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The real cost of 3dcart vs. the real cost of CoreCommerce

3dcart: 99.99% Uptime. CoreCommerce: Outsourced and Unreliable Servers.

Your online store needs to be available to customers wherever they are, and whenever they choose to shop. CoreCommerce hosts stores on outsourced servers belonging to another company, so when problems strike (and they do— frequently) the fix is out of their hands. You're at the mercy of another company that you have no contact with, just to get your store back online.

3dcart, however, handles all our own hosting, and if an issue arises we jump on it immediately, no matter what day of the week. We don't have to contact a third party and hope they address the problem in a timely manner. And with 99.99% uptime, downtime is incredibly rare to begin with. We take our customers' success seriously, so we never hand off responsibility to anyone. 3dcart has your back!

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3dcart vs. CoreCommerce functionality comparison

Fast loading, smooth admin, and unlimited storage vs. no CDN, clumsy navigation,
and constraints on disk space

sad faceContent delivery network for fast page loads

CoreCommerce lacks a content delivery network (CDN), a crucial feature that helps websites load quickly regardless of the visitor's location. Slow-loading sites drive customers away and experience SEO penalties. 3dcart's reliable CDN ensures fast loading for your store for shoppers everywhere.

sad faceStore admin for smooth operations

CoreCommerce's store admin is frequently described as clunky, clumsy, and hard to navigate. When you're trying to run your business, you don't need a confusing interface that takes extra time to figure out. With 3dcart, we've built our admin interface to be as smooth and intuitive as possible, so you can get everything done quickly.

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“I tried CoreCommerce but there were just too many problems. Not to mention they advertise as having over 200 themes, but only 17 are responsive. You HAVE to use a responsive theme or get penalties from Google, so technically they only have 17 themes, not 200. I see this as deceptive advertising.”

– Former CoreCommerce Customer

sad faceDisk space for storing unlimited product images

CoreCommerce allows you unlimited product images, but what's the point when it's constrained by limiting your disk space? You'll have to keep a constant eye on your storage to ensure you don't go over the limit. Or use 3dcart, and have unlimited space and bandwidth for all your products.

Maintain control of your business

3dcart gives you the tools and freedom to manage your store how you see fit

3dcart: Reliable, in-house development

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3dcart's entire platform is built by a single, competent team with your store's success a top priority. Developers work closely together to bring you all the best features and fix any issues.

CoreCommerce: Outsourced development and coding

CoreCommerce options

CoreCommerce doesn't just outsource their servers, they outsource much of their development as well. This causes significant delays when problems crop up— and they commonly do.

Smooth theme editing vs. Difficult customization


Edit your store's theme with our WYSIWYG drag-and drop editor, and see the changes applied right in front of you. Know immediately whether you want to keep or revert your changes— you'll have an updated preview in real time, so you always know how your edits look.


Customize your theme in the admin panel only, with no preview available. Changes take a few minutes to take effect, forcing you to repeatedly refresh your storefront in another tab until they appear. You'll have to repeat this process every time you want to see your changes, even if you decide to change them back.

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