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About a simple little thing called honesty and how it impacts brand image

In today’s world of aggressive marketing strategies, buzzing social media and huge promises, businesses tend to forget about the very nature of people. More often than not, they want to build a brand image based on completely wrong premises. Spin doctors and marketing experts like to prepare campaigns where they pinpoint strengths, pros, advantages or […]

3dcart Wins Shopping Cart Software Awards From

Here at 3dcart, we take pride in the creativity and effort we put into developing our services. Our quest to help companies and individuals with setting up an efficient and reliable online store is not only a job for us, but a life’s mission. Today, we can be proud of our work once again, as […]

How To Choose A Sales Tax Solution For Small Business Owners

They may not have the high visibility of their big business counterparts, but over 90 percent of American businesses fall into the category of small businesses. The owners of these businesses often do it all — from marketing to shipping, filling out forms to depositing cash. The sheer number of government regulations and requirements can […]

3 Ways ERP Integration Can Improve Shopper Satisfaction

Automated order and inventory management keeps customer concerns to a minimum and satisfaction levels high Let’s face it, in the competitive world of eCommerce, merchants can’t afford to be slow when fulfilling orders or updating their websites. Today’s shoppers are demanding that an online store’s “back of house” is working just as hard for them […]

Lean out your shipping costs with these 3 tips

FedEx and UPS recently increased their rates. Merchants are now paying more ever! Here are some tips on how to lean out your shipping operation to reduce costs. 1. Audit your shipping fees Any time a shipment is late, unshipped or misbilled, you’re entitled to a full refund on the costs incurred for that shipment. […]

How to Create a Members Only Site

Have you ever wanted to create a site with specific areas for members only? Thanks to the features in 3dcart, you can customize your site to have a Members Only section. In the following article, we will discuss how to set the cart up in this way and why each feature or step is necessary. […]

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