In 2020, Let's Celebrate You and Your Business

Honoring Your Success with Our #3dcartHero Challenge

eCommerce Heroes

Every Milestone Deserves a Reward

The life of an entrepreneur is a busy one. You've poured your heart and soul into bringing your idea to fruition, and each day offers new promise. Sure, there's still a long road ahead, but it's packed with excitement and success as you get closer to achieving your dreams. The eCommerce journey may not be easy, but it's worth it every step of the way!

3dcartHero Rewards
3dcart rewards

We're Cheering You On

Entrepreneurs like you inspire us

By participating in our #3dcartHero Challenge, you give us a chance to cheer you on and show our admiration for your accomplishments. As you reach your goals, we'll help you celebrate with exclusive gear so you can display your rightful pride in your business victories.

With each milestone you surpass, we'll send you new rewards to highlight your continued progress. As your business grows, so will your collection of #eCommerceHero swag, and who doesn't love to collect? Especially when your collection directly represents real success!

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Share your triumphs, discuss your favorite strategies, and become part of a motivated community of entrepreneurs who understand the challenges you face as a #3dcartHero. Sometimes all it takes is a virtual high-five to get you back on track!

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The #3dcartHero Journey Begins:
Launch Your Store

It's easy to get so focused on walking the path to success that you forget to pause and appreciate just how far you've come. That's where our #3dcartHero reward tiers come in. They're our way of patting you on the back and saying "congratulations!".

$1,000 #3dcartHero

Hitting $1k in sales is a worthy accomplishment that shows you're committed and you have what it takes. Your business is starting to make its mark, and we're just as excited as you are that you've come this far. Check out your rewards and keep going!

  • "Magic Mug" is black and turns white when filled with hot liquid.
  • #3dcartHero logo is hidden when mug is cool and appears when hot.
  • Holds 11oz. Not recommended for dishwasher or microwave.
$1,000 #3dcartHero

$10,000 #3dcartHero

At $10k in sales, it's obvious you have a real drive to succeed, and that drive is going to propel you to greater and greater things. Doubtlessly, you've worked hard and shed a lot of sweat to get to this point, and you deserve to enjoy every minute of your success.

  • Black, 100% cotton twill cap with #3dcartHero logo.
  • Low profile with adjustable strap for comfort and looks.
  • Vintage wash with antique brass finish on buckle.
$10,000 #3dcartHero

$50,000 #3dcartHero

$50k in sales brings you to another level. All your effort is paying off, and the road ahead is looking smoother. By now, you've probably learned a lot about eCommerce, and you're putting your experience to good use as you grow your business and get ready to rock the world.

  • Black unisex T-shirt with #3dcartHero logo.
  • 100% ring-spun cotton for maximum comfort.
  • Pre-shrunk medium-weight fabric.
$50,000 #3dcartHero

$100,000 #3dcartHero

It's time to shoot for the moon. Making $100k in sales sets you apart as someone who can jump every hurdle eCommerce throws in your direction. You've made it quite far, and we believe you can make it even farther. You're our #3dcartHero, after all!

  • Water-resistant, padded Champion backpack with #3dcartHero logo.
  • Numerous pockets including internal laptop sleeve.
  • Versatile and useful for all kinds of work or play.
$100,000 #3dcartHero

$250,000 #3dcartHero

Business is tough, but you're tougher. Your sales hitting $250k is proof enough for us. When you look back on how far you've come, the journey ahead of you just gets more exciting. Your dream is coming to life, and you're living it like a champion.

  • Black pullover hoodie with #3dcartHero logo on chest.
  • Front pouch pocket and drawcord for tightening hood.
  • Medium weight, great for cool days or for layering.
$250,000 #3dcartHero

$500,000 #3dcartHero

There's no limit to what you can accomplish. You've brought a fresh startup to the $500k sales mark. That's half a million dollars, and we see the other half in your not-too-distant future. You have our congratulations, and our sincere admiration too.

  • Navy/Oxford Grey sueded fleece Champion bomber jacket.
  • Snap front closure with #3dcartHero logo on left chest.
  • Comfortable and stylish with a sporty flair.
$500,000 #3dcartHero

The #3dcartHero Journey Continues
$1M #3dcartHero Rewards

A one and six zeros. It can be hard to grasp exactly how much a million dollars is, but we can tell you what it means. You've broken through every obstacle and reached the pinnacle of eCommerce success, and nothing can stop you.

  • Custom-designed T-shirt with your store logo and the 3dcart logo.
  • Custom high-quality printed poster with the same design.
  • A personal note from Gonzalo Gil, CEO of 3dcart.

Here's to continued growth and achievement, and here's to you!


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