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How to Sell Candy Online

Candy: you've loved it since you were a little kid—but that doesn’t mean you have to end up hating it when you learn how to sell candy online. With today's technology, the process is actually very simple. In fact, you could turn your passion for candy into your livelihood. What's better than that? Okay, eating candy is pretty great, too. But no one said you couldn’t skimp off the top a little.

If you have no experience selling online, you're probably planning to do a lot of research. Consider this article the starting place to find the basics of the business as you learn how to sell candy online. Below, we've organized some tips and tricks for getting started with your own online candy store.

1. Decide what type of candy to sell.

Once you’ve made the decision to get started, you’ll want to decide what kind of candy to sell. While there are plenty of online candy stores that represent the spectrum of the candy industry, you’ll want to get started small and choose a type of candy to specialize in. That way, you can narrow your brand to a specific target audience and expand from there. This is the first step to effectively learning how to sell candy online.

2. Find the right shopping cart software.

After you establish your wholesalers, it’s time to set up your storefront and backend/administrative tools. For this, you’ll want to purchase an ecommerce software platform that is feature-rich, easy-to-use, inexpensive and loaded with extras like dedicated support options. Look for a platform that gives you the ability to do "daily deals" or send out "group buying" coupons to increase conversions on a daily basis. With the right platform, learning how to sell candy online becomes a simple task.

3. Understand your audience and define your brand

Especially if you’re selling original art, you have to understand exactly whom you’re selling to. If you’re selling edgy, provocative pieces, you’ll probably want to target a younger demographic and tailor your brand to sell more effectively to that market. More traditional pieces require a more refined, polished brand for a more refined, polished crowd. Whatever you’re selling, you want to develop a brand that represents your style of art and appeals to your audience. Accomplish that and you’ll know exactly how to sell art online in no time.

4. Get started with a fulfillment service.

If you’re getting started on a shoestring budget, you might not have the funds to rent a warehouse—and unless you have a lot of extra room at your place, you’ll need somewhere to store all of that candy. Lucky for you, there are plenty of fulfillment services that you can sign on to house your product. With the right shopping cart software, every sale that comes through your system is immediately forwarded to the vendor. They take care of shipping. It’s as easy as that. Some good companies to check out are Efulfillment, WeFulfillIT and Shipwire.

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