Growing with 3dcart vs. Stagnating with Weebly

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3dcart vs Weebly


Weebly vs 3dcart
3dcart features
Weebly Features

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About 3dcart and Weebly

About Weebly

Weebly was launched in 2007 by a trio of Penn State students, who set out to create a site-building platform that anyone could use and afford. It soon earned a reputation for providing an accessible “what you see is what you get” interface, which meant that people did not need to have prior knowledge of coding before using the software. Payment processing corporation Square, Inc. currently owns the business, which continues to thrive and serve millions of websites.

About 3dcart

3dcart began development in the late 1990s, grown directly from the shopping cart software experience of Gonzalo Gil, founder and CEO. Gonzalo developed shopping cart customizations for numerous eCommerce merchants, and he conceived 3dcart as the ultimate eCommerce platform that would bring all the most-demanded, necessary features together into one streamlined solution. Since then, 3dcart has continued to grow its capabilities through integrations, apps, and more built-in features including the best SEO tools on the market.

Growing with 3dcart vs. Stagnating with Weebly

3dcart: modern, innovative, customizable. Weebly: dated, basic, inflexible.

When working on an eCommerce store, you’ll want a platform that is easy to use, yet gives you room and resources to expand as needed. Weebly’s simple enough to pick up, but developers with ambition will likely find the tech stifling. It’s harder to grow when you’re limited in your options for customization, SEO tools, payment processors, themes, and more. Moreover, even after a shift in focus to eCommerce in 2016, the software still looks and feels much like its 2006 release.

Meanwhile, 3dcart knows few limits. This platform balances intuitive design with extensive malleability. Our wide selection of tools, templates, apps, and add-ons give people the power to design their own online stores exactly the way the want it, without much hassle or compromise.

Growing with 3dcart

3dcart vs. Weebly Online Store functionality comparison

An innovative shopping cart platform vs. a simple cart

sad iconFlexibility

The 3dcart platform enables users to create their own websites without any knowledge of programming. So does Weebly. Where the two differ is that 3dcart’s software is also malleable enough to allow for more complex site designs. Sadly, Weebly does not provide that mix of accessibility and flexibility, and sticking with them means getting stuck with a basic layout and less room for growth.

sad iconSEO and Themes

You can’t even get indexed on search engines, much less the major ones, without one of Weebly’s paid plans. Even if you do, the themes are quite basic and rather dated, to the point that customizing them, whether for better SEO or other purposes, can be a pain. 3dcart provides an extensive line of tools to help boost your site’s search engine rankings, and that includes modern and responsive themes that you can customize with ease.

sad icon

“Weebly just didn’t give me the resources I needed, much less the ones I wanted, to bring my store to its fullest potential. Even their most ridiculously expensive package didn’t offer enough tools and especially freedom to do everything I wanted. On the other hand, 3dcart is modern, easy to use, capable of so much more, and much cheaper to boot.”

– Ex-Weebly customer

sad iconCustomer service

Weebly’s phone lines aren’t available 24 hours a day, which can intensify any site problems if they occur after-hours. Even when you can get through, many disgruntled customers have attested online that the representatives tend to be untrained and unhelpful. 3dcart’s Support Team is available at all times on all days, and they’re trained to help you with anything you may need.

Weebly Themes vs. 3dcart Themes

How do free Weebly themes measure up against free 3dcart themes?

Weebly and 3dcart provide an array of themes for your store, but how do they stack up against each other? Let’s dare to compare.

Free Weebly Themes

Free Weebly Themes

A cursory glance at Weebly’s themes page may give the impression that they have a wide variety of themes available. However, a deeper look will show that many of the ones they display are essentially the same, just ever so slightly modified by other developers. Weebly has around 50 themes, but many are highly similar. Worse, all of these templates can prove highly limiting and unforgivingly strict. Despite their boast that no coding experience is needed to make a website with their platform, that claim only applies to very basic designs. If you want to go beyond small tweaks, you will need some coding knowledge — and you should not need that just so your website can grow.

Free 3dcart themes

Free 3dcart Themes

Each and every one of 3dcart’s themes are distinct from each other, and they number over 100 — a massive free selection that is constantly growing. Our template developers are encouraged to create designs that are not just modern, responsive, and professional but also original, creative, and bold. Of course, we are not so proud that we would forbid any clients from altering them. 3dcart websites are not only easy to build but also easy to customize, without need for a crash course in coding or a deal with a pro developer. You can take any of our templates and reshape it as much as you want without breaking the framework. It will still load quickly, utilize AMP, and fit screens of any size.

Don’t let other eCommerce platforms limit you

3dcart’s tools and flexibility let you run your own business like you’ve always wanted

3dcart: Choose from scores of payment providers

With 3dcart, you can select from more eCommerce gateways available than all other platforms. Check out the full list of payment providers here.

Weebly: Choose from only three options

Weebly payments

PayPal Express, Stripe, and site owner Square are the only providers you can use for your Weebly store.

Expert assistance at any time vs. notorious unreliability


Receive excellent customer support 24/7/365.


No 24-hour hotline and a reputation for unhelpfulness.

Get the support you need

Disaster does not stick to a schedule, and you never know when you’ll need to reach a customer service representative. That’s why 3dcart’s Support Team is available by phone, email, or livechat every single day at any given time. We train our professionals so they can address any issues you run into, however big or small. It’s all part of our commitment to helping our customers run their eCommerce business.