Fraud Prevention

Preventing Chargebacks

A chargeback is when a customer contacts his/her credit card bank directly to dispute a charge on his/her account. The chargeback process will vary depending on the processing bank you use, but one thing remains the same- the chargeback process can be cumbersome due to the fees charged and the time spent disputing chargebacks. With […]

Protect Your Store Against Fraud with FraudWatch’s Screening Rules

As reports of fraud continue to challenge the eCommerce industry, merchants worldwide are taking proactive steps to protect their businesses, typically with the implementation of fraud-detecting programs that can cost anywhere from several hundred to a couple thousand dollars. With FraudWatch, however, 3dcart merchants can protect their businesses against fraud with a powerful application that […]

Prepare for 2015’s Expected Online Fraud Spike

Online retailers lose billions of dollars to credit card fraud every year. For merchants, fraud is a source of countless headaches – an unavoidable industry curse that tests the security, strength and success of small and large businesses alike everywhere, everyday. Unfortunately, even with the emergence of fraud-combating software, analysts predict annual fraud-associated losses will […]

5 Reasons Your Community Could Be Your Best Defense Against Fraud

For decades, maybe centuries, groups of neighbors have rallied together to form community watchdog groups. Through their combined strength, these watch groups have found success stopping criminals that might otherwise hit them close to home. The sense of security we get from a community is palpable. Online, communities have found their own purpose, especially in […]

4 Common Elements of Fraudulent Orders

4 Common Elements of Fraudulent Orders Fraud can follow an online merchant around for a long time. It’s a huge hassle to correct and an even bigger drain on your pocketbook. Fortunately for online storeowners, today’s technology makes fraud easier to identify. We’re now equipped with tools that simplify the process of identifying and outing […]

Fight Ecommerce Fraud With An Army Of Security Features

Fight Ecommerce Fraud With An Army Of Security Features In North America, online fraud accounts for 1 percent of ecommerce transactions. That may not seem like a whole lot, but when you consider the costs to the merchant every time a fraudulent transaction happens, it adds up. That cost includes: The cost of the purchase […]

Holiday Webinar Lineup: Adwords, Pinterest, FraudWatch, 3dcartUpsell

From Adwords to Pinterest, the 3dcart marketing team has planned a value-packed webinar lineup designed to help you rock the holidays. Make sure to reserve your spot in each! Getting Started with Google Adwords Thursday, November 8, 2012 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST AdWords is an advertising product from Google that can help get […]

3dcart Introduces FraudWatch to Help Merchants Avoid Fraudulent Transactions

    Fraud cost merchants more than $102 billion in 2011. It was the third year in a row with more than 300,000 online fraud complaints filed — a 3.4-percent increase. The adjusted dollar loss of internet fraud complaints last year was $485.3 million. The fact is, online merchants everywhere are at risk of fraud. […]

Introducing Community Alert: 3dcart’s Free Fraud Protection Service

The 3dcart team has been hard at work and is excited to announce the launch of ‘Community Alert’— a free service that calculates risk based on the experience of other 3dcart merchants in the community. Community Alert is the first service of its kind in the ecommerce industry and currently in beta to current merchants. HOW IT […]

How to Protect Your Business from Fraud and Identity Theft

Below is a  guest blog post by Jodi Florence, VP Marketing at IDology, Inc. While the Internet has made it easier to grow a business, it has also introduced new security challenges for small and big businesses alike. As the techniques of fraudsters grow more sophisticated so must the solutions businesses use to detect and prevent […]

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