Prepare for 2015’s Expected Online Fraud Spike

thiefcracking Prepare for 2015’s Expected Online Fraud SpikeOnline retailers lose billions of dollars to credit card fraud every year. For merchants, fraud is a source of countless headaches – an unavoidable industry curse that tests the security, strength and success of small and large businesses alike everywhere, everyday. Unfortunately, even with the emergence of fraud-combating software, analysts predict annual fraud-associated losses will continue to rise as more consumers switch to shopping online.

With the 2015 holiday season just around the corner, merchants are about to see a huge spike in cybercrime. The holiday season, a festive time that promises great joy for millions around the world, is also a season of increased greed, need and desperation. In the last two months of the year, when shoppers will spend hundreds of billions of dollars, online fraud will peak to its highest.

For physical brick-and-mortar stores, a curb in fraud is to be expected as the U.S. moves toward cards with microchips, which provides increased security for in-store shopping. Although this is great news for physical store owners, microchips offer zero protection against online fraud.

For merchants keen on spotting fraud first-hand, analyzing and recognizing factors such as selected shipping country, high value orders/quantity, invalid addresses, and suspicious emails are essential to preventing fraudulent transactions. But humans are just that, human – when relying exclusively on a pair of human eyes to detect fraud, mistakes are bound to happen.

Fortunately, as cybercrime has increased through the years, so has the number of companies offering protection against fraud. Such companies and their software, while not 100% fail-proof, provide a great level of security and comfort in an industry that is plagued with scammers. Volance, Trustev, and ThreatMetrix are among a few of the countless companies that have emerged over the years to combat fraud.

FraudWatch, a fraud detecting program offered by 3dcart, helps merchants identify fraud before an order is ever processed using an algorithm that assesses threat levels. With FraudWatch, merchants can:

  • Identify potential fraud before you process orders
  • Minimize risk and loss by assessing the threat level of transactions
  • Configure screening rules to automatically approve, deny or set aside transactions for further review
  • Display positive or negative fraud history based on reported information
  • Report suspicious transactions to warn other 3dcart vendors with the Community Alert feature

If you’re looking to protect your business against fraud this upcoming holiday season, check out FraudWatch, currently available for a 15 day FREE trial. Simply log in to your Online Store Manager and select any FraudWatch plan; the trial will automatically be applied. To enable FraudWatch on your store, follow these steps.

To learn more about FraudWatch, visit our app store here.

Wolf Responsive Theme – A FREE Professionally Designed Theme from 3dcart

Here is a preview of our most recent theme “Wolf” — a new, professionally designed responsive theme.

wolf html5 Wolf Responsive Theme – A FREE Professionally Designed Theme from 3dcart

If you would like to preview the live demo of our “Wolf” theme, you can do so by clicking the link below. Check it out on your phone, tablet or computer; you’re sure to love it for the price, FREE.

3dcart’s Live Demo of the theme “Wolf”

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From Volusion to 3dcart: Featuring The Birdsafe Store

birdsafe migration From Volusion to 3dcart: Featuring The Birdsafe Store3dcart understands the needs of small businesses, which is why our platform boasts countless features, industry-renowned technical support, and affordable prices for small and large businesses alike. Over the past 18 years, we’ve developed and improved our platform to meet the changing, evolving needs of businesses everywhere, increasing security, improving performance, and implementing free, cutting-edge features and responsive themes for businesses on a tight budget.

These are the features that make 3dcart an industry leader and the all-in-one eCommerce solution for merchants around the globe. Over the years, thousands of merchants have happily switched to 3dcart, finding great success with the tools and services 3dcart has to offer.

Today we’d like to feature a merchant that moved to 3dcart after 5 years with Volusion: The Birdsafe Store

bird safe From Volusion to 3dcart: Featuring The Birdsafe Store


Since 2001, The Birdsafe Store ( has provided customers with the best and safest companion parrot products available. Joe from states that the business was founded out of love and passion for birds, realizing that customers were in great need of essentials specific to birds’ needs. Today, The Birdsafe Store continues their dedication to providing customers with the safest, most affordable products possible.

When asked why Joe moved from Volusion to 3dcart, he stated “[Volusion] was no longer responsive to small web stores – they started catering to larger ‘fish’ and ignored needed features.”

At 3dcart, Joe and The Birdsafe Store have experienced great success, especially since having signed up for 3dcart’s SEO service. Joe additionally expressed great satisfaction with 3dcart’s overall platform, and praised our plethora of features and services that cater to small businesses like his, such as support for SmartPost and reasonably priced templates.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Joe and everyone at The Birdsafe Store for choosing 3dcart as their eCommerce platform of choice.

For anyone in need of the finest, most affordable companion parrot products, check out The Birdsafe Store today. See how they care for your birds like no other store out there!

If you’ve switched to 3dcart from another platform and would like to share your experiences, fill out this form here.

Stay tuned, we’ll be featuring another wonderful 3dcart powered website soon!

3dcart’s Spooktacular Halloween Showcase

happyhalloween 3dcart’s Spooktacular Halloween ShowcaseHalloween is just around the corner and millions of people are hastily prepping for another festive, ghost-and-ghoul filled day, including our 3dcart merchants! That’s right, it’s 2015 and physical retail establishments aren’t the only ones getting in on this year’s $7.9 billion dollar expected goldmine; online merchants are here for the reaping as well!

Times are-a-changing, and with each passing year, more and more Halloween shoppers are hitting the web for all of their candy, costume, and decoration needs. In fact, this year, 41% of shoppers will buy Halloween goods online, with the average person planning to spend $74.34 and the average household planning to dish out $125!

But Halloween isn’t a holiday to be celebrated by candy and costume stores alone. Countless retailers of all varieties will welcome shoppers to their stores with spooky decorations and killer promotions. We’d like to showcase some of the 3dcart powered sites that have amped up their stores in celebration of 2015’s Halloween.

Epic Movie Costumes (

epicmoviecostumes 3dcart’s Spooktacular Halloween Showcase is your number one online store for movie costumes, replica props and accessories from all of your favorite films and TV shows! They offer one of the largest selections of officially licensed costumes available anywhere. Not only do they offer some of the hottest new release costumes and accessories from the blockbuster hit flicks of the year, but they also carry movie outfits and props from some of the all time favorite classic films, cartoons and TV shows!

Vinyl Friend (

vinylisyourfriend2 3dcart’s Spooktacular Halloween Showcase

Vinyl friend is a leading, premier decal shop with over 15 years in graphics experience, providing shoppers with wall vinyl, decals, stickers, and signs! Check out their huge collection of Halloween goods, featuring bats, ghosts, pumpkins, witches and more.

bellydance2 3dcart’s Spooktacular Halloween Showcase is the world’s largest bellydance superstore, helping shoppers every Halloween shimmer and shine as a bellydancer, genie, Arabian Princess, Cleopatra, Gypsy Fortune Teller, and more! Check out their huge, exotic collection of costumes for adults and children.

Venetian Mask Society (

venetianmasksociety 3dcart’s Spooktacular Halloween Showcase

The Venetian Mask Society’s goal is to be the world’s best Venetian and Masquerade mask supplier, providing customers with Venetian Masks of exceptional quality, sentiment, and creativity, while offering superior customer service. Venetian Mask Society’s online store features a wide selection of over 300 different styles and patterns of authentic hand-made Venetian Masks, Masquerade Masks, Venetian Cloaks, Costumes and accessory items.

Spider Hill Prop Works (

spiderhillpropworks2 3dcart’s Spooktacular Halloween Showcase

Spider Hill Prop Works is the go-to source for Halloween shoppers looking for specialized parts, plans, and kits for building static and animated Halloween props. They provide quality, innovative hardware at an affordable price to ensure enthusiasts get the most out of their haunting budget.

atomsindustries 3dcart’s Spooktacular Halloween Showcase sells DIY electronics for those that like to get their hands dirty and learn fun and interesting things. Their huge collection of LEDs and merchanics are a big hit with shoppers looking to enhance their home-made Halloween costumes. Their catalog features popular items such as LED goggles, super bright RGB Neopixel LEDs, and a wearable microcontroller platform. (

costumezone 3dcart’s Spooktacular Halloween Showcase features a huge collection of varied costumes for adults and children. Browse their costume zones, featuring the Alien zone, the Cartoon zone, the Classic Zone, the Fright zone, and the Hollywood zone. With super hero, Disney, movie, sports, throwback costumes, plus many more, is sure to have the perfect costume to make any occasion a memorable one.

We at 3dcart hope everyone has a safe & spooky Halloween!

8 Surefire Tips for Maximizing Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

8 tips 8 Surefire Tips for Maximizing Black Friday and Cyber Monday SalesBlack Friday and Cyber Monday are the busiest shopping days in the United States, with millions of people hitting the web for hot, limited-time deals.  Compared to 2013, 2014’s eCommerce revenue during Cyber Monday increased by 15.4% while Black Friday saw an increase of 20.6%. In fact, last year’s Cyber Monday is commemorated as the biggest day in U.S. online shopping history, ever!

But hey, that’s last year’s news, right? Well, 2015’s holiday season is just around the corner, and it’s time for merchants to get hyped. Analysts predict 2015 is geared to shatter last year’s numbers, with millions of additional sales boosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday figures.

The countdown to the two biggest grossing holiday dates has begun, and it’s essential that online merchants take the necessary steps to ensure they’re prepared for 2015’s shopping extravaganza.

Here are some tips that’ll optimize your store and improve sales for the coming festive season.

  1. Offer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Exclusive Discounts

Put this tip at the top of your checklist, because if you miss this step, your sales will suffer tremendously. There’s a reason Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping days of the year – they offer the best discounts! Don’t disappoint visitors by failing to offer what consumers have come to not only want, but demand.

Whether your sale is a store-wide-blowout, or a ploy to enhance a “perceived” discount, offering competitive discounts is an essential tactic to ensuring sales. After all, we’re talking about the busiest shopping days of the year. Give your customers an incentive to choose your store over your competitors!

  1. Spread the Word & Promote with Social Media

Billions of people use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media services. Not only that, more than half of these users check their account every single day! That’s right, social media, whether you like it or not, is a part of life’s daily routine – now and for the foreseeable future. Billions worldwide simply can’t live without it!

Luckily for merchants, social media is an absolute golden marketing channel. Advertise your upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on a multitude of social platforms well in advance. Not only will it get your customers excited, but it will result in free advertisement! Plan to offer a killer sale? Tweet about it! Your customers are bound to retweet your news with countless others!

Cater to your customer’s lifestyle by advertising via their preferred channel. Who needs commercials when you can advertise on the biggest social media platform in the world, Facebook?

  1. Enhance Your Design with a New Landing Page or Banner

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s a motto hardly anyone lives by. When visitors stop by your store, make sure the excitement is palpable. Create a new landing page or design some awesome banners that highlight your store’s exclusive, limited-time deals.

If shoppers are unable to identify any kind of ongoing sale, you’ll find their visits incredibly short lived. Bring eyeballs to your deals by capturing customer attention with clear, precise, well-implemented marketing designs. This is the biggest shopping event of the year – make sure your site reflects that.

  1. Start a Countdown to Build Anticipation

Everyone loves a countdown; just think of every New Year’s day, ever! Countdowns promote anticipation and excitement, leading to increased traffic and a surge in sales.

Advertise your deals accordingly to ensure your Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials promote exclusivity and scarcity. Shoppers are much more likely to check out your store when they’re under the impression a mega shopping event is just on the horizon.

  1. Offer Free Shipping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday promote not only an increase in the number of online shoppers, but also the amount of money people are willing to dish out. When you’re faced with a multitude of too-good-to-be-true deals, well, it’s only human nature to want to take advantage of them all!

With that said, shoppers can’t spend more at your store if they’re also faced with a worrisome shipping fee. Free shipping incites customers to spend more at your online store rather than hitting a physical store, where they’ll experience immediate gratification and zero shipping costs.

Show your generosity and customer appreciation with a simple tactic that’s sure to promote positive feedback and increased sales.

  1. Employ & Maximize Your Marketing Strategy 

In 2014, email marketing generated 27.3% of online orders for Black Friday and 23.9% on Cyber Monday. That’s nearly a quarter of all Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales!

Email is perhaps the single greatest channel for reaching consumers, with email-users habitually checking their inbox multiple times a day – at home, school, work, while waiting in line; nearly everywhere! In fact, there are 2.5 billion email users worldwide; that’s nearly one-third of the world’s population.

Make the wise decision to market this mass channel with a newsblast that highlights your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Promote your sale in a manner that explains just why your sales aren’t to be missed.

Furthermore, increase your likelihood of same-day-repeat customers by sending out follow-up emails. Perhaps you’d like to offer an ever bigger, crazier deal for customers who’ve already placed an order on Black Friday? It up to you, but be creative! Enticing follow-up emails are a great way to increase your sales in unexpected ways.

  1. Ensure a Smooth Shopping Experience; Check Your Site!

This should be a no-brainer, but make sure your site is working optimally in all areas. Navigate your site, go through the checkout process, make sure all of the appropriate products have stock, etc.

Nothing will make your sales fall as flat as a non-functioning, unresponsive site. If shoppers are unable to navigate or checkout with ease, they won’t be afraid to take their business elsewhere – especially on the most competitive shopping day of the year, when consumers are inundated with limited-time, soon-to-expire flashy deals.

Check and then double check that come Black Friday and Cyber Monday, visitors will experience nothing but smooth sailing.

  1. Make Sure You’re on the Right Plan!

If you’re anticipating a huge increase to traffic, make sure you’re on a plan that supports the expected increase to bandwidth. Furthermore, if you’re looking to optimize site performance, research which plan is best for you and your business – you may decide that you’re in need of a plan that offers more bandwidth.

For businesses expecting a massive influx to sales and traffic, an Enterprise plan, which can handle unlimited sales and traffic, is also available.

Contact your Technical Support team if you’re concerned that site performance may be adversely affected on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They’ll take measures to ensure your website runs as smoothly as possible.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner! Start your planning and strategizing well in advance to ensure your business is properly prepared for the year’s biggest shopping days.

The Hiker Responsive Theme – A FREE Professionally Designed Theme from 3dcart

Here is a preview of our most recent theme “The Hiker” — a new, professionally designed responsive theme.

the hiker html5 The Hiker Responsive Theme – A FREE Professionally Designed Theme from 3dcart

If you would like to preview the live demo of our “The Hiker” theme, you can do so by clicking the link below. Check it out on your phone, tablet or computer; you’re sure to love it for the price, FREE.

3dcart’s Live Demo of the theme “The Hiker”

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3 Reasons Why Millennials Should Start an Online Business

millennials 3 Reasons Why Millennials Should Start an Online Business

Nearly a decade ago, young graduates earnestly worked toward securing a corporate career. However, in recent years, as decent jobs have become increasingly harder to acquire, fresh graduates have taken a new path – starting their own business.

While entrepreneurial success can be achieved by anyone, with age more or less just a number, the chances of success are greater at a relatively young age. Youth brings with it a mix of enthusiasm and risk-taking that wanes as the years pass by. With this in mind, successful entrepreneurs believe there’s no better time to start a business than when you’re in your millennials, especially when the business is based online.

Here’s a look at the 3 core reasons you should consider starting an online business in your mid-20’s:

  1. Less Responsibility

Although you may be faced with a great deal of responsibility in your youth, you more than likely also have a degree of freedom that separates you from older generations. This wiggle-room allows for flexibility and room to grow, without the added pressure of extra responsibilities. Moreover, if your business fails, bouncing back is relatively easy and painless.

With youth comes the luxury of time and patience; you can learn from your mistakes as they arise, providing you with valuable experience and knowledge for your next endeavor. As the years pass by, you’ll find yourself burdened with greater responsibility, leaving little room to explore, learn and experiment with potential business ideas.

  1. Faster Personal Growth

While you may have more freedom and less responsibility in your 20’s, many young adults are unsure how to make that next big step toward adulthood. Starting an online business will not only provide you with an increased level of responsibility, it’ll open up new doors that will lead to personal growth and insight.

Running a business, regardless of age, takes the same level of commitment, hard work and dedication. Managing day to day business operations will provide you with valuable life lessons, helping you become a better, more rounded person on the whole. What better way to discover your true potential early in life than with a platform that requires minimal to zero investment?

  1. Ability to Work from Anywhere in the World

While traveling is more or less limited to adults, the optimal time to travel is when you’re still young and free. When you’re in your mid 20’s, you can experience the greater world without having to worry about adult responsibilities. For example, having children creates a limitation that will impede upon your ability to make decisions on the fly – after all, your success affects them as well.

The beauty of running an online business is that it allows you the freedom to work from virtually anywhere in the world, with connection to the internet the only requirement. Whereas other jobs and businesses require attendance at a specific location, an online business has no such requirement. Imagine running a business from a beach in Miami or from the scenic beauty of the Swiss Alps, all while minting money. With a mobile, online business, there’s no need to sacrifice personal freedom. Why choose a 9-6 office job when you can travel the world, taking your business with you?

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start up that online business you’ve been dreaming about.  Age is just a number, and success is just around the corner. Check out our plans and experience just how easy it is to sell online – 3dcart will be here for you every step of the way!

The 3dcart POS App – Your Store at Your Fingertips

The next evolution of retailing has arrived with the launch of 3dcart’s Point of Sales (POS) iPad compatible system. 3dcart, in our dedication to provide merchants with a diverse variety of sales channels, has developed a solution designed to bridge the gap between physical brick-and-mortar storefronts and online stores. With the 3dcart POS app, retailers can grow and expand their business — where, when and how they’d like.

Whether you’re looking to process orders at vendor events, kiosks, tradeshows, or simply right on the sales floor, the POS app allows you the freedom and flexibility to present your product catalog virtually anywhere. Easily sell products, accept credit cards and email receipts on the fly, customizing orders with reward points, custom items and notes as needed. And with our cloud-based POS app, you’ll never have to worry about syncing orders and inventory across multiple devices – all of your data is automatically backed up to our secure servers, saving you valuable time and energy.

Compatible with new and existing 3dcart online stores, the 3dcart POS app is the ideal solution to easy, hassle-free multichannel retailing. Facilitate a positive shopping experience with your customers while promoting brand recognition with a system that caters to the growing demands of retail shoppers. To meet your store’s specific needs, optionally integrate with a receipt printer, cash drawer, and/or barcode scanner for a unique, individually tailored checkout experience.

Expand and grow your business today with the 3dcart POS app. Getting started is easy! Simply sign up for a 3dcart account, download the 3dcart POS app to your iPad, and quickly sync your products and payment methods in a few short minutes.

For more information, visit

How to Build Online Marketing Strategies for a Small Business

marketingstrat How to Build Online Marketing Strategies for a Small BusinessWith the power of the internet, small businesses can spend less on marketing while simultaneously gaining more, using valuable resources to fight larger counterparts head-on with formidable marketing campaigns. It’s important to keep in mind; however, that online marketing comes with its fair share of budget constraints. Nonetheless, compared to the days of yore, the funds required to dish out advertisements on traditional marketing channels is significantly larger than similar internet campaigns.

For smaller businesses, the internet provides limitless marketing opportunities. According to a study published by the CMO Council, eCommerce businesses are expected to rise by 20%, producing a massive $1.471 Trillion Dollar industry. The same council quoted that companies spent $179.8 billion on marketing in 2014, with 28% dedicated toward online marketing.

Although the return on investment in online marketing is high, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your online marketing campaigns provide long-term success. Here are some expert tips on how to build a sound online marketing strategy for small businesses:

  1. Stay Updated:

One of the biggest advantages that small businesses have over their larger counterparts is the former’s ability to adapt to changing environments. When it comes to online marketing, small businesses must use their ability to adapt in order to stay ahead of the game. For instance, learning about ongoing industry trends is a crucial factor in ensuring your online marketing campaigns are effective.  However, since most small businesses do not possess huge marketing departments, learning about industry trends can be a tough task.

Fortunately, there are a number of marketing leaders that maintain different blogs and websites. These experts often possess a great deal of information when it comes to using various social media tools. It’s highly advised that small businesses take steps to follow these individuals, ensuring they too are up to speed with the latest trends and happenings.

  1. Maintain a Blog:

For most small business owners, maintaining a website is a source of many headaches, with the idea of simultaneously running a blog often leading to an all-out brawl. However, in today’s digital age, the sheer importance of blogging cannot be ignored. For starters, blogging provides small business owners with an outlet to voice their opinion and announce business activities in a unique, relatable manner.

Maintaining a blog is the perfect way for a budding entrepreneur to stamp their own authority on the internet. Blogs provide small business owners with not only the opportunity to have a voice, but also serves as an effective SEO tool. Blogs can be back linked to a business’ website or social media pages to increase user traffic all around.  For business owners that believe blogging is not for them, outsourcing and hiring freelance bloggers are great alternatives.

  1. Check, Analyze, Make Improvements:

An online marketing strategy needs to bring in results. Whether it’s an increase in traffic, leads or revenue, the effects of online marketing campaigns needs to be visible. Without visible gains, the ultimate goal of the strategy would be futile. However, it’s not always easy deciphering whether an online marketing strategy has worked out or not. For instance, an increase in revenue might just be temporary (the competitor might have received bad reviews or shut down).

Therefore, in order to check the success of an online marketing campaign itself and improve it, businesses need to utilize a few tracking tools. These tools provide detailed information about anything from the amount of traffic to user activity on a website. With a limited number of resources, small businesses should make use of internet marketing tracking tools and invest in only the tools that work successfully for them.

Watches Responsive Theme – A FREE Professionally Designed Theme from 3dcart

Here is a preview of our most recent theme “Watches” — a new, professionally designed responsive theme.

 watches admin Watches Responsive Theme – A FREE Professionally Designed Theme from 3dcart

If you would like to preview the live demo of our “Watches” theme, you can do so by clicking the link below. Check it out on your phone, tablet or computer; you’re sure to love it for the price, FREE.

3dcart’s Live Demo of the theme “Watches”

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