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How You Can Get Google to Back Your Store

Looking for more ways to inspire trust in your brand? Google has been a major player in the ecommerce game for quite some time now, and the release of the Google Trusted Stores program is a huge step in that strategy.

Why would you want to align your brand with Google???s? For one, Google is one of the most trusted search engines on the web. The company???s constant approach to refining the user experience has helped it gain an overwhelmingly positive reputation among shoppers across the web.

So how can you integrate Google into your ecommerce experience? Take a look at four ways to accomplish this.

1. Sign up for Google Trusted Stores.
A new service for retailers, Google Trusted Stores is a program where merchants can get an official badge from Google. That badge has been proven to increase conversions and raise average order totals. The program also includes a grade ranking system that strong retailers can use to get a leg up on the competition.

To start with Google Trusted Stores, all you have to do is sign up and fill out the appropriate information. Google also helps settle disputes between stores and customers.

2. Implement Google Checkout for purchases.
Do you give your customers enough payment options? It???s important to diversify payment portals so you can accommodate customers that are comfortable with different ways to pay. Of course, one of the more prominent options is Google Checkout.

Plenty of shopping cart software suites, including 3dcart, feature direct integration with Google Checkout.

3. Get listed in Google Shopping.
Listing in comparison shopping engines is an important part of how you open your store up to a wider audience. Google Shopping is one of those engines, and it offers merchants great benefits under the Google umbrella.

While the database used to be free, the new model still gives you the ability to draw in quality traffic and increase sales.

4. Use ecommerce tools in Google Analytics.
Google Analytics may be the strongest tool in your data-mining arsenal. Did you know that the program has special settings for ecommerce stores? Enable those settings and you???ll get more insights into your checkout process.

by Gonzalo Gil Google
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