyone what your company is all about. You're going for recognition and brand loyalty among your potential customers, so you want to make sure you have an image that puts you ahead of the pack.

Upload products and images

Depending on how many products you have, you can add products manually or through a bulk upload using a spreadsheet. Product names, categories, and options can all be uploaded together, minimizing the time spent filling your catalog. And we know the vape experience is mostly about feel and flavor, but pictures make a huge difference. Make sure you have at least one image for every product, and don't worry— you have unlimited space!

Stay legal: set up age verification and taxes

Some states are stricter about vaporizers than others, with variant tax laws and restrictions throughout the USA. It's universally required to be over 18 to buy vape products, though, and you have a couple of options to verify a shopper's age, keeping you in the clear; implement an age verification popup, or go a step further and connect with Veratad. Dealing with tax laws is easy too: the software does all the math for you. Once everything's squared away, you'll be all set to run your online vape store without a hitch.