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Partner Spotlight Webinar: Bongo International

3dcart Partner Spotlight Webinar

Bongo International

Extreme e-Commerce would aptly describe current international e-Commerce figures. The world is witnessing an increase in cross border e-commerce that has never been seen before, and even more alluring is – these numbers will continue to rise in the coming years. A recent statistic out of Australia serves as a great example of only one country… Australian shoppers, especially those aged under 21, are sending $4.2 billion a year to overseas online retailers. Now, imagine that number applied globally, and you understand why we’re so excited. Retailers, on the brink of the shopping season, should be excited as well. Right now, U.S. Retailers utilizing 3DCart have a tremendous advantage on their domestic-centric counterparts.

3DCart and Bongo have worked together to deploy Bongo’s latest solution, Bongo Checkout. This application allows Retailers to continue business as usual, while Bongo manages all the complex aspects of selling your products around the globe:

  • Fraud protection
  • Operational benefits (int’l orders are submitted to the 3DCart as domestic orders)
  • Export compliance
  • Localization (language & currency)
  • Full landed cost (shipping, duties, & taxes)
  • International payment processing (multiple forms)
  • International delivery in a 3 day global average

Bongo’s Checkout solution offers retailers access to vibrant markets outside of the U.S. with no changes to your current processes. Retailers simply ship to Bongo’s Domestic Facility, and we handle the rest. You may already ship internationally, but full access to international markets requires more than simply offering international shipping provisions. Retailers need to think about the bullet points above – for starters.
Across the globe, consumers are shown to have a positive response to transacting in their native language and currency. This improves the experience, increases conversions, and customer loyalty. Providing the full landed cost also falls under the label of customer experience as it eliminates any surprise hidden costs upon parcel arrival. Fraud protection is another key component. International fraud occurs at twice the rate of domestic fraud. This is due to a variation in screening techniques across borders, and an increase in methods of international payment. Bongo Checkout has Retailers protected against international fraud, and also allows for multiple forms of international payment which can greatly increase international conversion rates as well.

Bongo Checkout is a FREE solution to U.S. merchants interested in expanding around the globe. That’s right…I said FREE. Since Bongo is a shipping and logistics company, we are able to leverage our deep discounts from the carriers to offer a significant savings to your customers, while collecting a small margin for our efforts.
Beyond localization, full landed cost, and fraud protection, there is much more included in this comprehensive solution.

I encourage you to join in our upcoming webinar with Bongo Checkout & 3DCart where our application will be described in greater detail. You may visit the website for more information in the interim. Thanks for your time and feel free to contact our Product Manager, Greg Unger at [email protected] with any additional questions.

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Bongo 3dcart shipping

Webinar details:
3dcart Partner Spotlight – Bongo International
Wednesday November 2nd, 2011
2pm ET/1pmCT/11am PT

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