How Does The Adwords Auction Work?

Depending on your vertical, ranking organically in Google’s first page can take years of optimizing your keywords & tags, building links and raising your  site’s authority ( If you want to learn more, make sure to sign up for our SEO webinar). But  showing up on first-page of results can  make or break your business, so what can you TODAY to make sure your customers are seeing your business on the first page? Paid “Search Engine Marketing” can fast track your business to first-page glory.

PPC is big business. The king of search Google makes  $32 billion in revenue from just their advertising platform adwords.  And while Adwords  pretty much unavoidable when running an ecommerce business, the process can be  confusing and seem like a guessing-game if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The below inforgraphic from WordStream tries to explain the process simply but if you need help, let 3dcart PPC experts optimize and run your Adword campaigns for you. 

What is Google AdWords? [ infographic ]

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