These 5 eCommerce Marketing Methods Will Give You the Upper Hand


What eCommerce marketing methods are being used to gain more conversions by online retailers? While there isn’t one standardized answer here – as most marketers have quite a few weapons in their digital arsenal – there are a few that stand out. There most certainly is a science to digital marketing. And while a certain approach may work like a charm for one retailer, it’s never assured that it works across the board for another.

The real trick is in finding your niche. These following six eCommerce marketing methods can help you stay ahead of Google’s constantly changing algorithms, while helping you grow your social channels, improve your online rankings, reduce cart abandonment and improve the customer relationship. Consider adding them to your personal arsenal so you can get a step ahead.

Using Long Tail SEO Keywords

Long tail keywords can get you ranked for your store’s products and listings quickly. They also are powerful traffic drivers that can help you attract more visitors each month. One of the most respected names in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Neil Patel, uses a long tail keyword strategy to rank websites time and time again, in particular, eCommerce websites.

So what are long tail keywords? They are two and three-word (or sometimes more) search terms that help attract website traffic because they can easily get ranked. For example, instead of using a short keyword that is more competitive to drive traffic to an HD TV, like “Sharp HDTV,” which would rarely ever rank, you can instead use something like, “Discount Sharp HDTV Cheap Shipping,” which will rank faster.


With the proper research, you can easily find thousands of these traffic-driving keywords that you can pepper throughout well-written product descriptions to easily rank on the first pages of the search engine results. Doing so will result in more traffic and more conversions over time. Consistency and patience is the approach you want to take here.

The Power of Online Product Reviews

Online product reviews have been shown to be a powerful tool that can help you improve brand loyalty and customer retention as well as helping you attract new customers to your business. According to a Marketing Land report, “90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.”

As part of the study, a survey that was conducted by Zendesk, on behalf of Marketing Land, polled over 1,000 respondents. The findings revealed that a negative product review influenced 86% of buying decisions; a positive review influenced 90% of buying decisions; and having reviews in general affected 88% of all buying decisions.

Hosting verified product review on your site is also beneficial to SEO, too. Since the reviews add a steady stream of fresh, relevant content to your product pages, they also can help your pages rank higher than your competitors’ because they feature more content that’s constantly refreshed. Combined with the aforementioned statistics, they represent an easy way to help give your sales a strong boost.


Creating Social Media Ambassadors

Amassing a loyal following on a social channel like Facebook or Twitter can help you attract more sales than you might imagine. Mashable advises that you assemble a team of “super users” on various social channels, and create campaigns that have clearly defined goals and incentives for all participants.

Most social media ambassador campaigns are reliant on a mixture of content, video and imagery. Usually, incentives to ambassadors include things like sending them products to review on their social channels, blogs or review sites in exchange for such reviews and social sharing. Getting this type of saturation can enable your brand to obtain exposure to thousands of prospective customers, and can result in a healthy and long term return on investment.

Cart Abandonment Emails & Retargeting

When a shopper visits your online store and adds an item to the cart, but then leaves your site before completing the checkout process, this is a term that’s called “cart abandonment.” According to the Baymard Institute, cart abandonment rates average at about 68% in eCommerce. Common reasons include: Pricing discrepancy, complicated checkout process and “everything else.”


A simple way to earn back the business of potential cart abandoners is by sending a cart abandonment email. A KissMetrics case study found that by sending such emails, the reconversion rate can be as high as 12%, making them an attractive option.

Additionally, look to get a retargeting system in place at your online store. Such a service helps you reconvert on abandoners and bounced users by displaying ads for you store at other sites they may visit during their web browsing. Most only charge by the click, so you’d only be paying for visitors that actually returned to your online store.

Cross Channel eCommerce CRM

One last marketing tool you should consider adding to the lineup is a cross-channel eCommerce CRM system. According to Forrester, cross-channel retail sales will surpass $1.8 trillion by the end of 2017. With an estimated 7% of all retail coming from e-commerce, it’s a smart idea to consider a way to view your cross-channel data and enhance the relationship with your customers.

Newer cross-channel eCommerce CRM solutions like ReadyCloud plug right into your 3dcart store. It uses the existing data to create detailed customer profiles with real-time sales, order, shipping and returns history. This helps you learn what your customers are doing at your 3dcart store and on marketplaces that you likely also have a presence on, such as Amazon and eBay.

By being able to evaluate your cross-channel sales data, you can better predict trends, customer behavior, shipping cost, returns volume and seasonal rushes. This gives you the ability to make small changes beforehand, so you can roll out revenue-producing campaigns that market the right products to the right people at the right time for maximum results.

This was a guest blog post by ReadyCloud. Learn more about the ReadyCloud app, ReadyReturns, in the 3dcart app store.

Small Business Saturday is Next Week: Here’s How to Take Advantage

Fashion Designer Sitting in Front of Three of Her Colleagues at a Desk

The struggle of the small business is well-known. At times it can feel impossible to compete with the big-name companies who are able to offer vast inventory at rock-bottom prices. But did you know that small businesses employ over half of the US population and greatly outnumber large corporations? It can be said that small business is the lifeblood of America.

A small business is defined as any business with fewer than 500 employees, but the majority are owned and operated by a single person. At 3dcart, many of our customers fall into that category, and our goal is always to help you reach success. You have an opportunity now to boost your online (and offline) presence by participating in Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday is an annual event that was created by a non-profit partnership in 2010 and sponsored by American Express as a means to support the efforts of small businesses throughout the US. The event was so successful that the UK adopted it in 2013. Small Business Saturday now ranks with Black Friday and Cyber Monday as one of the most important shopping days of the year. It takes place on November 26 this year, the day after Black Friday.

Businesses can take advantage by visiting the official Small Business Saturday website and signing up to create custom downloadable marketing materials to post both on- and offline. If your business has a brick-and-mortar location, you can have it added to the small business map maintained by American Express. Many communities run small business celebrations; you can find more details on the official site as well.

On Facebook and Twitter, you can publicize your business’s participation by using the hashtags #SmallBusinessSaturday and #SmallBizSat. You can tweet directly to @ShopSmall which is the official account maintained by American Express, and visit the official Facebook page for direct communication with Amex’s Shop Small team.

Just like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shoppers will be out in force— however, Small Business Saturday is specifically geared toward bringing new customers to your doorstep. Competition is healthy, but customer retention will give you an edge. In order to build a loyal customer base, you first have to get the word out, and Small Business Saturday is a fantastic opportunity to do just that.

5 Tips for Ecommerce Advertisers


As an online retailer, how do you bring more searchers to your website? Especially, searchers that are ready to buy.

Here are five quick tips for creating winning search advertising campaigns. And if you’re a 3dcart customer, you can log onto your customer dashboard and click on “Marketing – Special Offers” to redeem $100 in free search ads from Bing Ads.

  1. Focus on ad copy. Provide searchers with a good reason to come back. Showcase your products and don’t show the same ad over and over again. Refresh your ad copy often, highlighting new products and top sellers.
  1. Use Bing Shopping Campaigns. Make sure your products show up everywhere searchers browse. Bing Shopping Campaigns give you more control over targeting, easier management of products, and deeper insights into performance data.
  1. Get more sales and leads with ad extensions. Ad extensions help make your campaign more effective and attract more relevant customers to your business. With ad extensions, customers can easily call or find your store, navigate to specific pages on your site, download an app and more.
  1. Get mobile-ready. Make your website mobile friendly so it’s easy for your customers to browse and buy on the go. Then, capture more visitors by targeting your ads to mobile devices.
  1. Stay up to date with new search terms. Interests and search terms are always shifting — keep up with the changes by reviewing and expanding your keyword list. Don’t neglect less-common keywords, which typically have a lower cost per click. Use Campaign Planner in Bing Ads to search for current, relevant keywords.

Clearly Susan Gets Responsive with 3dcart


3dcart isn’t just changing the face of retail; we’re spearheading the Mobile Revolution, helping businesses small and large grow their sales and traffic one website relaunch at a time.

When a client approaches us looking to re-do their site, we point them toward Custom Responsive Design: stunning, brand-centered designs engineered to work flawlessly on any device or screen size. Whether you’re dreaming of a design so big you’ve been told its creation is impossible, or have only the vaguest idea of what you’re after, we can bring your vision into existence. For every project, our team of design experts painstakingly researches and analyzes industry, demographics, company goals, analytics, content and current website to ensure flawless results that exceed your expectations.

Case Study: Clearly Susan

In 2001, Clearly Susan’s founder Susan Rehm turned her passion for hand painting into a profitable business, selling hand painted glassware, wine glasses, cake plates, dinnerware, serving pieces, furniture, pillows, and signs. Now, more than a decade later, Clearly Susan has a earned a reputation as the premier destination for magnificent, one-of-a-kind artistic masterpieces, helping people affordably add a touch of personalized elegance, beauty and charm to their homes and offices.

And consumer interest in hand painted glassware and furniture isn’t the only thing that’s rapidly growing. The eCommerce market is booming, fueled by the increasing number of people researching and buying on mobile devices – a trend that shows no signs of stopping. Global mobile commerce, which now accounts for 34% of all eCommerce transactions around the world, is expected to grow 31% in 2017, as bigger smartphones and faster wireless networks make it easier for consumers to shop on their phones.

Seeking to maintain her business’s stellar reputation for unmatched customer satisfaction, Clearly Susan set out in pursuit of a responsive solution. With her years at 3dcart having been nothing but a positive experience, Susan decided to entrust the 3dcart design team with the challenge of bringing her website vision into existence.

Clearly Susan’s website relaunch features a gorgeous new look, smarter navigation, and intelligent filters for an improved user experience and higher customer satisfaction. The new design, combined with 3dcart’s SEO service has provided with tangible results: “I am very pleased with the results. My organic traffic is improving and my bounce rate has gone down. Plus, the right kind of traffic is now staying for longer.”

Why Responsive Matters

3dcart and Clearly Susan aren’t the only ones recommending businesses adopt a responsive design; your customers are, too.

  • A Google survey found that 64% of visitors were less likely to return to a site that wasn’t mobile-friendly, while 74% were likely to return to mobile-friendly sites.
  • More than 58% of American adults own a smartphone and almost 60% of all website traffic is from mobile devices.
  • 80% of consumers regularly user their smartphones to shop online.
  • Research predicts that by 2020, mobile commerce will make up 45% of total eCommerce sales.

Google now uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in search results, which means if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re losing sales.

Ready to get responsive? 3dcart wants to elevate your business to the next level.

View 3dcart’s design packages to get started.

10 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Your eCommerce Business in 2017

Social Media Ideas

The start of a new year is a time to reflect on the past and plan goals for the future. If your social media strategy isn’t as successful as it used to be, maybe it’s time to revamp your marketing plan. We’ve compiled 10 social media marketing ideas to spark a new change for your eCommerce business in 2017. It’s not too early to be thinking ahead.

  1. Get your customers involved

Customers are expecting you as the company to gloat about your products, but if they can see real people using your product your credibility will skyrocket. Your company will become instantly transparent and more relatable if you can get customers involved. Post a picture of them using your product on social media or post a great quote from a client testimonial or customer review in the form of an image.

  1. Utilize live video

If you’re having a company party or company outing, share the experience through live social media video. Post a status on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter and set it to live mode. You can also use the real-time video app called Periscope. You could even give a live tour of your office or warehouse facility to give customers a better insight into day-to-day operations. Engaging your audience in a transparent way like this opens doors for more trustworthy relationships, and exposes the great personalities behind the scenes.

  1. Use #hashtags

Hashtags on Twitter or Instagram is a great way to connect people from all backgrounds.

Use industry-related hashtags to gain traction from users searching for those words specifically. This is a great way to gain new leads from people who may not have heard of your company otherwise.

  1. Start conversations

Turn your social media posts into forums for your customers. Pose questions to get conversations started, like asking them how they feel about a breaking news story in your industry or how they relate to/if they’ve experienced the subject of a blog post you’ve published in that post. If you can create a little community of your customers within your social profiles, their loyalty is bound to stay true through the camaraderie of others.

  1. Tease a marketing campaign

If you’re planning an extensive content marketing campaign use social media as a way to tease the launch. Post every day as a countdown and format the posts to fit the style of each social media platform. For example, use creative hashtags and an image on Twitter, post a teaser video, link to a landing page, or photo for a longer-form post on Facebook, and use more professional language with a possible photo on platforms like LinkedIn and Google+. Social media teasers should be used to build anticipation and excitement.

  1. Implement a scheduling tool

Manage your time and social media posts better by using a scheduling tool. Great examples of free tools include Buffer or HootSuite that provide analytics, posting to multiple social media sites at once, posting images/videos, and suggestions on the best time of day to post. Scheduling tools also serve as a great way to repurpose content to fit the best platform possible with the visibility of each in one place.

  1. Make it personal

Big and small companies can benefit from showing off their staff behind the scenes. Post photos or videos of your staff to display their personalities and faces to customers. In doing this you’re creating a more personable image to something in eCommerce that may seem abstract from the outside. Your staff will feel individual and special and customers may find something they can relate to besides a product or idea.

  1. Cross-promote social media accounts

In the bio section of each social media account, fill in the contact categories with other social media profiles. It’s an efficient way to boost SEO rankings and clicks, while also exposing customers to additional news about your company they may have missed on just one social media account alone.

  1. For hire platform

Ditch the traditional way of job posting and expand your resources to include social media platforms. Social media posts are easily shared so they’re a great way to promote open job positions with the click of a button. Include a link to the job position landing page and encourage potentials to share the post.

  1. Offer tips and tricks

Break down a traditional blog or insider secrets as tips and tricks on social media. Post little snippets that are easily consumable. This could be in the form of inspirational quotes, a quick list, tips from your CEO, or even a joke. Social media is a scannable medium so format tips and tricks in the same way.

So what’s the goal?

The goal of any company, and eCommerce specifically, is to build engagement with your audience. Fortunately, in today’s ever-changing social landscape, connecting with your customers is easier than ever. A beneficial outcome to building engagement is generating leads. With leads comes more brand awareness, and within that brand awareness through social media, you want to convey the value of your company and highlight the benefits you want to be best known for. Make your business more transparent and get customers involved. Help them to feel like they’re a valued member of your story and engage in authentic conversation. Social media is free advertising so take advantage of it.

This was a guest blog post by SkuVault. SkuVault is a Warehouse Management Software with eCommerce integrations that helps you get orders to customers faster, reduce labor costs, and reduce out-of-stocks. With SkuVault, you can locate any product in your warehouse at any time using barcode scanners.

5 Tips for Merchants to Create Effective Videos

Video has quickly come to the forefront as a key sales tool. With online shopping increasing by 45% in the U.S. this year, the need to add video to your sales strategy is becoming more and more apparent.

Are you ready to start leveraging video?

Here’s 5 tips to create effective video to drive sales and increase traffic:



  1. Target Customers with Video

Before setting out to create your videos, ensure that you have a clear objective. Do you want to show how a product is used or ask your customers to sign up for your e-news program in exchange for a percentage off their next order?

Here are a few video ideas to target your customers:

  1. Create a Facebook video campaign featuring top selling products with a call to action of signing up for e-news to receive 25% off your next purchase.
  2. Create teaser videos on your website of an upcoming early bird sale showcasing top selling products. Have a call to action centered around the date of the event and any requirements to receive the early bird specials.
  3. Create a refer a friend video series and send out in your email marketing to target your current customer base. Ask them to refer a friend to receive 30% off their next purchase when their friend makes a purchase.
  1. Maximize Black Friday Sales (Holiday too!)

With almost 3 billion dollars in online sales alone in 2016 (according to Statistic Brain), Black Friday should definitely be part of your video marketing strategy.

Here’s a few ways to maximize on the biggest shopping day of the year:

  1. Get customers in the Holiday spending spirit by creating a video sweepstakes. Highlight sought-after Black Friday deals and direct customers to your website for enter to win opportunities!
  2. Use video to drive sales from your loyal customers to promote customer-only offers and sneak peaks. Leak these videos on your website, send in your newsletter blasts, and use to target your customer base on social media.
  3. Highlight your most popular items in a video. Show how the item is used or create a series of videos showcasing these items with their special sale prices. Generate some excitement!
  4. Engage would-be customers with videos promoting your exclusive Black Friday sales. Offer new customers an additional 15% off already discounted Black Friday sales when they sign up for your email list.
  5. After Black Friday, highlight your popular products in a video slideshow or create a mini series to showcase your products. Try something like a “12 Days of Christmas Product Spotlight”. Share it on social media and offer an incentive to create excitement and promote the need to purchase.
  1. Influence Customers with Product Videos

Explainer videos are becoming very popular. With the vast majority of online users watching videos, what better way to increase conversion rates and interest than actually showing how a product or service works!

A few ideas for Explainer videos:

  1. Show how a product is used. Show all the moving pieces, how it comes together, and actual use-case scenarios.
  2. Create videos to highlight related products. If you’re selling furniture, show someone how your chair looks with a certain area rug, pillow, blanket, or end table.
  3. Show how a product is put together. One of your most popular items might come with instructions, show your customers how-to put it together and include any frequently asked questions you might receive.
  4. Add your logo to the videos you are creating to build brand recognition and authority.

The greatest part of creating an explainer video is that they promote sharing on social media. Customers like to share information on how products are used or how to do anything!

  1. FAQ Videos

Video is a great way to answer frequently asked questions. Create a series of videos to answer these questions. Include the product in question in the video and answer common questions while demonstrating the products use. Or maybe you sell electronics and are frequently asked how to install an update, go ahead and create a video guide.

  1. YouTube Shopping

YouTube never sleeps, but sometimes you need to take a break to update inventory or take a vacation. Make sure you are actively posting your amazing new videos to your YouTube channel to increase awareness, drive sales, and improve SEO. Tag your videos with important keywords related to the topic, product, and your business. Make sure you’re filling in your video descriptions and adding a url link back to your website and/or product.

By adding video to your online sales strategy, you’re sure to create awareness and increase your sales conversion rates. Always remember to be professional, include clear call to actions, and always make sure your video titles and related content are full of relevant keywords.

This was a guest blog post from RendrFX, a plug and play motion graphics maker allowing for easy creation of motion graphics messaging. Learn more about RendrFX here.

Grow Your Business with 3dcart’s New DIY SEO Service


Online merchants are always looking for new ways to drive increased traffic to their websites, but are often too intimidated by the complexities and seemingly impenetrableness of Search Engine Optimization to consider DIY SEO.

In a perfect world, every online merchant would have the marketing budget to hire the industry’s most universally-renowned SEO agency and focus on other aspects of their business. But if you’re a small business owner working with a shoestring budget, or are too much of a “do-it-yourself” kind of person to relinquish control of your business’s marketing plan, then DIY SEO is the most logical and effective solution to better search engine rankings and increased traffic.

To help such online merchants start and manage their own SEO campaigns, 3dcart is excited to announce our new DIY SEO service. The new service offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to ensure merchants of every SEO-skill level can find success with their SEO campaigns.

The DIY SEO service includes:

  • Google Analytics setup with Search Console and eCommerce tracking
  • Exclusive access to an SEO monthly newsletter with how-tos, tips, best practices, and action steps to improve their SEO
  • A monthly scheduled report for organic traffic with key metrics to track
  • A monthly broken links report
  • A monthly SEO site audit analysis that displays site speed, page errors, and metatag issues.

If you’re ready to start improving your website’s search engine rankings, drive more traffic to your online store, and increase sales, it’s time to invest in SEO. Get all the tools and resources you need with the DIY SEO service  for $49/month.

Prefer to let 3dcart’s in-house, Florida based SEO team manage your SEO? Check out our fully-managed SEO packages, led by industry experts with Google certifications in Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Ads, Display Advertising, and Shopping, for phenomenal, quantifiable results.

5 Awesome Benefits of Google Shopping ads

GoogleShoppingVRGoogle Shopping ads are on fire, and businesses small and large are taking notice.

Growing in popularity since its launch in 2010, Google Shopping ads have evolved into a profitable marketing channel for many businesses. Although used somewhat sparingly in previous years, Google’s recent updates dramatically altered the paid marketing landscape and transformed Google Shopping from an optional sales tactic into a must-have ad format for eCommerce businesses worldwide.

In addition to doubling the size of Google Shopping units – which occupies prime above-the-fold real estate on most mobile phones – 2015 also saw Google increase the frequency in which they appear on mobile search result pages, and even began showing the ads in image searches.

Bottom line: Google Shopping ads means big growth, and for many merchants, is the (not so) secret key to driving brand awareness and outperforming competitors. If you’re on the fence about whether Google Shopping ads are right for your business, check out the following five benefits that may persuade you.

  1. Put your products and brand in the spotlight.

Whether you’re a small business just starting out or an established name, appearing at the top of search engine result pages (SERPS) help drive consumers to purchase your products, even if they’re not familiar with your business or brand. Since Google Shopping ads ensure your products will appear above organic search results, you’ll be able to easily and effectively expand your brand’s online visibility.

  1. Your Google Shopping ads will perform better than your text-based ads.

There’s a reason more and more retailers are allocating more of their marketing budget toward Google Shopping ads over text ads. Since a consumer who purchases your image-featured Google Shopping ad is showing a high purchase intent, it’s no surprise the ads have a higher conversion rate. Studies show that Google Shopping ads generate 26% higher conversion rates and have a 23% lower cost-per-click than text ads.

  1. Get better qualified leads.

By providing relevant product information, Google Shopping ads help you increase the quality of your leads. Shoppers are looking to make an informed purchasing decision, and through visually revealing, information rich ads, visitors land on your product page with a high intent to purchase. It’s also because of this fact that Google Shopping ads often garner double or triple the clickthrough rate of text ads.

  1. Google Shopping is a lot easier to manage.

Text ads require advertisers to select and bid on the keywords they want to target. Google Shopping ads are much simpler and eliminate the keyword process entirely. Instead of bidding on keywords, Google decides what keywords are relevant based on your product data feed (which you can strategically craft for better results).

  1. Benefit from broader reach.

With Google Shopping campaigns, your ads have the potential to appear more than once for a single query. For example, if someone searched for “Burt’s Bees Shampoo”, three of your products may appear: “Burt’s Bees Baob Shampoo, 10 Fl Oz”, “Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo and Wash, 12 Fl Oz”, and “Burt’s Bees Very Volumizing Shampoo, 10 Fl Oz”.


The savviest minds and the biggest businesses are allocating more their marketing budgets toward Google Shopping ads. If you’re looking to stay on trend with your competitors, it may be time to revamp your marketing efforts in favor of today’s paid marketing trend.

Not up to running your own Google Shopping ads? Let 3dcart’s experts handle all the work for you. Visit 3dcart for more information.

Boost Sales during Seasonal Events with 3dboost


3dboost, a powerful cart-abandonment tool, made its way onto 3dcart’s App store only last week. Fully customizable and packed with innovative features, the new marketing app is 3dcart’s latest and most exciting solution to date for helping merchants drive sales and reduce bounce rates.

But if you’re thinking 3dboost’s only purpose is to combat cart abandonment, think again. Chock-full of features and capabilities, 3dboost gives you the power to create nearly any type of enticing offer, anywhere on your website, for purposes beyond just abandoned shoppers. Take for instance eCommerce stores’ best friend: big sales.

If your store is in gear to celebrate a holiday sale, such as July4th, Thanksgiving, or a special December event, 3dboost can help you mark the occasion with style, allowing you to easily promote your specials and grab the attention of hesitant shoppers.

Using 3dboost, you can upload your gorgeous images (e.g. a “Celebrate July 4th with 30% off” banner), and advertise it persistently across your entire website, ensuring every visitor is compelled to explore your awesome limited-time sale, regardless of which page they land on first. Edit your popup offer’s dimensions, colors, or even add a background overlay effect to captivate potential buyers at first glance.

If you’re looking for an easier way to advertise your sales, be sure to check out 3dboost. Marketing just got a whole lot simpler and a lot more fun.

For more information, visit the 3dcart App Store.

3dcart Unveils 3dboost, a Fully Customizable Cart Abandonment Tool


Millions of retailers experience a huge number of lost sales every year due to cart abandonment – a whopping $18 billion, to be precise. That’s because 67.89% of all shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes a sale. If you’re an online merchant, you’re either knowingly or unknowingly feeling the effects of this worrisome statistic.

Yet despite the horror of this seemingly inescapable nightmare, all hope isn’t lost. While it may not be possible to prevent all instances of cart abandonment, there is a way to persuade a large percentage of them to shop at your store.

3dboost is 3dcart’s groundbreaking new solution to preventing cart abandonment before it ever happens. Fully customizable and responsive, 3dboost allows you to create gorgeous, time-sensitive offers that perfectly match your business’s unique style and website design.

Requiring neither HTML nor Photoshop knowledge, 3dboost offers unparalleled customization, with the ability to control every facet of your popup’s design, including:

  • Images
  • Text
  • Colors
  • Style
  • Dimensions
  • Background overlay effect (10+ transitional effects)
  • Buy Button (optional)

3dboost additionally offers 3 advanced ad formats (iframe, image upload, and text), allowing you to create effective popup ads that match your business’s unique marketing approach. Configure your compelling offer to automatically display when a customer’s cursor abandons your page, after they’ve been on a specific page for a certain amount of time, or persistently on any desired page (product, category, or sitewide).

Since your popups are responsive, you’ll be able to attract and appeal to shoppers on desktop, mobile, and tablet, allowing for more opportunities to pull back reluctant customers.

3dboost is launching with 3 price tiers:

  • $9.99/month – up to 5,000 views
  • $24.99/month – up to 10,000 views
  • $49.99/month – unlimited​ views

Start recovering sales today and tackle cart abandonment head on with eCommerce’s most powerful sales-driving solution available. Learn more about 3dboost at the 3dcart App Store.