Monthly Archives: January 2011

Shopping Engine Submission

App Store News – GoDataFeed Submitting your products to shopping engines is, by far, the best way to drive traffic to your site.  After all, a shopping engine is basically a search engine for people who are actively looking to buy!  3dcart makes the process of submitting your products to shopping engines quite easy with […]

Ecommerce Feature Spotlight – Built in Photo Editing

Ecommerce Feature Spotlight – Picnik Integration One thing that sets 3dcart apart from other popular shopping cart providers is the number of tools we provide for our merchants.  Our goal is to make 3dcart an all-encompassing solution for all of your ecommerce needs. It was with this in mind that we added Picnik integration to […]

Accept International Orders Today

App Store News – International Checkout In today’s article, we’ll be showcasing 3dcart’s integration with International Checkout. (Available in the App Store) Why would I want to use International Checkout? For many online merchants, the idea of accepting international orders can be an exciting prospect.  After all, the moment you get that first order from […]

Ecommerce Partner Review: PayLeap

PayLeap is a payment processing company that offers adaptive services aimed at reducing cost and keeping online merchants safe. At 3dcart we asked Daryn Barney, VP of Business Development at PayLeap, ABOUT their services and how they can help 3dcart merchants with online payment processing. ———- 3dc: When was PayLeap founded and how many active merchants currently use […]

Built-in ECommerce Blog Feature

Feature Spotlight – Blogging With the introduction of the SocialCommerce tools in 3dcart version 3.2, we unveiled the store Blogging tool.  This feature allows you to instantly create a blog on your store that is housed all within the confines of your main site – thereby sharing, not only the same SEO and RSS functions […]

App Store News – Advanced Search

Last week, we introduced our new App Store.  This week, we’d like to showcase one of the many popular apps available in the store. Advanced Search Your 3dcart store comes with a site wide search tool already built-in.  The standard search function will provide accurate results for simple searches based on product name, short descriptions […]

How to Get the Best Rate on Every Transaction

Ever been excited about a big sale, only to see how much you paid in credit card processing fees?  Stop seeing your margin erode with high processing fees.  There may be things you can do to lower your rate.  You know that by offering credit card acceptance you win more sales.  Multiply this effect by […]

Ecommerce Feature Spotlight: Built-in Email Marketing

At 3dcart, we feel that we have the best, well-rounded, and full-featured ecommerce shopping cart offering available anywhere.  With so many features contained under one roof however, it’s no surprise that our merchants are sometimes unaware or otherwise unfamiliar with many of the tools available to them. It is with this thought in mind that […]

The 3dcart App Store is Now Open!

In addition to the powerful new features included with 3dcart, like our Mobile Store and the Social Commerce tools, we’re proud to announce that our 3dcart App Store has officially launched! The App store offers a collection of add-ons that address specific business needs with niche solutions that enhance your online store beyond the standard […]