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What Social Media Buttons Should You Add ?

When considering what social media buttons to add to you store or blog, your immediate reaction might be “All of them!” More the merrier right? More buttons, more exposure? Not necessarily. Having dozens of social sharing buttons looks cluttered and can be visually overwhelming to your readers and customers. Too many options can scare away […]

What Is Web Accessibility?

When designing your store, you obviously should be focused on your customers’ experience, but what some merchants and designers forget is that not every customer is the same. Beyond just design preferences, a portion of your potential customer-base has different abilities and needs when it comes to being able navigate and interact with the Internet. […]

Ask The SEO Experts: Photo-Sharing Links, Redesign Affect On SEO

3dcart’s CMO Joe Palko & SEO Manager Bryan Falla answer SEO, PPC, and conversion questions questions submitted by 3dcart merchants. To submit your questions fill out this form: https://www.3dcart.com/blog/get-your-seo-questions-answered-by-3dcarts-seo-experts/ Q. Which major photo-sharing sites (i.e. Flickr, photobucket, deviantart, imageshack) allow outgoing links? A.  In terms of dofollow links,  most don’t.  There are basically two reasons: […]

Facebook Connect for Ecommerce: What You Need To Know

Can you think of an online sign-up process that DOESN’T require an email address for completion? Its almost as assumed that a user has an email address, as they do a home address. And with good reason, today almost every online user does. With an email address a merchant can reconnect with users post-purchase, reach […]

3dcart Inspiration On eCommerceDeveloper

Creating a well-designed store with 3dcart is simple! With 3dcart, you can fully customize your online store using images, HTML/CSS, javascript, and flash so the design options are endless! Some other design friendly aspects of 3dcart shopping cart software are: Zoom Technology for Displaying High-Resolution Images: If you have high quality image of your products, your […]