Raven Crystals Gets Responsive with 3dcart


Ecommerce is evolving and 3dcart is at the forefront of the revolution, helping businesses of every size and industry elevate their websites to the next level.

When a client approaches us to re-do their site, we point them toward Custom Responsive Design: jaw-droppingly beautiful, brand-centered designs, engineered to work flawlessly on any device or screen size. We tackle design projects with enthusiasm, dedication, and meticulous attention to detail. For every project, our team of design experts painstakingly researches and analyzes industry, demographics, company goals, analytics, content and current website to ensure flawless results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Case Study: Raven Crystals

Since 2011, Raven Crystals has been selling top-quality crystals and mineral specimens to customers around the world. Praised for their physical and metaphysical properties that aid in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing, crystals and mineral specimens are growing rapidly to become one of today’s most popular and trusted holistic medicine techniques, used in spas, clinics, and homes across the globe.

And consumer interest in crystals and mineral specimens isn’t the only thing that’s growing swiftly. The eCommerce market is experiencing explosive growth, fueled by the world’s growing number of mobile shoppers. Research from Forrester Research Inc. predicts online sales will reach $523 billion in the next five years, with an average annual growth rate of 9.32%, as bigger smartphones and faster wireless networks make it easier for consumers to shop on their phones. By the end of 2020, an additional 26 million customers are projected to browse and buy from retail sites, reaching a startling 270 million consumers.

The growth of the crystal and mineral specimens industry in conjunction with Google’s push toward a more mobile-friendly internet sent Raven Crystals in pursuit of a responsive solution: “My old website basically became obsolete with the new parameters set by Google and with the increase of customers using new devices such as smartphones, iPads, etc. My old website disappeared off the internet – I was invisible.”

Sporting a new, gorgeous responsive design, Raven Crystals’ conversion rate is steadily increasing every month. “I am so pleased with the design services and support 3dcart offers. My design team was very helpful and patient,” said Leah. “I really feel the website represents and gives shoppers a sense of what Raven Crystals has to offer in such a beautiful way.”

Why Responsive Matters

3dcart and Raven Crystals aren’t the only ones recommending businesses adopt a responsive design; your customers are, too.

  • A Google survey found that 64% of visitors were less likely to return to a site that wasn’t mobile-friendly, while 74% were likely to return to mobile-friendly sites.
  • More than 58% of American adults own a smartphone and almost 60% of all website traffic is from mobile devices.
  • 80% of consumers regularly user their smartphones to shop online.
  • 61% of customers have a better opinion of a brand when they offer a positive mobile experience.

Google now uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in search results, which means if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re losing sales.

Ready to get responsive? 3dcart wants to elevate your business to the next level.

View 3dcart’s Design Packages to get started.

Elegant Interiors Responsive Theme – A FREE Professionally Designed Theme from 3dcart

Here is a preview of our most recent theme “Elegant Interiors” — a new, professionally designed responsive theme.


If you would like to preview the live demo of our “Elegant Interiors” theme, you can do so by clicking the link below. Check it out on your phone, tablet or computer; you’re sure to love it for the price, FREE.

3dcart’s Live Demo of the theme “Elegant Interiors”

Stay Tuned! Additional New and Updated 3dcart Templates are coming soon!

3dcart Unveils 3dboost, a Fully Customizable Cart Abandonment Tool


Millions of retailers experience a huge number of lost sales every year due to cart abandonment – a whopping $18 billion, to be precise. That’s because 67.89% of all shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes a sale. If you’re an online merchant, you’re either knowingly or unknowingly feeling the effects of this worrisome statistic.

Yet despite the horror of this seemingly inescapable nightmare, all hope isn’t lost. While it may not be possible to prevent all instances of cart abandonment, there is a way to persuade a large percentage of them to shop at your store.

3dboost is 3dcart’s groundbreaking new solution to preventing cart abandonment before it ever happens. Fully customizable and responsive, 3dboost allows you to create gorgeous, time-sensitive offers that perfectly match your business’s unique style and website design.

Requiring neither HTML nor Photoshop knowledge, 3dboost offers unparalleled customization, with the ability to control every facet of your popup’s design, including:

  • Images
  • Text
  • Colors
  • Style
  • Dimensions
  • Background overlay effect (10+ transitional effects)
  • Buy Button (optional)

3dboost additionally offers 3 advanced ad formats (iframe, image upload, and text), allowing you to create effective popup ads that match your business’s unique marketing approach. Configure your compelling offer to automatically display when a customer’s cursor abandons your page, after they’ve been on a specific page for a certain amount of time, or persistently on any desired page (product, category, or sitewide).

Since your popups are responsive, you’ll be able to attract and appeal to shoppers on desktop, mobile, and tablet, allowing for more opportunities to pull back reluctant customers.

3dboost is launching with 3 price tiers:

  • $9.99/month – up to 5,000 views
  • $24.99/month – up to 10,000 views
  • $49.99/month – unlimited​ views

Start recovering sales today and tackle cart abandonment head on with eCommerce’s most powerful sales-driving solution available. Learn more about 3dboost at the 3dcart App Store.

August’s Partner of the Month: Advanced Shipping Manager


3dcart is currently partnered with over 200 eCommerce companies. We’re constantly on the lookout for vibrant, innovative partners that can bring state-of-the-art solutions and services to our customers.

For the month of August, our Partner of the Month is Advanced Shipping Manager.  Our team interviewed Ryan Stango, Marketing Director of KingWebmaster, to help 3dcart merchants get insight into their company and solution.

1. Please provide some general background and history on your company:

Advanced Shipping Manager is a powerful and easy to use solution for providing the most accurate shipping rates available. Advanced Shipping Manager has grown to many e-commerce platforms including 3dcart, allowing merchants to set up complicated shipping rules such as Freight couriers, Real Time Courier Calculated rates, Free shipping for individual items, Multiple Origin shipping rules, and many other special options set globally or for specific individual items. We wanted to make a plugin that could handle the most complicated shipping needs out there while remaining accurate and easy to use.

Advanced Shipping Manager was Created by E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Dan Rotem and George Chityat who at the time owned an online store that had complex shipping rules. Their stores E-Commerce platform did not have any way to handle shipping items from multiple origin zip-codes and it barely even provided accurate shipping rates, so they created the wheel and launched Advanced Shipping Manager in 2006. 

2. What’s the main service your company offers?

Advanced Shipping Manager offers e-commerce store owners accurate shipping rates, no matter how complicated their shipping needs are. Most E-Commerce platforms do not allow for fine tuned control over shipping methods and rates.  With Advanced Shipping Manager we give store owners an easy to use platform for handling all of their shipping methods and rules including freight couriers, free shipping on the individual item level, multiple drop shippers and more!

3. Describe the integration and how long you’ve been a partner with 3dcart.

Advanced shipping manager has been a partner with 3dcart since June 2013.
Our service integrates through the Advanced Shipping Manager Connector app, connecting your store to our server – allowing you to control all your shipping rules and settings through our hosted back-end.

4. What are the benefits for 3dcart merchants that use your solution?

3dcart merchants that use Advanced Shipping Manager cut their losses in shipping costs, as well as having the ability to run free shipping promotions on individual items and ship from multiple dropshippers, and of course – account for dropshipping fees. Being able to provide Accurate shipping rates saves our customers tons of money in the long run and also helps increase their sales and conversions! Nothing turns off a prospective customer more than an absurdly high shipping price! 

5. What are your solutions’ biggest strengths?

Advanced shipping Managers biggest strength is its ability to easily handle complex shipping rules. E-Commerce store owners regularly lose thousands of dollars a month over under-charging for shipping, losing customers and money in the process. Our Customer support is also one of our biggest strengths, all of our customers are welcome to call or email and receive our assistance.  Whenever they need it!

6. How does your solution compare to similar solutions in the market?

Advanced Shipping Manager is the only all in one solution on the market capable of handling all of your complex shipping rules in one place, no other plugin is capable of handling multiple drop shippers, product level free shipping, hybrid shipping rates, courier calculated shipping, hazmat charges, google distance shipping, multi-box shipping, box mapping, ship alone, nested shipping, temp controlled shipping rates, and much more – all in one easy to use service.

7. What plans do you have for future development of your solution?

We are constantly working on adding new features and couriers! We are currently updating our knowledgebase with more in depth tutorials and videos showing how to use our software and updating our website to allow for better navigation and ease of use.

8. Any other thoughts for our readers, who are mainly e-commerce merchants?

We are always interested in hearing about your complicated shipping needs! Feel free to reach us anytime at info@kingwebmaster.com to see how we can help simplify your shipping needs, providing you and your customers with accurate shipping rates! 

To celebrate the Partner of the Month feature, any 3dcart merchant who signs up for Advanced Shipping Manager during August will automatically receive their first month free! Learn more about Advanced Shipping Manager here.

Offer valid 8/10/16-9/10/16

Reduce Checkout Errors and Increase Conversion Rates with Address Verification

Dog Delivery

Today’s customers aren’t only shopping on the go, they’re checking out in a hurry, too. As an increasing number of shoppers opt for the convenience of their mobile phones, more and more online merchants are discovering inane typos are to blame for their costly, carrier-imposed penalty fees.

Unfortunately, invalid shipping addresses are more than just an expensive nuisance, they can spell disaster for your business’s reputation and customer experience as well. A wrong address can result in the delay of a delivery, generate a returned package to your business, or even end at the wrong address. As for your customer waiting at home for their package? There’s a high probability you’ve lost their loyalty, and with it their lifetime value.

Despite the prevalence of checkout errors, there are ways to eliminate the potential roadblocks between customers and their purchase. And the solution is simpler than you might imagine: an address verification service.

An AVS is a system that verifies whether a customer’s entered address is registered with a major shipping carrier(s), such as USPS, and informs customers when a wrong shipping address has been entered, ensuring your products are always shipped to the correct place.

3dcart’s Address Verification can seamless integrate with your Single Page Checkout or Multi-page Checkout process to automatically verify and standardize the shipping address provided by the customer.

Address Verification features include:

  • The Address Verification add-on will check the domestic destination address using the USPS address matching system.
  • Address Verification will display the correct shipping address to the shopper during checkout, fixing any typos and format issues according to USPS standards to avoid delivery delays.
  • If there are multiple matches to one address, Address Verification will prompt the shopper for a selection, giving them the opportunity to correct the problem before the order is completed.

To add Address Verification to your checkout process and start reducing costly errors, visit the 3dcart App Store.

5 Ways You Can Boost Your PPC Efforts

Whether you’re experienced in PPC Advertising or just feeling the water and getting ready to launch your very first campaign, Google AdWords can be difficult to get your head around and to be frank, quite tricky at times. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge and expertise it can take a toll on your time and budget. To avoid that from happening and to make sure your money and efforts are wisely spent, we’ve come up with a few tips that can help boost your campaigns, increase Click Through Rate and drive more traffic to your store.

Before we begin, I’d like you to know that we’ve recently launched an app on 3dcart app center called Traffic Booster which creates, manages, and optimizes ad campaigns on your behalf on Google AdWords, Bing, and any relevant ad network. Make sure to check it out!

Now, let’s get down to those Tips!

Always Use Negative Keywords

A negative keyword is a targeting option that allows you to selectively filter out people, based on their search query. Simply put, these are phrases or words that you don’t want your ad to trigger upon. Suppose, you run an online jewelry store. You only sell pre-designed pieces and don’t offer any custom accessories. If you don’t put “custom jewelry” as your negative keyword, you might end up with people clicking on your ads, whose search query is irrelevant to your products. In other words, you have to exclude any words that are not connected directly to your offering.

StoreYa Blog1

Negative keywords help you keep your campaigns stay precise and relevant, which means you only pay only for clicks that have the potential of turning into conversions and sales.

Tip: Once you campaign is alive, review the search queries your keywords actually drive, and make those that you don’t think could convert for you into negative keywords (for example “Free..”).

Employ “Dynamic Keywords”

AdWords’ super handy Dynamic Ads (DSA) is brilliant in a way it takes off all the stress from looking for right ad campaign keywords. It customizes your ad and automatically matches each search query with the best ad’s headline, based on what Google deems relevant.

It also matches the search queries with the right landing page and updates the campaigns 24/7. All that is needed from you is to provide your URL and two sentences in your company description. After that, the system will take it from there.

You can also utilize the feature even further by selecting the already well-performing keywords, taking them off the dynamic ads and adding them to a static campaign. What happens then is Google continues searching for best suitable matches, while you put better bids on those keywords you’ve just taken out and improve your Quality Score.

Another cool fact about Dynamic Keywords is that sometimes lets you get around the character count by letting your ads be longer than usual. Sounds too good to be true, right?!


Start Retargeting

Do you know that only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit? Did you ever wonder how you can get back the other 98%? Retargeting, known in Adwords as remarketing, is an advertising technique that lets you bring this bounced traffic back to your online store by reaching out to people who have already visited the site and could potentially become your buying customers.

It works by placing a piece of code on your website pages and creating a full list of users that have visited your site, by capturing their “Cookie ID”. You can then filter it and select the most relevant leads that you would want to approach and follow them around the web with specifically targeted ads.

The ads are managed in Google AdWords and are shown on web pages visited by your target audience, so no special knowledge is needed from your side. Finally, you regain the user’s interest and they come back to make a purchase.

StoreYa Blog2

Tip: Dynamic remarketing goes even further, by allowing you to see what a user viewed on your site, then show the ads tailored to his/her needs accordingly. You ever noticed how you browse Amazon for a specific item, leave it in a cart for a while, and then suddenly you see a banner popping up with a discount on that item? It is most likely not a coincidence.

Optimize your Mobile Campaigns

If you’re going to want to have mobile ads along with your desktop campaigns, you will want to make sure they are optimized and are not just set as default. Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can do that.

I might be preaching to the choir here, but the first thing you will want to do is have a responsive website with a layout, images and a landing page adjusted to a mobile screen size. With users leaving web pages within the first 10 seconds (a person’s attention span on mobile is normally way shorter), you’ll need to offer them an exceptional experience, so it’s a good idea to invest some time into it.

StoreYa Blog3
Because you may never get a second chance to make them 😉

Next, you will want to adjust your mobile bids in regards to your desktop campaigns. To do so, analyze your campaigns comparing the conversion rate your have on mobile v. the conversion rate you have on desktop. You can use Traffic Tracker online dashboard to tell you all the exact stats on your performance and then play with the bids accordingly until you get to an optimal point.

Mobile users tend to view ads differently and search using fewer words. That means that you should separate your campaigns and think of mobile targeted keywords/phrases. Some keywords would fit both types of campaigns, however, it will pay off, in the long run, to have it specifically tailored for mobile.

Only one-third of SMBs are using mobile preferred ads (Wordstream), so using them will give you a big advantage over the competition. Keep your messages short and simple, while focusing on your target audience. Use Call to Action extensions and language promoting calls. Adding  a phone number to your ad will encourage people to call your business. Don’t forget to include any relevant links to your promotions. What you need is to have all your essential information right in front of the user’s eyes in the most simple and catchy way possible.

StoreYa Blog4

Location Targeting

This is a little known, but a powerful tactic that can save you lots of money. Let’s say you are a florist operating a small hometown shop. Would you really want to be advertising your business throughout all of the States or in the United Kingdom? (Hint: No, you wouldn’t).

This is where location targeting comes in – by selecting an exact geographical area for your ad campaign you focus only on the region where your potential customers are residing. You can choose a district or a city and then define a radius around it. Simple, but significant, as Don Draper once said.

StoreYa Blog5

There you go, I hope the above tips will help you get through the experience and bring some more sales through your PPC marketing efforts!

This was a guest blog post by 3dcart partner, StoreYa. Learn more about Traffic Booster by StoreYa here.

Grow Your Brand and Business with the Essential Design Package

Your website design plays a critical role in securing sales and forging lasting customer relationships. Shoppers love beautiful web designs, which help increase the perceived value of your products and instill trust and buying confidence in customers, too.

Whether you’re looking to outperform your competitors or find a foothold in your industry, your success hinges on the attractiveness of your website. Today’s demanding customers expect a stunning and immersive website experience, regardless of device or resolution, and aren’t afraid to take their business elsewhere when a site fails to meet their expectations.

To help 3dcart businesses grow their brand and business, 3dcart is excited to announce a special, limited-time offer: The Essential Design Package.

The package, reduced from $2500 to $1500, includes everything you need to transform your website from ordinary to extraordinary, including:

Responsive Design

ResponsiveDesign1Billions of people shop online, but not everyone accesses the internet using the same method. With the rapid rise of smartphone and tablet usage, responsive designs have evolved into an absolute necessity for eCommerce businesses, playing a critical role in the success of large and small brands alike. Cater to the needs and trends of today’s shoppers by ensuring your website utilizes a mobile-friendly responsive design.

Frame Design

ResponsiveDesign2Your website’s frame design determines your store’s overall look and style, and is the single most important component of website design. An attractive, customized frame plays a key role in successful online retailing. A beautiful frame design not only visually illustrates your business’s professionalism and trustworthiness, but serves to increase the perceived value of your products.

 Home Page Design

ResponsiveDesign3The home page is the entry-point of your website and serves to mesmerize, coerce, and capture your visitor’s attention. In the world of eCommerce, you have less than 7 seconds to create a strong first impression, and in order to do that, the design and layout of your homepage needs to be nothing short of stunning. Pull in more customers and improve conversions with an exquisite home page design.

Dropdown Menu

ResponsiveDesign4Easy, clean website navigation is one of the best ways to ensure visitors have a positive shopping experience when visiting your store. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by using a dropdown menu, which allows visitors to quickly navigate throughout your website and easily find what they’re looking for. A dropdown menu is a proven means to improving user experience and increasing the likelihood of repeat traffic.

Let 3dcart bring your ideas into existence. To purchase the Essential Design Package, contact our Sales Team at 800.828.6650 or visit 3dcart.com.

*Offer valid from 8/8/2016 – 8/31/2016


Flower Power Responsive Theme – A FREE Professionally Designed Theme from 3dcart

Here is a preview of our most recent theme “Flower Power” — a new, professionally designed responsive theme.


If you would like to preview the live demo of our “Flower Power” theme, you can do so by clicking the link below. Check it out on your phone, tablet or computer; you’re sure to love it for the price, FREE.

3dcart’s Live Demo of the theme “Flower Power”

Stay Tuned! Additional New and Updated 3dcart Templates are coming soon!

3dcart and ChannelSale Team up to Help Merchants Succeed at Multichannel Retailing


Multichannel retailing is an eCommerce sales strategy that offers customers numerous ways to shop, including marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, and social media.

By effectively targeting a variety of channels, businesses can quickly and significantly expand their brand’s reach, increase sales, and improve customer perception. But just because multichannel retailing offers a plethora of benefits to merchants, that doesn’t mean adopting such a strategy is a piece of cake, especially if you’re attempting to manage sales, orders, and inventory manually, all on your own.

To help merchants overcome this challenge, 3dcart has partnered with ChannelSale, an innovative multichannel management platform. Supporting more than 200 online marketplaces, ChannelSale is one of today’s leading marketplace management solutions, offering a host of advanced services that allows merchants to drive more business without increasing their workload.

ChannelSale features include:

  • Product feed optimizations
  • Product data and inventory sync across all shopping channels through a single interface
  • Multi-channel orders sync and shipping tracking write-back
  • Business rules setup and feed validation reports
  • Automated multichannel Fulfillment by Amazon
  • In-depth product sales performance reports

ChannelSale pricing starts at $249/month for the Silver Plan. To learn more about ChannelSale, visit the 3dcart App Store.


3dcart Success Stories: Featuring New Mexico Tea Company


Like many prospective entrepreneurs and online store owners, David Edwards didn’t attend school to learn the ins and outs of running a business. In fact, David went to college to learn about photography and graphic design, only to be hit full-force in the middle of his collegiate journey with the immense joy and financial burdens associated with fatherhood.

In 2006, after dropping out of school, David started working on a cruise ship in an attempt to pay off his growing pile of bills. But like many new fathers, David wasn’t content to just settle for a life comprised of 9 to 5 daily grinding.

“It dawned on me that if I wanted to get a job I felt was fulfilling, I was going to have to give it to myself,” David recalls. Only a few months later, New Mexico Tea Company was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which has since grown into a worldwide recognized establishment for high-quality, exquisite tea.

David, who started his business having no experience with tea other than liking it on an enthusiast level, attributes his success to a rather basic principle: “Tea is tea is tea, and like many business, we resell something that already exists in the world. What separates us is our knowledge, style, aesthetic and attention to detail. Many people tell us every day that our tea is the ‘best’ they’ve ever had, and this is not because we’ve found some secret source of the highest quality teas in the world… but because it’s always fresh.”

To grow his business, sales, and global presence, David set out to expand his physical storefront to include an online presence, a venture he started with the help of ZenCart. Unfortunately, after USPS changed their API, David’s shipping module ceased to function, and it was decided a hosted solution that could handle backend operations would be the best course of action for improving business productivity and efficiency.

David’s eCommerce search led to 3dcart, where he’s experienced tremendous success for nearly five years: “The online store and the physical store go hand in hand. Our everyday interactions with customers give our online presence heart, and our online store extends the reach of our physical store. Without one, I don’t feel the other could be successful.”

Today, David’s goal is to have 50% of yearly sales come from online, a feat he sees possible with the help of 3dcart. In fact, David is well on his way toward grossly surpassing his business goals: New Mexico Tea Company has projected an impressive 100% online sales increase over last year.

To learn more about New Mexico Tea Company and their startup history, visit 3dcart Success Stories.

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Stay tuned! We’ll be sharing more success stories soon!