5 Videos You Should Be Creating to Drive Sales

The need to communicate with your customers with video is becoming more and more apparent. Having a healthy, engaging social audience is necessary to gain new customers and keep current ones happy. With the increased focus on video for social media, the need is there to create video quickly and efficiently to communicate with your audience. Regularly posting engaging content to your social media channels is important. Creating and posting unique, engaging video content to your channels should be the at the top of your list of tasks to accomplish.

Let’s explore the top 5 types of videos you should be creating to increase your sales:


What better way to say how great your products and services are than to let others say it for you! Take some candid or professional videos of your customer base and let them tell the story of how you go above and beyond in your service and how they love shopping with you. After all, the customer is always right!

Explainer Videos

Let’s face it, customers don’t always know how to use a product or don’t think they need it until they see it in action. Explainer videos are designed to tell customers exactly what they need to know; how a product or service works. Take videos or step-by-step photos of how a product or service works, it’s many use cases, and put them into a video to share with your customers. Choose to do this with your top selling items and those you typically get a lot of questions about to help drive sales.

How-To Videos

Much like Explainer videos, customers sometimes need some simple, visual instructions on how to use a product…or assemble a product. Putting together some simple how-to type videos will create engagement with your audience and take your customer service to the next level. Help your customers understand how a product goes together, or show them how your product can be used with others, like craft projects, room decorating, cooking, baking, and more.

Event Promotions

Video is a great way to not only promote your events before-hand, but also showcase the awesome time that was had during the event. Video is engaging, so showing images and highlight videos of past and current events creates more engagement, helping to boost your attendance!

Behind the Scenes

Customers love seeing how you work, how you do what you do to make their lives better. Consider launching a video series that provides a sneak-peak into how products are made, packed and shipped, or the inner workings and shenanigans in the office or sales floor.

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