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Here is a preview of our most recent theme “Empress” — a new, professionally designed responsive theme.

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3dcart’s Live Demo of the theme “Empress”

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3dcart Success Stories: Featuring Software CW


SoftwareCW, a growing provider of computer software for personal, business, government agencies, and educational institutions, started its eCommerce journey for reasons many online merchants share: greater flexibility and more control.

Colton Wiles, owner of SoftwareCW, knew that despite his business’s impressive client base, a strong online presence would be the only way to expose his business and products to a large customer base.

“We decided to open a website because we wanted the flexibility that just wasn’t available with marketplaces,” Wiles explains. “We also wanted to be less reliant on selling on marketplaces.”

Colton, driven by a specific image of what’s entailed in a perfect online store, started his search for an eCommerce platform capable of fulfilling his vision.

But finding a tailor-fit shopping cart is anything but easy, especially when they’re so many options to choose from. “Shopping cart providers we used in the past were very restrictive on what pages you could edit,” recalls Colton. “One did not allow the checkout pages to be edited at all. We wanted the ability to add custom features that just weren’t possible with other providers.”

Fortunately, SoftwareCW eventually came across 3dcart, which Colton found appealing for the platform’s ease of use, particularly when it came to editing coding. “Our favorite features of 3dcart are the ability to completely edit all pages’ code and the ease of doing this. We also love the built-in Product Review and Q&A features so we do not have to pay a 3rd party to do this.”

Colton, however, wanting to ensure his business’s success and provide customers with the best shopping experience possible, looked to 3dcart’s professional design service for an answer. 3Dcart’s design team, communicating with Colton every step of the way, worked tirelessly to help Colton achieve his desired website appearance.

SoftwareCW continues to offer consumers with only the latest and best digital programs available, providing renowned customer service and memorable shopping experiences thanks to their powerful, refined website.

To read more about SoftwareCW’s eCommerce journey, visit 3dcart Success Stories.

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Using Emails to Increase Your Sales

Why Collected Emails Are One of Your Website’s Most Important Assets

Girl with Email Icon

Did you know that over three-fourths of your visitors are not going to turn into customers? That means that out of every 100 visitors, less than 25 of them will purchase something.

When you are working hard for your traffic, that statistic is downright depressing. Couple this with the fact that your site may not be optimized to complete the purchasing process and your numbers could be a lot more dismal than the average.

So while not everyone will purchase, adding as many people to your sales funnel via email collection could be the lifeline of your business.

Your emails, whether they are daily, weekly or on special occasions could generate massive amounts of sales that you would miss otherwise.

Why people don’t purchase immediately

You may be thinking… well, instead of creating sales funnels with collected emails, I will just optimize my website so more people will purchase. But while optimization is good, that may not always be the fix to your problem.

For example, optimization is important and can increase purchase rates if you struggle with credibility or have a confusing checkout process or your shipping prices are too high. Generally, however, if a purchase does not fall in the necessary or impulse category, you most likely aren’t going to strike buyer gold on the first try.

Think about it this way:

If you were looking to purchase a computer, what are the chances you are going to purchase the first one you search for? Slim to none. But, once you learn about the computer, learn about the warranties and take a few days to research all options, you may be willing to purchase.

In that time while your customer is doing their research and is presented with multiple options, your site may get lost in a sea of offers.

But, if you collected their email address when they entered or exited the site and then finessed them through the sales process with both educational materials and offers, you will be more likely to close the sale before your competition does.

Closing the sale: how to set up a proper sales funnel

Your sales funnel is your marketing system that leads someone through a systematic process with the end goal of making a purchase. The people who land on your site are leads. Once they enter their email address to learn more, they become prospects. And finally, after they purchase, they are your customers.

Optimizing your site to land the lead

When a lead lands on your website, it needs to be properly optimized to sell the person on your product or instill enough trust and value to get them to give you their email address before exiting.

This could mean making sure your site looks credible, making sure you have enough social proof via reviews and testimonials or insuring that your product meets the needs of your target market.

Converting the lead into a prospect

In exchange for your lead’s email address, you must offer some kind of value. This may be an offer/coupon code or a download for educational material. Whatever it is, it must be of benefit to the person you are targeting.

Collecting these email addresses can be done via a timed pop up, exit intent technology (i.e. interrupting a person who is moving towards their browser’s back button) or when you click on a link to access gated material. However you collect the email, offering them value in exchange for their address and then following up is key to getting the sale.

Turning your prospect into a customer

Once you have collected the email of your potential lead, converting them into a customer is about injecting them into the sales process at the right point. If they were about to checkout and failed to do so, emailing them a coupon or an offer for free shipping may close the deal. If they entered your sales funnel when asking for more information, sending them a few educational emails before shooting for the sale is an important way to make them feel comfortable enough to pull the trigger.

How GrooveJar helps e-commerce businesses turn visitors into customers

We actually built GrooveJar to help us grow our e-commerce businesses. Using a combination of exit intent pop ups and other apps in the GrooveJar suite, we increased our revenue by 26% in seven days. We also built a solid funnel that helped us continue growth exponentially while putting the process on autopilot.

Interested in learning more about GrooveJar and how it can help you close sales by increasing trust, creating urgency and building your email list?  Our Optimization Specialist is always available to assist!

This guest blog post was written by Kevin Pereira, Co-Founder of Groovejar.

3dcart Announces New Product Editor Section

Last year, 3dcart introduced platform Version 7.0 to universal acclaim, but we knew we weren’t going to stop there.

Today, we’re excited to announce that our push toward a more innovative, cutting-edge eCommerce solution has arrived. In an upcoming update, 3dcart customers will soon experience first-hand our newly redesigned “Product Editor” section, which was constructed in response to extensive customer feedback.

Featuring a streamlined design built for usability, the new Product Editor section offers a clean, simple, and uncluttered overview of vital product information. With our soon-to-be-released update, you’ll be able to edit products and quickly navigate between tabs with improved speed and efficiency. Whether you’re looking to glean useful information from stats or simply update your inventory, you’ll find managing your online store easier and faster than ever before.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of what’s to come:

1. Old Information Page versus New Information Page


2. Old Images Page versus New Images Page


3. Old Options Page versus New Options Page


4. Old Advanced Page versus New Advanced Page


5. Old SEO Page versus new SEO Page


6. Old Stats Page versus New Stats Page


Be on the lookout, this update will be rolling out soon!

Standard Responsive Theme – A FREE Professionally Designed Theme from 3dcart

Here is a preview of our most recent theme “Standard” — a new, professionally designed responsive theme.

If you would like to preview the live demo of our “Standard” theme, you can do so by clicking the link below. Check it out on your phone, tablet or computer; you’re sure to love it for the price, FREE.


3dcart’s Live Demo of the theme “Standard”

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June’s Partner of the Month: Ecomdash

ecomdash logo


3dcart is currently partnered with over 200 eCommerce companies. We’re constantly on the lookout for vibrant, innovative partners that can bring state-of-the-art solutions and services to our customers.

For the month of June, our Partner of the month is ecomdash.  Our team interviewed Nick Maglosky, CEO of ecomdash, to help 3dcart merchants get insight into their company and solution.

  1. Please provide some general background and history on your company:

Ecomdash automates omnichannel sellers’ inventory, sales orders, purchase orders, product listings and shipping processes across marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Etsy as well as e-commerce-ready website platforms like 3dcart. Ecomdash gives online retailers the ability to save time, grow sales with an expanded online presence, and increase customer satisfaction.

Developed and coded over the course of two full years, ecomdash officially launched in early 2014 after a successful beta program in 2013 refined the ecommerce software. Founders Darrin Kidd and Kevin Loomis came together in 2012 with an idea of creating an automation system to help multi-channel e-commerce sellers organize data and make transfers quickly, from one central location, so that sellers could save time and scale operations. During its inaugural year, ecomdash doubled its customer base quarter over quarter and has continued their rapid growth servicing thousands of sellers.

  1. What’s the main service your company offers?

Ecomdash’s core functionality is inventory, order and listing management.  Ecomdash has additional key functionalities which provide an end-to-end e-commerce supply chain solution.  These other functionalities include: a purchase order module that tracks inventory being replenished and kept on hand, a shipping tool allowing customers to print packing slips & shipping labels, and built-in reporting functionality which enables companies to better understand their business needs, customers and financials, and equips them with the ability to retrieve data swiftly.

  1. Describe the integration and how long you’ve been a partner with 3dcart.

Ecomdash integrated with 3dcart in 2014. Our system allows users to automatically sync 3dcart products, inventory, and sales orders across their supply chain, as well as create listings in 3dcart and list those items to other sales channels (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Newegg).

  1. What are the benefits for 3dcart merchants that use your solution?

The tool gives ecommerce business owners the ability to save time, expand their business and increase customer feedback ratings by simplifying complex inventory, listing, order and shipping processes.

Ecomdash customers increase revenue by 23%, on average, quarter over quarter. Our data sync automation enables retailers to sell more products, in more places, while spending significantly less time and money on back-end operations.

  1. What are your solutions’ biggest strengths?

Our biggest strength is inventory management. Our application was originally built as an inventory solution, and since then we’ve iteratively built add-on features/functionality based on customer feedback. Additionally, we feel our customer support gives us a leg up against the competition. We offer free phone, email and live chat support for all users no matter their price point.

  1. How does your solution compare to similar solutions in the market?

We have one of the most affordable and robust inventory solutions in the market. Our pricing is determined by the number of sales orders that a seller processes each month. That means that the price will automatically adjust each month to match whichever new tier a seller falls under, based on a spike or lull in sales. We believe that a business should only pay for what they use. Our goal is to be as fair and flexible as possible as a business grows and changes.

Users are able to track individual products assigned different SKUs, UPCs or Listing ID’s, and distinguish each varying identifier as one product. With multichannel selling, sellers will have the same product listed across various channels that have set rules on how to handle products. With ecomdash, they can rest assured their inventory is synced properly. In addition to individual products, our software can handle more complex inventory needs like built products and kitting/bundling.

Along with our inventory features, ecomdash users have access to an in-suite listing tool that allows them to easily list products for sale. Our listing software downloads listings from one sales channel and easily lists those products it to any of our integrated channels.

We do not have limitations on smaller businesses like our competitors do. All ecomdash customers have access to these features, no matter their price point, including support via live chat, email, and by phone.

  1. What plans do you have for future development of your solution?

We are continuously adding new functions to all areas of our software, improving usability and performance and expanding our support documentation and videos. Moving forward, we will also be adding accounting integrations (e.g. QuickBooks) and new marketplaces (e.g. Bonanza, Jet.com).

Learn more about ecomdash and take advantage of a special June promotion for 3dcart customers:

50% off your first month of ecomdash | Code: 3D50 | Expires: July 1st

Google Launches New Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool


In their continued effort to make the web a more mobile-friendly place, Google has released a new mobile-friendly testing tool. Officially announced last week, the new tool can be accessed at: search.google.com/search-console/mobile-friendly.

The new testing tool features a cleaner, more spacious design than its predecessor, and has received widespread praise for its improved speed.

In Google’s announcement, Yaniv Loewenstein, a member of Google’s Search Console team, wrote “The updated tool provides us with room to continue to improve on its functionality, and over time, we expect it to replace the previous Mobile Friendly Test. Additionally, of course this tool also works well on your smartphone, if you need to double-check something there!”

With mobile shopping on the rise, 3dcart store owners are encouraged to ensure their online stores are mobile-friendly. For those that have yet to make the leap to responsive, check out 3dcart’s professional design services and 100+ responsive themes to get started.

The ultimate primer to affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing

In the most basic and straightforward way to describe it; affiliate marketing is the name given to having your own band of loyal promoters.

These affiliate partners help you out by spreading the word about your product – and in return get rewarded for subscriptions, sales, or leads which have occurred through their efforts. In a way, your affiliates are your cost efficient sales force. They encourage people to visit your website and buy your products.

Affiliate marketing can be a great idea to increase your traffic and revenue, but also a way to engage your loyal customers.

Why you need it

1. It’s cost effective!

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that it is a ‘pay for performance’ model. Meaning that you only pay for results. This makes it a lot more appealing for merchants, and gives affiliate partners incentive to promote your product on a wider base, so that you can make sales, and they can get a commission.

The ‘job’ of your affiliates is to drive conversions (orders) for you, they earn their money from commissions (or subscriptions). If an affiliate partner gets someone to visit your website, but the visitor doesn’t buy anything, no worries – you just got yourself free web traffic!

2. You’re in charge

You pick out your affiliates, you supply them with the marketing assets they share, you decide what the commission rate is, you decide where you brand is being promoted – you call the shots here.

3. Easy Tracking

Thanks to some of the great tracking platforms out there, setting up an affiliate program is easy! Just install it in your 3dcart, and start recruiting affiliates.

4. Affiliates are salespeople

Keep in mind that affiliates are essentially salespeople. This likely isn’t their first rodeo. Most of your affiliates will already know how to score conversions, and if they don’t they’ll learn very fast because they have an incentive.

5. Exposure

Can you imagine the difference between 100 affiliates sharing URLs and marketing assets leading to your website vs. your team and your proud but social media illiterate aunt sharing your company Facebook posts? Yeah..

These are some of the biggest advantages to starting affiliate marketing, but things don’t just fall into place without some input.

There are ways in which you can make your affiliate marketing strategy awesome – as opposed to something that your business just kinda does on the side.

So now… Let’s look into how to be awesome at it:

1. Find affiliate partners who can relate to your product

There is no cost to having more affiliates – but it does pay off to cherry pick some of them, so be proactive! Recruit affiliates. Been following a blog which relates to some products you’re selling? Reach out to the blogger! Your affiliate partners are more likely to successfully sell your products if they can relate to it.

Don’t forget to send affiliate invite links to your customers, too. No one better to promote your products than someone who already loves it – plus it’s a great way to reinforce a stronger bond with your customers.

2. Keep your affiliate community actively engaged

Create a bond, and strengthen it. You can do this by sending out newsletters, and notifying your affiliates when you’ve hit specific milestones for example. It pays off to maintain a team feeling of working towards a common goal.

3. Know your audience

In marketing, knowing your audience is one of the top most important things. It’s the same with affiliate marketing. A 20 year old man isn’t likely to click on an affiliate URL advertising organic tampons, for example. Based on who your audience is, you should have (slightly) different strategies. As a merchant, if your product actually is organic feminine hygiene products, it would certainly help to pick female affiliates to advertise your product.

4. Don’t take your affiliate partners for granted

This goes without saying.. but your affiliate’s really are your partners. Don’t hurt your relationship by trying to save a few bucks and underpaying them. Don’t abruptly change commission rates. Don’t close down programs without notifying your affiliates first. They’re there for you, be there for them. If you don’t give your affiliates their deserved credit, someone else will.

5. Make it easier for your affiliates

Supply your affiliates with quality marketing assets! Your affiliates can (and should) share these for you.

Affiliate marketing is a simple and cost effective way of advertising your goods and services. Small changes in how you interact with your affiliates can make a huge difference down the line. Ultimately, you reap what you sow. Affiliate marketing can work wonders for your business, but whether it does or not depends mostly on the effort you put into it.

Feeling excited about starting up your own affiliate program? Now you know how to!

Author Bio: Imran Cakir is customer success specialist at Tapfiliate, a company that builds world-class tools for tracking, managing and optimizing affiliate programs and referral campaigns. She is a professional wanderer, music geek and mom to the world’s coolest goldfish; Royal. Her hobbies include having pizza for breakfast & thinking about her future dog.

Office Supply Responsive Theme – A FREE Professionally Designed Theme from 3dcart

Here is a preview of our most recent theme “Office Supply” — a new, professionally designed responsive theme.


If you would like to preview the live demo of our “Office Supply” theme, you can do so by clicking the link below. Check it out on your phone, tablet or computer; you’re sure to love it for the price, FREE.

3dcart’s Live Demo of the theme “Office Supply”

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3dcart Success Stories: Featuring Stockade


Stockade is a family owned business of more than 40 years with a simple goal: provide creative people with top-quality products.

The company was founded by Ross and Colleen, who dived into the craft industry by making and selling a selection of wooden toys, games and piggy banks in the late 70s at craft fairs and gift shops across Canada.

It wasn’t long before the company expanded by selling individual wood parts to DIYers, and in 1988, Stockade relocated from Salmon Arm, British Columbia to a more central location in Guelph, Ontatio.

Sarah, daughter of Ross and Collen, recalls the exciting yet challenging aspects of running a business in the 90s: “After relocating to Ontario the toughest obstacle we found was keeping up with demand. The 90s were a crazy time for do-it-yourselfers. The economy was down and people were finding creative ways to make and save money. People were selling or making wooden toys for their own use and to sell at craft shows.”

Stockade’s customer base grew considerably as they began targeting a new craft niche: crafters and decorative painters. But although the business was experiencing great success, and boasted an online presence for more than a decade, they soon realized they needed a more powerful site to deliver the best shopping experience possible.

3dcart was recommended to Stockade by their marketing company, and their recommendation proved rewarding. “They were correct with their recommendation as 3dcart has all the features we can’t do without (ie: the promotion manager and discount quantity pricing) at no additional monthly charges.”

Today, Ross, Colleen, their daughter Sarah, and their awesome staff continue to supply Canadians with the best craft supplies available.

To find out more how Stockade grew from a small gift shop presence into a nationally-recognized brand, visit 3dcart Success Stories.

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