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How to Sell Digital Downloads
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How to Sell Digital Downloads Online

How to Sell Digital Downloads Online

If you want to learn how to sell digital downloads, you've come to the right place. With no physical product to manufacture, selling digital downloads is one of the easiest ways to set up your first online store and make a little extra cash. You should already be familiar with the digital download world. Digital downloads include things like music, software, ebooks, photos and videos; your store should focus on any one of these items.
Remember: you’re not going to become Amazon or iTunes in a few months - or even a few years. The key to learning how to sell digital downloads is to focus on a specific good or service. When you narrow your brand, you’ll expand your market, giving you the ability to target a specific audience and dominate sales in that market

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So how do you start an online store specializing in digital goods from scratch? Take a look at some of the tips below to get started making money online.

1. Use standard file formats for your digital downloads

When selling digital downloads, you want to make sure that all users will be able to download and use your product. Use standard file formats, PDF for ebooks, MP3 for audio files, etc. In addition, compress your digital files into zip files; this helps reduce the size of the file to be downloaded. It’s one of the secrets of how to sell digital downloads.

2. Find the right shopping cart software

There are plenty of different shopping cart software solutions on the market, but some aren’t quite as flexible as the rest. So how do you choose the right one? You’ll want to look for a cart that is rich in features; look for features like full FTP access so you can easily manage your files. You also need a shopping cart that protects the directory structure where the files are stored when giving customers a download link. As an additional feature, look for the ability to restrict the number of the days the download link will be active; this prevents link sharing with people that haven’t paid for the download. The right shopping cart can help you learn how to sell digital downloads without too much effort.

3. Secure your digital downloads with serial numbers or keys

If the digital downloads you’re selling are software, look into implementing a serial number or keys validation. This is the best method to prevent digital piracy when you’re learning how to sell digital downloads. The right shopping cart software will allow you to upload a list of serial numbers and distribute each one of these as orders are received on your website. You can have just a preset number of keys and reuse them between customers—or, you can actually enter a unique serial number for each customer and eep track of who activates your software online.

4. Immediate Availability

The advantage of digital downloads versus physical products is the ability to immediately access these online. No customer wants to wait 24 hours for you to email them an ebook or MP3 file, so look for a solution that delivers your electronic products automatically as soon as the payment is confirmed. Your website should display a message letting visitors know when a product is available for immediate download. This could be the deciding factor between purchasing your product and a physical book or audio CD.

There is definitely more work involved in this process than what’s outlined above, but you now have the basics on how to sell fabrics online. Getting started with the tips above and taking advantage of built-in shopping cart marketing tools will get you well on your way to success as a DIY online business. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not selling anything your first couple weeks; it takes a little time for Google to start reading your site.


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