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5 Tips For Marketing Digital Products

The digital revolution didn’t just revolution how you shop, it also revolutionized what you shop. Instead of physical goods, many merchants are selling bits & bytes in the form of e-books, mp3 music files, downloadable images, software, videos, & product keys. With a different form of product, comes a different method of marketing. 5 tips for […]

4Tell Offers 3dcart Customer’s “Holidaze” Discount

3dcart partner 4-Tell  has written several posts for us about their  automated personalized, product recommendations and how a personalizing your customer’s shopping experience can grow your bottom-line. And now, 4-Tell is giving 3dcart merchants an early “Holidaze” present by offering 50% off their subscription pricing untill the end of the year. Since installation which takes […]

Growing a Lucrative Facebook Fan Following

Below is a guest post by Dewey Halden, the Director of Sales at SearchSpring Unfortunately, cultivating a large and lucrative Facebook fan following isn’t as easy as just installing an app. As with any long-term brand building or PR campaign, success takes a little planning and diligent execution. Fortunately, it’s not rocket science either. The […]

3dcart Partner Program

Yesterday we launched our new partner program that offers developers, designers and marketing professionals 25% recurring commission on any of the 3dcart plans With the launch of the new reseller program, we hope to simplify the way web design and marketing businesses offer ecommerce to their customers. By partnering with 3dcart web designers can boost their […]

Partner Spotlight Webinar – SearchSpring

Shoppers who search convert 2x – 3x higher than users who browse. Its consistent across the ecommerce industry.  So, while only 20% of your users may use search, they can contribute nearly half of your site’s revenue! And the results are in: Faceted navigation on your category pages is the best method for converting more […]

Faceted Navigation Converts Higher

Below is a guest post by Dewey Halden, the Director of Sales at SearchSpring. The results are in: The giants of the E-Commerce industry:,,, name it, have all proven that attribute-driven, dynamic, faceted navigation is the best navigation method for maximizing conversion rates of users who browse. Make it easy and […]

Main Street Fairness—What Does It Mean To Me?

Below is a guest post byt Susan McLain, marketing manager at Main Street Fairness and Internet sales tax issues are looming before Congress this fall. As our children return to school and business begins to creep back from the summer lull, e-commerce businesses have much to follow in this legislative session. The Main Street […]

How to Increase Conversions with Site Search

Below is a guest post by Dewey Halden, the Director of Sales at SearchSpring. Many shoppers begin their online shopping session by typing into a site’s search box. The results they experience affect as much as half of the typical eCommerce company’s total sales. While shoppers who use site search comprise only 15-30% of visitors, site search […]

Using Autoship to Increase your Sales

Thanks so much to all who joined us today for our ‘Using Autoship to Increase your Sales’ Webinar! It’s a great time to sign up for 3dcart’s autoship feature because for the rest of September, 3dcart is waiving the set-up fee! That means you’ll only be charged the $99 monthly service charge without having to […]

How Wishing Can Really Make A Sale Come True

This is a guest post by Cameron Carter, WishPot’s Social Media Manager. Wish list offer retailers so many different ways of leading to a sale. Wish lists make it possible for people to come back to your site and find the products they want while also sending traffic through their friends and family who they share lists […]

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