From Bigcommerce to 3dcart: Featuring Island Jay

Choosing an eCommerce platform is one of the biggest decisions an online merchant will make in the course of their business’s lifespan. Depending on your business size, product and budget, numerous factors may influence your perception and definition of the perfect eCommerce solution, including price, ease-of-use, built-in features, customer service, uptime, speed, apps, themes, and available paid services.

With the explosive growth and popularity of online shopping, countless eCommerce platforms have erupted to capitalize on commerce’s evolving yet steadfast trend. And while a large selection of platforms is great for new and veteran entrepreneurs, it can also make the search for the right platform a difficult and sometimes costly affair.

Countless merchants have switched to 3dcart after years of tireless, frustrating experiences with ill-equipped or unreliable platforms. Our growing, renowned services and richly-innovative features are why businesses such as Island Jay chose to switch to 3dcart after three years of turbulence with two well-known platforms.


Island Jay ( is a tropical lifestyle brand that provides t-shirts and accessories to support the Island and Beach Lifestyle. With over 20,000 followers and 15,000 t-shirts sold every year, Island Jay has achieved tremendous success. Their growing and continued popularity is due in large part to their awesome products, which feature unique trademarked designs, unlike the typical assortment of cookie-cutter products found at most resort gift shops.

Like many businesses, Island Jay experienced a rough start after joining the eCommerce market. In 2013, the island and beach shop joined forces with WooCommerce, only to find the open-source platform ill-equipped to handle support inquiries. Restricted to email communication, responses typically took anywhere from 2-3 days – a severe hindrance that affected Island Jay’s Jason’s ability to effectively manage his business.

After a year and a half with WooCommerce, Jason made the switch to Bigcommerce, expecting the renowned and popular platform to deliver big results. Unfortunately, smooth-sailing wasn’t in store for Jason and his business.

“Guest could not check out. Coupon codes would not take. Support could reproduce the problems, but offered no resolve,” said Jason, recounting his experiences. “Then their servers crashed and I was out of business for 5 days. When they got back up and running, there was no compensation offered. Then we had email issues. Again, no resolve. BigCommerce literally gave us no choice but to switch e-commerce providers.”

After another year and a half of attempting to work with Bigcommerce, Jason started his hunt for another platform. As luck would have it, his search led to 3dcart, which he found attractive for our price point and flexibility for back-end customization.

Today, Island Jay continues to flourish and grow with the help of 3dcart. Our evolving and reliable services have allowed Jason to focus his attention where it’s needed most: on helping people live the Island and Beach life, no matter where they are.

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From OsCommerce to 3dcart: Featuring Holy Chocolate


There’s never been a better, more promising time to start an online store. According to studies, consumers are expected to spend $1.672 trillion online this year worldwide, a figure that is expected to more than double by 2019 to $3.551 trillion! In the United States alone, eCommerce sales for 2015 are predicted at $375.89 billion, up 14.3% from last year’s $328.6 billion.

It’s no wonder that countless individuals have decided to try their hands at eCommerce entrepreneurship. But as any eCommerce veteran knows, running an online business takes an incredible amount of time, energy and resources. Without the right tools, success is difficult to achieve and even harder to maintain.

For over eighteen years 3dcart has helped businesses all around the world grow, expand, and succeed in one of the most competitive markets. And while many of these merchants have been with 3dcart since the beginning of their business’ life, a great number have moved to 3dcart from other platforms, either due to a lack of features, poor customer support, unreliable site performance, or high cost.

Today we’d like to feature a business that moved to 3dcart after 6 years with OsCommerce, Holy Chocolate.

Holy Chocolate ( offers chocolate lovers a gourmet selection of chocolate drinks and bars. Comprised of strong cocoa, velvety textures and surprisingly sophisticated flavors, Holy Chocolate’s assortment of all-natural products is raved and loved by chocolateholics everywhere, offering fan-favorite flavors such Belgian Milk, Mint Chocolate and European Spice.

After six years with OsCommerce, Holy Chocolate made the move to 3dcart. Their reason for switching is a common issue faced by merchants who opt for open source eCommerce platforms – a lack of support. At OsCommerce, Stan of Holy Chocolate’s wasn’t able to get the help his business required, with documentation too dispersed and support unavailable for friendly assistance.

Since leaving OsCommerce, Stan from Holy Chocolate is able to run his business single-handedly with great success thanks to 3dcart’s always helpful support center and plethora of backend features and services.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect chocolate gift this holiday season, check out Holy Chocolate by clicking here.

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From Homestead to 3dcart: Featuring BeadBuddies, a Bead Supply Store

bead--buddies-migrationIt’s the holiday season and businesses everywhere are desperately scouring the eCommerce market for a platform to meet their needs in the months ahead.

At 3dcart, we take proactive measures to ensure optimal site performance not just during the holidays, but year-round, providing online merchants with the industry’s fastest, most secure eCommerce hosting. With a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% and 24/7 monitoring, our PCI certified web hosting facilities offer small and large businesses the necessary peace of mind to effectively manage and grow their businesses.

Today we’d like to feature a website that moved to 3dcart after 9 years with Homestead, BeadBuddies (


BeadBuddies is a family owned and operated business that has been beading for over 20 years. Located in Tampa, Florida, BeadBuddies has been selling and shipping beads online for over 10 years, delivering customers the highest quality products at the lowest, best prices possible.

As any business owner knows, success doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges. For BeadBuddies, Homestead presented obstacles such as server problems, slow loading times, down times, poor customer service, and a lack of a built-in search engine, site map, mobile and SEO friendly features.

Having switched to 3dcart, BeadBuddies is experiencing blazing fast performance. Rod from BeadBuddies reported “most importantly is 3dcart’s uptime. Our website runs smooth and fast and is always up and running for business.”

But 3dcart isn’t just about optimal, fast performance. Our feature-rich platform is praised by all, and Rod is no exception, boasting 3dcart’s plethora of features and helpful 24x7x365 support. With 3dcart, BeadBuddies is now a premier online seller and shipper of beads, happily taking advantage of 3dcart’s search capabilities, blog, newsletter, and ability to quickly add products. According to Rod, “we can add products about ten times faster than we could in the past.”

Additional 3dcart features highlighted by Rod include our huge selection of supported payment gateways. With 3dcart, Rod was able to stay with his preferred credit card processor, an option not available at other eCommerce platforms. Furthermore, since having switched to 3dcart, BeadBuddies can now easily and immediately index new product pages with Google and Bing.

So what did BeadBuddies have to say in our follow-up with them? I have really enjoyed working with 3dcart and wish I had switched over years ago!”

If you’re in need of beads for the upcoming holidays, check out BeadBuddies today. With competitive prices, fast shipping, amazing customer support, and a little help from 3dcart, BeadBuddies continues their stand as one of the bead industry’s premier leaders. Browse their catalog today and experience first-hand everything BeadBuddies has to offer.

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2015 Thanksgiving Store Showcase


Welcome to 3dcart’s Thanksgiving Showcase! With Turkey Day just around the corner, we wanted to highlight some of the 3dcart powered stores that offer delicious, scrumptious goodies, from cookies and pies to meats and cheeses. Check out the following stores and treat your family and friends to some treats they’re sure to enjoy.

Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies


Tait Farm Foods


The Inspired Cookie


Tennessee Cheesecake


Karen’s Cookies


American Quality Foods


Bernie’s Fine Meats


Olde Colony Bakery



Beef Connections



Planet Bakery’s


Sweeties Southern & Vegan Catering


Diane Krön Chocolatier



From Cart Keeper to 3dcart: Featuring Bumbini, a Cloth Diaper Company

bumbini-migrationAt 3dcart, we’re dedicated to providing online retailers with the best, most innovative eCommerce solution available. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why our platform was built and designed with customer feedback in mind, ensuring merchants have the tools they need and want to succeed in a growing and competitive market.

Unfortunately for many online businesses, few eCommerce platforms share 3dcart’s customer-focused goals. In recent years, countless businesses have moved to 3dcart from small and large eCommerce platforms, with merchants popularly citing a lack of features, poor site performance, or inattention to smaller businesses as reasons for switching. Consequently, our 3dcart community has grown tremendously, with over 17k merchants now happily calling 3dcart their preferred platform of choice.

This week we’d like to feature a website that moved to 3dcart after many years with Cart Keeper: Bumbini, a Cloth Diaper Company (


Bumbini, a cloth diaper company, provides shoppers with beautiful, comfortable cloth diapers for babies and toddlers. With a catalog that boasts a wide range of colors and fun designs – everything from eco to chic — Bumbini is a leading provider of diaper brands and styles that suit every budget.

Bumbini moved to 3dcart after six years with Cart Keeper. Katie from Bumbini cited her main reason for switching was a necessity for features that her previous platform could not provide, such as an easy way to implement SEO, a points program, and an simple solution for meeting mobile-friendly standards.

Since having transitioned to 3dcart, Bumbini has experienced tremendous success, with traffic having increased substantially. Katie attributes this success to her easy-to-navigate website, her upgraded mobile-friendly theme, and SEO implementation.

Bumbini has also greatly benefited from 3dcart’s huge selection of optional plug-ins and modules. In our follow-up with Katie, she reported: “We just added the affiliate program to our site to encourage bloggers to refer us to their followers. It took me less than 15 minutes to set up, and is already showing results!” Katie also applauded 3dcart’s easy to use checkout and autoresponder, which have helped increase Bumbini’s conversion rate.

Bumbini is ready to see new parents through every stage in their little one’s life, from newborn to potty training – and all in style! With the help of 3dcart, Bumbini is ready and dedicated to provide new parents with invaluable advice, information, and a catalog that always features the latest, most interesting products.

For all new parents in the 3dcart community, we urge you to check out for your bundle of joy’s diapers, playful covers, and cute swim diapers! Feel free to check out their extremely helpful workshops, which will teach you everything you need to know about cloth diapering.

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From Bigcommerce to 3dcart: Featuring Flipo Group, Ltd.

flipo-migration3dcart is always looking for ways to improve our platform, technical support, and services for our 17k+ merchants. Our continuous efforts and innovative developments have not gone unnoticed, with thousands of online businesses making the transition to 3dcart’s easy to use, feature-rich platform.

Today we’d like to showcase a 3dcart merchant that moved to 3dcart after 3 years with Bigcommerce.


Flipo Group, Ltd. is primarily a B2B business, selling to large and small retailers, including cable shopping networks such as QVC and HSN, domestically and worldwide. Specializing in Home and Garden décor and unique novelty gifts, Flipo Group Ltd. is a world-renowned company experiencing great success with 3dcart. Flipo Group, Ltd. currently has three 3dcart powered stores:, and

So what made Flipo Group, Ltd. move their business to 3dcart? According to Mike from Flipo Group, Ltd, easy product option creation and management was a big motivator, an invaluable feature as the majority of their products have size and color variations. However, Mike’s major reason for switching to 3dcart was for our customizable price levels. In our survey, Mike stated “Bigcommerce only allows other price levels as a percentage off of retail. While this may work for B2C solutions, it is not ideal for our B2B customers, where we need several price levels based off of landed cost.”

3dcart could not be happier to hear that Flipo Group, Ltd. has found great success with 3dcart’s evolving, feature-rich platform.

With the holidays just up ahead, you’re not going to want to miss out on Flipo Group, Ltd’s growing, premier catalogs:

If you’re in need of flameless candles and candle holders, browse Pacific Accent’s elegant and sophisticated collection. Be sure to check out their exciting new line of Solare 3d Flameless Candles.

If you’re need of innovative products that will enhance your lifestyle and surroundings, from home and patio accents to personal and pet safety, check out Flipo.

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From Volusion to 3dcart: Featuring The Birdsafe Store

birdsafe-migration3dcart understands the needs of small businesses, which is why our platform boasts countless features, industry-renowned technical support, and affordable prices for small and large businesses alike. Over the past 18 years, we’ve developed and improved our platform to meet the changing, evolving needs of businesses everywhere, increasing security, improving performance, and implementing free, cutting-edge features and responsive themes for businesses on a tight budget.

These are the features that make 3dcart an industry leader and the all-in-one eCommerce solution for merchants around the globe. Over the years, thousands of merchants have happily switched to 3dcart, finding great success with the tools and services 3dcart has to offer.

Today we’d like to feature a merchant that moved to 3dcart after 5 years with Volusion: The Birdsafe Store



Since 2001, The Birdsafe Store ( has provided customers with the best and safest companion parrot products available. Joe from states that the business was founded out of love and passion for birds, realizing that customers were in great need of essentials specific to birds’ needs. Today, The Birdsafe Store continues their dedication to providing customers with the safest, most affordable products possible.

When asked why Joe moved from Volusion to 3dcart, he stated “[Volusion] was no longer responsive to small web stores – they started catering to larger ‘fish’ and ignored needed features.”

At 3dcart, Joe and The Birdsafe Store have experienced great success, especially since having signed up for 3dcart’s SEO service. Joe additionally expressed great satisfaction with 3dcart’s overall platform, and praised our plethora of features and services that cater to small businesses like his, such as support for SmartPost and reasonably priced templates.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Joe and everyone at The Birdsafe Store for choosing 3dcart as their eCommerce platform of choice.

For anyone in need of the finest, most affordable companion parrot products, check out The Birdsafe Store today. See how they care for your birds like no other store out there!

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3dcart’s Spooktacular Halloween Showcase

happyhalloweenHalloween is just around the corner and millions of people are hastily prepping for another festive, ghost-and-ghoul filled day, including our 3dcart merchants! That’s right, it’s 2015 and physical retail establishments aren’t the only ones getting in on this year’s $7.9 billion dollar expected goldmine; online merchants are here for the reaping as well!

Times are-a-changing, and with each passing year, more and more Halloween shoppers are hitting the web for all of their candy, costume, and decoration needs. In fact, this year, 41% of shoppers will buy Halloween goods online, with the average person planning to spend $74.34 and the average household planning to dish out $125!

But Halloween isn’t a holiday to be celebrated by candy and costume stores alone. Countless retailers of all varieties will welcome shoppers to their stores with spooky decorations and killer promotions. We’d like to showcase some of the 3dcart powered sites that have amped up their stores in celebration of 2015’s Halloween.

Epic Movie Costumes (

epicmoviecostumes is your number one online store for movie costumes, replica props and accessories from all of your favorite films and TV shows! They offer one of the largest selections of officially licensed costumes available anywhere. Not only do they offer some of the hottest new release costumes and accessories from the blockbuster hit flicks of the year, but they also carry movie outfits and props from some of the all time favorite classic films, cartoons and TV shows!

Vinyl Friend (


Vinyl friend is a leading, premier decal shop with over 15 years in graphics experience, providing shoppers with wall vinyl, decals, stickers, and signs! Check out their huge collection of Halloween goods, featuring bats, ghosts, pumpkins, witches and more.

bellydance2 is the world’s largest bellydance superstore, helping shoppers every Halloween shimmer and shine as a bellydancer, genie, Arabian Princess, Cleopatra, Gypsy Fortune Teller, and more! Check out their huge, exotic collection of costumes for adults and children.

Venetian Mask Society (


The Venetian Mask Society’s goal is to be the world’s best Venetian and Masquerade mask supplier, providing customers with Venetian Masks of exceptional quality, sentiment, and creativity, while offering superior customer service. Venetian Mask Society’s online store features a wide selection of over 300 different styles and patterns of authentic hand-made Venetian Masks, Masquerade Masks, Venetian Cloaks, Costumes and accessory items.

Spider Hill Prop Works (


Spider Hill Prop Works is the go-to source for Halloween shoppers looking for specialized parts, plans, and kits for building static and animated Halloween props. They provide quality, innovative hardware at an affordable price to ensure enthusiasts get the most out of their haunting budget.

atomsindustries sells DIY electronics for those that like to get their hands dirty and learn fun and interesting things. Their huge collection of LEDs and merchanics are a big hit with shoppers looking to enhance their home-made Halloween costumes. Their catalog features popular items such as LED goggles, super bright RGB Neopixel LEDs, and a wearable microcontroller platform. (

costumezone features a huge collection of varied costumes for adults and children. Browse their costume zones, featuring the Alien zone, the Cartoon zone, the Classic Zone, the Fright zone, and the Hollywood zone. With super hero, Disney, movie, sports, throwback costumes, plus many more, is sure to have the perfect costume to make any occasion a memorable one.

We at 3dcart hope everyone has a safe & spooky Halloween!

From Bigcommerce to 3dcart: Featuring Lucy’s Country Crafts and Antiques

lucys-craft-migrationThe eCommerce industry is ever-evolving, with new, innovative technology reshaping the online landscape on a regular basis. At 3dcart, our team of renowned developers release frequent updates to ensure businesses of every size have access to the latest tools and services necessary to succeed in one of the most competitive, growing markets.

Our frequent platform updates implement not only the latest trends and technologies, but the personal requests of our merchants as well. At 3dcart’s Feature Requests forums, users can suggest improvements that will benefit the 3dcart community as a whole. If submitted ideas are popular among the community, 3dcart’s developers will work earnestly to incorporate these new features in a future update.

Our dedication to improving the eCommerce experience is why businesses such as Lucy’s Country Crafts and Antiques made the move from Bigcommerce to 3dcart.


Lucy’s Country Crafts and Antiques ( is the home of Byers Choice Carolers, one-of-a-kind hand-made dolls crafted by skilled artisans. Byers Choice Carolers are adored by doll collectors around the world, with each Caroler design featuring a unique personality. Lucy’s Country Crafts and Antiques is also the home of Kringle Candle Company, highly-fragrant scented candles made of the highest-quality wax.

Like many businesses, Lucy’s Country Crafts and Antiques left Bigcommerce after 2 years in search of a platform that offered more features for less money. According to Robert from the candle and Caroler company, 3dcart appealed to his business by providing a more user-friendly interface, more options and features, and higher bandwidth. Furthermore, 3dcart seamlessly integrated with his merchant account processor to make for an easy transition.

When asked what he liked best about 3dcart compared to Bigcommerce, Robert said “the service provided in relation to my operating cost improved my bottom line profit and made the whole process much more affordable.”

3dcart couldn’t be happier to have Lucy’s Country Crafts and Antiques as part of our growing community. Feedback like Robert’s is why we continue to work toward improving our platform and services on a daily basis.

With the holidays just around the corner, be sure to check out Lucy’s Country Crafts and Antiques fine catalog today, featuring attractive candles that will match any décor, and hand-crafted Carolers for a holiday gift that’ll be loved and treasured by all.

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American Made Online Stores








For the month of July, 3dCart is honoring American Made Online Store using 3dCart .

“High End Artisanal Chocolatier with natural ingredients, vegan and gluten free lines. All products manufactured in the USA. Headquarters and manufacturing based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.”
“We are the originators of the modern day balance board. In business since 1990. Everything we sell is not only US made, but the parts are locally sourced near our factory. Our 3dcart site is also looking pretty sweet.”
“We started our handmade macrame plant hanger business over 4 years ago Our store boasts itself as the only TRUE source for fully customizable plant hangers where customers can choose the design and color they are looking for to accessorize any living or working space with live plants. We do all we can to help our customers select the hanger they imagine and create custom hangers per request as well. The most amazing thing about macrame is anyone can do it. It is simply an expansion to one thing most people do every day, tie their shoes. We truly love communicating with our customers and helping them bring what they envision into reality. Since coming to 3dcart our sales have increased 100%+. The ease with which 3dcart makes site design possible for anyone with little or no design experience is incredible and we have and will continue to suggest 3dcart to anyone who might be ready to give online eCommerce a try.”
“We are a 2.5 yr old American Made bungee cord and accessories. It all started because we had an idea to design an adjustable hook for bungee cords. We patented it and did some research found 3dcart. We now have all types of hooks and bungee cords. We build thousands of standard and custom bungee cords per month. We are rapidly growing every day and we’ve been with 3dcart since day one. I have to say that 3Dcart has been there to help us grow our new business with all their cool and helpful features that are easy to use. The support team have always been there to help us when we needed it. Very happy with 3Dcart. Remember support American Made products. Thank you Dean”
“Gainers Creek has been business 16 years and on the internet since 2004. We are family run by a Daughter, Mom and Dad. Heidi is the owner and operator. Heidi hand paints and makes the majority of the items for sale on the web site. It’s her full time job as well as being a work-at-home Mom of 2 teenagers. Lynn and Tom are her parents. They enjoy retirement by making crafts in their spare time. Lynn makes our hand sewn items and Tom is our wood craftsman. We love to use re-purposed materials as much as we can to make our goods interesting and unique. Created in Northeast Wisconsin out of our studios. Most items are made at the time of order and some can be customized completely. New items are added every Friday to the web site to keep things fresh and exciting! Gainers Creek is a labor of love and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them!”
“We are a truly innovative, self funded, made by Americans for Americans! By not taking on a money man there is no one to push us overseas. Now three for three with our new, stand alone, products in a fast growing niche market we are beating the odds and scaling! Besides what’s more American than prepping?!?”
“OrganizeMore started in 2007 as a way to supplement the family income. Our products are handcrafted in our shop in northern Tennessee. We provide storage organizers for the craft and scrapbooking community. We initially sold on Ebay but quickly moved to our own website and Etsy. Once we found 3dcart, we were able to have all of the tools available to grow our company. in the fall of 2013, we made the plunge and started operating OrganizeMore as a full-time business. Now, we still operate the same way, building our organizers by hand, one at a time. But, we just build a lot more of them!”
“Base Lab Tools manufactures optical lab equipment used by leading science & technology businesses and research institutes like NASA, many US Universities and National Labs. The main focus of Base Lab Tools is the optical breadboard which is an extremely useful platforms that functions as the foundation scientists use to build optical experiments. All Base Lab Tools optical breadboards are handcrafted for customers in our Pennsylvania manufacturing facility. We are not only proud to make our flagship products in the USA, but it gives us a tremendous advantage over our competitors who outsourced their production overseas long ago. All of our optical tables, optical breadboards and opto-mechanics are made in the USA. Our ability to build custom solid aluminum optical breadboards in a quarter of the time and at a third of the price typically offered by our competitors for similar custom products is in large part because we manufacture in the USA. In the scientific community, there is a great need for parts that are customized for the particular experiment or application and we have been able to achieve this in an affordable and timely manner for our customers.”
“We’re a family business. We’ve been making fine Pewter gift items for 35 years now. We used to manufacture our designs and sell them wholesale to stores. Price completion was doing a number on us. By becoming an internet based retailer, we have been able to concentrate on a smaller selection of our best quality products, and also to compete on price by cutting out the “middle man”. With 3d cart, we now ship our designs to businesses, organizations, schools, and quality-conscious individuals in countries around the world. We’ve even shipped our pins to China!”
“Beatrixbell Jewelry is a little jewelry studio located on the banks of the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our pieces are made right here in America – created with skillful craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Not only is our jewelry handcrafted in the USA, but all of our raw materials and findings are sourced from businesses based in the USA. You can find our lovely jewelry online or in many locally owned boutiques and gift shops nationwide.”
“We manufacture professional body sugaring paste made in the Pacific Northwest! Professional body sugaring paste is used in professional hair removal services and we sell to licensed professionals and spas.”
“We design and manufacture baby gift accessories. These items include – blanket, bibs, burp cloths, headbands, changing pad covers, diaper and wipe holders and more. All of our items are sewn here in the USA!”