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3dcart Shopping Cart works with eLayaway.

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3dcart Shopping Cart works with eLayaway.

eLayaway™ is a patent-pending alternative payment option that allows merchants to process, administer and automate their online and brick & mortar layaway programs. By providing convenient payment plans that are automatically drafted from the consumer’s bank account, merchants enjoy the benefits of offering layaway without the administrative and logistical headaches previously associated with the popular payment process.

Consumers count on eLayaway to help them afford the things they want most. For a flat 3.9% processing fee consumers can use eLayaway to be fiscally responsible in an age where credit is no longer as readily available.

Why eLayaway is Good For Your Business:

  • No Transaction Fees = Increased Profit Margins ,The more you sell with our system, the more you net.
  • Increased Conversion and Decreased Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Safer Consumer Transactions
  • Increased Traffic from Existing eLayaway Members
  • Accurate Sales Forecasting
  • Flexibility
  • Drive sales regardless of economic conditions.

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3dcart users, follow these steps:
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