Ecwid Pricing vs. 3dcart Pricing

Is Ecwid really a free eCommerce platform or is 3dcart a better value for your money?

Ecwid Pricing

Starting a business involves a lot of planning and decision-making, and working with a low budget doesn't make it any easier. Many small businesses start out with extremely limited resources and are keenly aware that it can take some time before the first profits start rolling in. This often leads them to choose free software as they try to preserve every penny they can. Unfortunately, most businesses that take this route will end up spending much more later than they would have if they'd taken the plunge at the beginning with a paid platform.

One popular free eCommerce solution is Ecwid, which has options both for adding eCommerce functionality to an existing website and for building an online store from scratch. Making an account with Ecwid enables both of these options: users get a free Starter Site or "instant site," which is a one-page eCommerce website showcasing their products being sold on Ecwid, and also a generated code (based on HTML and JavaScript) to insert on other websites they control. Plugins are available for site builders like WordPress so users can quickly add Ecwid to their site.

Your Ecwid plan controls how many products your account can support (regardless of whether you use an existing site, the Starter Site, or both) as well as the eCommerce functionality you have access to. It does have a free plan, which includes the Starter Site as well as the plugin form. In fact, Ecwid claims to be "free forever," but if you're a smart business owner, you know there's no such thing as "free." Providers who offer free products or services need to recoup their costs in other ways, and free products are often extremely limited to force an upgrade to a paid plan. Ecwid is no different, and our analysis of Ecwid pricing will bring these hidden expenses to light.

Ecwid Pricing Plans

Ecwid Free Plan
Ecwid Venture
Ecwid Business
Ecwid Unlimited

Ecwid Features and Value

eCommerce Essentials: Functionality and Customer Service

One of the most crucial aspects of any eCommerce platform is transparency, which doesn't mean the available features themselves, but how easy it is to understand what's included in each plan so you can make an informed decision. Some eCommerce platforms, like 3dcart, list every feature in a clear way to ensure accurate comparison between plans when a new user is trying to choose the one they need. Ecwid has a few lapses in transparency; namely, some of the "features" are somewhat misleading in the sense that they're repetitive and try to present Ecwid's status as a simple plugin in a light that makes it seem more feature-rich than it is. Let's take a closer look at some examples from the Free Plan list above, and what they mean:

  • Online store to use with existing website – Ecwid is a piece of code you can paste into another site, either manually or with a plugin for the CMS you use, like WordPress.
  • Add store to any website – You can paste the Ecwid code into any site you own.
  • Sell simultaneously on multiple sites – You can add your Ecwid store to multiple sites that belong to you (because you can paste that code as many times as you want).
eCommerce Essentials

These aren't strictly "features" as they don't give your website new eCommerce functionality, but rather reflect the basics of how Ecwid is used. Two of them ("Online store to use with existing website" and "Add store to any website") mean almost the same thing. Additionally, "Add store to any website" is not strictly true, as you can only add Ecwid to sites that allow you to control the HTML and JavaScript code. While experienced online sellers may understand this, new users can be misled to think they can add their own store to any website, whether they can access the code or not.

Another issue is that anyone with a serious interest in eCommerce could misinterpret "sell simultaneously on multiple sites" to refer to multichannel sales, rather than what it truly means: that you can connect your Ecwid store to your own multiple WordPress, Joomla, or other sites. This is very niche functionality that most people won't want to use, since selling the same products on multiple websites can lead to your own sites competing with each other for search engine ranking, which harms your SEO overall.

Other Ecwid plans also have features that are vaguely described, like "Marketplaces" in Ecwid Business ($35/month). A search for "Ecwid Marketplaces" brings up their help article about selling on Amazon and eBay, but "eBay integration" is also listed as a separate feature. This means either "marketplaces" has a different meaning to Ecwid, or that eBay is listed separately to make the list appear longer. If an eCommerce platform presents their list of features in a vague manner filled with repetitive entries to pad out the list, it's a definite sign that they're not sure what they can really bring to your business.

eCommerce Essentials: Online Store Design

Your experience designing an Ecwid store will depend on whether you use it as a plugin, use the provided "Starter Site," or both. If you're adding Ecwid to an existing site, you'll need to deal with design or templates for the website builder in question, which is a mission on its own. Your online store template needs to be up-to-date with the current version of the website's software, compatible with Ecwid and any other plugins you want to use, and well-supported by its developers to ensure it stays that way. Finding the right theme can take weeks.

The "Starter Site" which Ecwid provides with your account is a limited, single-page website also called the "Free instant site." It's clear from the name that this is a beginner's website only, and the functionality makes that even more obvious. You're limited to a single page which lists all your products in one place along with your company information or other text areas you add. This type of layout is only feasible for sites with very few products, such as the 10 allowed by Ecwid's free plan.

Single-page websites also don't follow eCommerce best practices, as it's impossible to optimize a single web page for SEO when it sells multiple products and serves different purposes. A complete eCommerce website built with a platform like 3dcart will offer you tons more SEO potential, since you'll be able to optimize every product, category, and content page separately.

Online Store Design

eCommerce Essentials: Scalability

Scalability refers to how well an eCommerce platform helps you grow your business and continues to support the increasing needs of your website that come with growth. A fully scalable eCommerce platform is both accessible to new sellers and powerful enough for a multimillion-dollar enterprise with high daily traffic. Even if your goals don't involve that level of growth, you still need eCommerce software that will provide you with the tools and support to scale up as much as you want.

Ecwid is simply not scalable on any plan, as even with a $99/month Unlimited account, you're still missing the types of features a growing business will need. For example, there are no features for improving your fulfillment workflow, like real-time shipping rates or label printing. Customer interaction tools are also absent, including an order return system and a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). A growing business can quickly find itself overwhelmed without the right tools for its increasing workload.

If you rely on Ecwid to run your eCommerce business, you won't have the right tools to help you grow or to support any growth you manage to achieve.


eCommerce Essentials: Availability of Features

The features built into your eCommerce software should never be overlooked, as these are the tools that allow you to create and manage an online store. For maximum potential, you should choose a platform that's packed with features for all aspects of eCommerce business management. Ecwid simply doesn't have most of the features a serious online business needs to succeed.

If your budget is low, you're probably most interested in learning about Ecwid's free plan. It's extremely limited, and only appropriate for a very small business with zero budget who is happy to rely on word-of-mouth to earn customers. Upgrading your Ecwid plan will give you more functionality, but it still pales in comparison to other platforms.

Even if your budget is tight, you're much better off going with a hosted eCommerce platform like 3dcart. The monthly fee is easily offset by the sheer number of features you'll be able to access right away, like detailed inventory management, returns processing, real-time shipping, and industry-leading SEO. Plus, since 3dcart operates on the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, your web hosting and software updates are included. 3dcart's plan pricing is also more cost-effective overall than Ecwid — not only are plans available that are cheaper than Ecwid's plans, you also get dozens more features for your money.

Online Store Design

Ecwid Unlimited is the highest-level plan available from Ecwid, so it contains the most features they have to offer — meaning, it represents the maximum you can do with Ecwid without paying extra for extensions. Let's use it as a point of comparison against a similar 3dcart plan, using month-by-month pricing.

Unlimited Plan
(Plus web hosting costs if running Ecwid on another CMS like WordPress)
Plus Plan

You can see right away that 3dcart Plus offers more than twice the number of features than Ecwid Unlimited, and for $20 less per month. Additionally, 3dcart's features are more advanced and versatile than the comparable features that Ecwid does include.

The best news, however, is that most of the above 3dcart features are available in lower-tier plans as well (we just selected 3dcart Plus for this comparison because it's closest to Ecwid Ultimate's price point). Check out all our eCommerce plans to see complete pricing and a full feature list.

3dcart is the Best Value for Any Size Business

The evidence is clear: Ecwid just isn't worth it. The free account is so limited it's sufficient only for the tiniest businesses, and the one-page starter website is so bare-bones that Ecwid users are better off plugging their store into a different site builder — which means paying for web hosting, so it's no longer free. Even the paid accounts are sorely lacking in functionality and far overpriced for what they have to offer, and not even Ecwid Unlimited is enough for a business achieving any level of growth.

Why pay more for less when you can get the ultimate in eCommerce with 3dcart? Build your online store with full-featured software that provides everything you need, from a completely customizable multiple-page website to the tools you need to make it big. With a full range of plans available at different price points, even the newest business can break into eCommerce with 3dcart. Sure, it's not free, but it's an investment in your future!

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