tCommerce: Tablet eCommerce

As the tablet market continues to grow so does its affect on eCommerce. Mobile commerce or mCommerce is increasingly becoming a bigger part of eCommerce and tablets are primed so soon become the leader in mCommerce.

Some surprising facts:

  • 20% of all mobile eCommerce sales come from tablets.
  • 60% of tablet owners have purchased online using their tablet.
  • Tablet users spend an average of one hour and 35 minutes on their devices.
  • Owners typically spend 10-20% more on purchases than shoppers without tablets.
  • Mobile commerce is expected to increase to $31 billion in the U.S. by by 2016. Quite a jump from only $3 billion in 2010.

If you’re interesting in even more interesting tablet commerce ( Tcommerce?) check out the infographic below!

Tablet eCommerce
Infographic by Vertic