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Monitoring Your Reputation Using Google Alerts

As every online merchant knows, online reputation can make or break a store. Its important to monitor online conversations mentioning your brand’s reputation both good and bad. When you come across a negative comment or conversation fast enough, you can reach out to the user and hopefully reverse the situation. What started out as a bad review of shipping methods […]

PageRank vs SERPS

Understanding PageRank PageRank refers to Google’s algorithm for assessing the relevance and value of every webpage. of every webpage. Different pages within a particular website are given different pagerank evaluations which Google assigns a number  from 0-10. Main factors that affect pagerank: How long the page has existed Internal inks Site structure Page load time Quality and number of external links pointing the […]

Check Security For Merchants

Guest post by 3dcart client David Hamlen of ChoiceChecks Check security is just as important as the other security measures you have in place for the company. The more you are writing business checks, the more your increasing the chance of fraud by someone else. If you print your own checks from blank checks, make […]

Anyone with a Computer Can Start an Online Store

Five Reasons Why Anyone with a Computer Can Start an Online Store Virtualization has turned ecommerce into one of the simplest ways to become an entrepreneur. Today’s technology has made it simple for anyone to start their own online store and manage it solo on a shoestring budget—and as an ecommerce provider, we’ve seen tons […]