eCommerce Basics

Attracting repeat customers with 3dcart’s Gift Wrap feature

Gift wrapping is a very popular service for both online and offline merchants. Customers always appreciate saving time and effort, and professional gift wrapping is often the finishing touch a customer is looking for to make their gift truly memorable. 3dcart’s platform allows you to easily offer a gift wrapping option on any products of […]

Preventing Chargebacks

A chargeback is when a customer contacts his/her credit card bank directly to dispute a charge on his/her account. The chargeback process will vary depending on the processing bank you use, but one thing remains the same- the chargeback process can be cumbersome due to the fees charged and the time spent disputing chargebacks. With […]

6 Overlooked 3dcart Features to Improve Your Store

As a 3dcart merchant, you’re probably well acquainted with the ins-and-outs of the 3dcart admin panel. Reports, promotions, gift certificates – countless tools and features have been added through the years, some at the personal request of our very own merchants. But with so many built-in features available right at your fingertips, it can be […]

How to Easily and Effectively Show Customer Appreciation on Social Media

Social media is an integral aspect of nearly every business’s marketing strategy. Billions of people log into social media accounts everyday, engaging with friends, family, celebrities and their favorite brands. Through frequent personal engagement, social media creates a rich, fertile environment perfect for not only building relationships, but spreading brand awareness too. Whether you’re managing […]

7 Tips for Building a Strong Culture of Appreciation

Building and nurturing a strong culture of appreciation is essential to any business’s success. When talented employees are rewarded for their effort and hard-work, either independently or as group, it creates a fertile work environment that encourages growth, loyalty and engagement. Signing your employees’ paycheck may seem like a big enough gesture, but your efforts […]

How to Migrate Your Bigcommerce Store to 3dcart in 6 Easy Steps

If you’re a Bigcommerce store owner looking to switch platforms after the recent hike to monthly prices, odds are you’re sweating over the prospect of potentially losing years of hard work. Your products, your customers, your web design: what’s going to happen to your online store? This is a question plaguing countless online merchants as […]

10 Exciting Ways Small Businesses Can Show Employee Appreciation

Though the realization of a business is a byproduct of the drive and inspiration of its founder, success can only be achieved through the acquisition of hard-working, loyal employees. Dedicated employees are the driving force behind any business’s prosperity and fame, fueling the fire that allows big bosses to reap big rewards. While National Employee […]

10 Things You’ll Love About Upgrading from Bigcommerce to 3dcart

Numerous Bigcommerce merchants are on the hunt for a new eCommerce platform after pricing for successful stores were hiked 3-10x more per month. Finding a new shopping cart is one of the toughest, most daunting challenges an online merchant can face, with countless options, all of which can appear similar at first glance, making it […]

Through the Looking Glass: Is Wix Right for You?

If you’re running an online store, odds are you’ve encountered a half dozen or more eCommerce platforms that at first glance, pretty much seem to offer, or at least promise, the same bells and whistles. In recent months, website builder Wix has garnered a lot of attention – they boast a collection of more than […]

8 Creative Ways to Express Customer Appreciation

For most eCommerce merchants, attracting and retaining existing customers is their primary marketing focus, and for good reason too. Did you know that according to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase? What’s even more surprising (or perhaps alarming) is that […]

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