eCommerce Basics

How to Migrate Your Bigcommerce Store to 3dcart in 6 Easy Steps

If you’re a Bigcommerce store owner looking to switch platforms after the recent hike to monthly prices, odds are you’re sweating over the prospect of potentially losing years of hard work. Your products, your customers, your web design: what’s going to happen to your online store? This is a question plaguing countless online merchants as […]

10 Exciting Ways Small Businesses Can Show Employee Appreciation

Though the realization of a business is a byproduct of the drive and inspiration of its founder, success can only be achieved through the acquisition of hard-working, loyal employees. Dedicated employees are the driving force behind any business’s prosperity and fame, fueling the fire that allows big bosses to reap big rewards. While National Employee […]

10 Things You’ll Love About Upgrading from Bigcommerce to 3dcart

Numerous Bigcommerce merchants are on the hunt for a new eCommerce platform after pricing for successful stores were hiked 3-10x more per month. Finding a new shopping cart is one of the toughest, most daunting challenges an online merchant can face, with countless options, all of which can appear similar at first glance, making it […]

Through the Looking Glass: Is Wix Right for You?

If you’re running an online store, odds are you’ve encountered a half dozen or more eCommerce platforms that at first glance, pretty much seem to offer, or at least promise, the same bells and whistles. In recent months, website builder Wix has garnered a lot of attention – they boast a collection of more than […]

8 Creative Ways to Express Customer Appreciation

For most eCommerce merchants, attracting and retaining existing customers is their primary marketing focus, and for good reason too. Did you know that according to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase? What’s even more surprising (or perhaps alarming) is that […]

Bailing on Bigcommerce: 5 Things to Look For in Your Next Ecommerce Solution

Bigcommerce’s recent price changes have left countless online store owners in a tight spot. The platform’s most successful merchants have been blindsided by an exorbitant increase in monthly fees (3-10+ times more per month). Merchants and eCommerce experts alike have sough to uncover the reasoning behind Bigcommerce’s decision. But unfortunately, whether the action stems from […]

3dcart Celebrates Small Business Appreciation Month

February may be a month notorious for gifting chocolates, flowers and sentimental cards, but it’s also a time when our nation unites to show our appreciation toward the small businesses that help fuel and drive our economy. Thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs dedicate their time, energy and lives toward building and growing businesses […]

Easy Email Receipt Marketing Hacks to Boost Sales

A digital receipt, delivered straight to your customer’s inbox, is a powerful marketing channel that many businesses fail to fully utilize. Email receipts are an easy way for small and large businesses to establish powerful call-to-actions and promote free, revenue-generating advertising. While the primary purpose of an email receipt should always be functional and never […]

How to Optimize Your Product Pages for Higher Conversions

Your product pages make up the meat of your store, but often times, merchants find themselves caught up in the design of either their home or checkout page and neglect to address these vital pages. But product pages are where the magic really happens – it’s where a visitor is transformed into a buyer. Optimizing […]

How to Win Customer Loyalty with a Great Unboxing Experience

For children, countless occasions call for the unwrapping of presents, with the appearance of mystery boxes igniting anticipation and deftly nimble finger movement. The box, the wrapping, the ribbon, the bow – all of these elements, by definition a barrier between a child and their desired product, serve to create a profoundly memorable unboxing experience […]

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