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Why Product Reviews are Essential to Ecommerce

When you're contemplating on buying a particular product, it's but natural for you to wonder what other buyers or current users think about it. This is mainly why numerous online stores have made it a point to incorporate product reviews within their very own product pages. After all, it's better for potential customers to read the feedback right there in your site without having to go elsewhere.

Consumers Trust User Feedback More
If a customer is faced with a choice between two products from different online stores, both with well-written, enticing descriptions but only one with product reviews, which do you think will he or she pick?

Indeed many surveys and studies prove that user-generated feedback is a lot more trusted by shoppers than manufacturer descriptions. It is thus helpful to include multiple reviews that will give your visitors a better idea as to the real value of your product.

New and Unique Content without Duplication
Did you know that product reviews can also contribute to much better SEO for your site? This is because when users submit or post write-ups about products, there is fresh content added. These add up to a more unique page and also ensure that there's no duplication between your pages.

You must know that the search engine giant Google does not appreciate identical content. Hence, if you have constant product reviews being uploaded, this will provide something new every now and then and will guarantee distinct pages.

Improved Click-Through on Search Engine Results
When people look through search engine results, they are more likely to click on those that come with a product photo or even the writer's picture. They are also more likely to click on an entry that shows four or five stars. This means that the product has been ranked or reviewed.

In using the 3dcart platform, you don't have to install a separate application to enable product reviews. We have this built-in feature for our merchants and their customers to enjoy. Hence, you can be assured of enriched SEO, enhanced conversion, and improved sales.

by Gonzalo Gil Google