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How to Sell Handbags Online
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How to Sell Handbags Online

How to Sell Handbags Online

If you consider yourself a purse expert, it’s time you turn that knowledge into income by learning how to sell handbags online. From Gucci to Prada to Nine West, there’s a booming market for purses on the web. Becoming a part of it all is much simpler than you might expect.
A lot of people decide not to start their own online business because they don’t think they have the right experience. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: you don’t need to have web design or development experience to get started. All you need is a software platform that includes the right tools, and you’ll be on your way to learning how to sell handbags online in no time.

Check out some of the tips below to help you get started in the world of online retail.


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1. Decide which brands you want to represent.

Which kinds of bags represent your fashion sense? You might think that it’s important to stock every type of handbag on the market—but you can actually speak much more clearly to your audience if you simplify your product offering. If you have a strong fashion sense, it could be a great way to differentiate your store from the competition.


As you learn how to sell handbags online, you’ll also begin to understand the importance of selling a quality product. After all, you’ll earn much of your future business from return customers.

2. Create a relationship with a wholesaler.

To make a profit, you’ll have to buy your products in bulk or establish a distributor level relationship with purse manufacturers. While some brands may sell wholesale directly, it may make more sense to establish your relationship with a company like ShopForBags.com or Treasures & Treasures.


Choose a partner with experience and a good reputation. That way, you’ll learn how to sell handbags online the right way.

3. Choose the right technology for your store.

Remember: you don’t have to be a technology expert to set up your own website and store. All you need is a strong product that lets you choose from strong design templates and includes the features you need to run a successful store. Look for software (like 3dcart) that gives you the ability to include multiple pictures and colors; run your own daily or group deal promotions; and automate search engine optimization.

4. Get the word out.

Smart marketing starts before you launch your store to the public. Build an email list and use your software to manage promotions. Set up a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Use all the marketing features your software platform has to offer, and you can’t go wrong in learning how to sell handbags online.

Create your store and start selling online today!

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