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facebook logo 300x90 You Found Us On Facebook !

We launched the 3dCart Facebook Fan Page yesterday and we’re already at 200 fans! We were all  touched by the compliments and kind words. If you haven’t becoma  fan yet, do it! We’ll be releasing details about our next version only on the 3dcart fan page.

Here’s some of our clients who also run Facebook fan pages. Check them out!

Talulah Bean – Talulah Bean Fans, post to the Talulah Bean wall for your unique 15% discount code!

Pinky Blue – Welcome to Pinky Blue. Here we will keep you updated about our new arrivals, store events, and promotions. We always welcome your feedback. If you would like us to bring in a new product that you love, please feel free to post it on our wall.

MagicVault – MagicVault is your source for everything magic. We focus on quality magic and not the latest “trick of the week”. We have a large inventory of items, and will also special order items not listed. Our prices? Frankly, we rock! Come see for yourself…

UNiQ Cycle – Check out our unique chrome stereo motorcycle speaker kits offering custom stereo sound in a do-it-yourself waterproof speaker kit for all Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, Chopper, Metric, and Victory using any iPod, MP3 Players, etc

3bGifts – 3BGIFTS.COM is a secure online website featuring Unique and Inspirational African American Products and Gifts.

Wet Coast Shaving – The finest in mens grooming, from the present and past.

Sabatur Pro Audio – Sabatur Pro Audio is an Online Retailer of Pro Audio Equipment and Musical Instruments. Authorized Dealer for such lines as Taye Drums, Ampeg, Alvarez, Yairi, Dean Guitars, Krank Amps, and many more

Pro Med – Pro Med is an online medical retailer specializing in compression stockings, walking canes, nursing scrubs & uniforms, and medical ID jewelry. Come have a looksee!

Anh Oi – Welcome to our fan page. Here you can see photos of our fans in our apparel or you can post them up too!

Vertical Workshop – Refined clothing basics for tall men! Visit our website for details!

Ginger’s Needleworks & Quilting – Shop our secure online quilt and fabric store for great bargains and supplies. Specializing in cotton novelty fabrics, batiks and Oriental fabrics. Local store established by Ginger Moore in1985 & online store since 1997 – Cookie decorating simplified! Visit us online at, or in person at 4390 E 17th Street in Idaho Falls.

WingIt Innovations – WingIt Innovations has just released a new web site at

Little Monkey Store – We are an online cloth diaper and diapering accessories retailer in Langley, BC. We carry a variety of products such as bumGenius, Happy Heinys, and Sugar Peas. Looking for something specific? We love special orders!

Shadow Trailers – Shadow Trailers – Behind you all the way!

The Dancing Daisy – Embracing Life’s Special Occasions

MMA R US – Help us grow!

Cobweb Corner – You can learn more about Carla and purchase from her at these links:
Twitter ID: cobwebcorner

Dayspring Pen Shop & Gift Pens .com – Dayspring Pens & Promotional Products (business logo products) (personalized gifts). 1 business… 2 sites

KBS Coatings – Our mission at KBS is simple — make it even better! Our promise to you is that our exclusive KBS product line will always keep pace with the latest technology and offer our customers revolutionary choices with uncompromised quality.

Harry’s Army Surplus – Harry’s Army Surplus has been providing Dearborn and the Metro Detroit area with Police Supplies, EMT gear, Carhartt, Work Boots Uniform & Tactical Boots and Military Outdoor gear since 1950. We’re known for great prices, expertise & friendliness!

The Angels Nook – We carry Cross Stitch and Needlework Kits, Charts and Patterns in a variety of designs. From beginner to experienced, there is something for everyone!

The Privacy Payoff and Your Online Business

3dcarttruste The Privacy Payoff and Your Online Business

Join us for a Webinar on March 26
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How are privacy policies and online shopping cart abandonment related?

Find out by signing up for this webinar with special guest TRUSTe, the leading online provider of privacy services and trust assurance. Learn how bringing your website up to speed with best privacy practices can grow your business and enhance customer relationships.

This webinar will provide:
-An in-depth look at privacy policy construction
-A review of online trustmarks and seals
-A peek into the minds of consumers shopping on your site

Find out from TRUSTe how to achieve the privacy payoff by winning customers through trust.

Title:The Privacy Payoff and Your Online Business
Date:Friday, March 26, 2010
Time:11:00 AM – 11:30 AM PDT
After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.
System Requirements
PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 7, Vista, XP, 2003 Server or 2000
Macintosh®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.4.11 (Tiger®) or newer

Your Domain Name Doesn’t Matter!

1258666195401 228x300 Your Domain Name Doesnt Matter!The problem with most Search Engine Optimization companies is what I attribute to the Snake Oil Dilemma. SEO is a service that cannot be touched, or seen, or felt. Trying to sell this to a client is hard because they want tangible results they can see. One way that SEO firms provide this is by coming up with a check list of things that you should do to make Google love you. The problem is, 90% of them are full of crap. They use checklists and minor changes because it makes people feel like they are accomplishing something. One such item has cmoe up a few times in the past week, so I thought I would address that.

Domain name registration is the basic necessity that you need in order to have a website. Who you register with, how long you register the domain for, and how many domains you have registered with a certain company are theories that some companies have instituted as rules. Here’s what Google has to say about it:

A bunch of TLDs do not publish expiration dates — how could we compare domains with expiration dates to domains without that information? It seems that would be pretty hard, and likely not worth the trouble. Even when we do have that data, what would it tell us when comparing sites that are otherwise equivalent? A year (the minimum duration, as far as I know) is pretty long in internet-time :-).

Sounds like common sense, which is the fundamental governing rule in SEO and in business that gets overlooked. But wait, there’s more. Matt Cutts of Google had this to say:

“My short answer is not to worry very much about that [the number of years a domain is registered], not very much at all.” He reiterates that the domain registrar claims “are not based on anything we said,” and talks about a Google “historical data” patent that may or may not be part of Google’s algorithm. He sums it up by saying, “make great content, don’t worry nearly as much about how many years your domain is registered.”

There you go folks. Right from the horses mouth. The ONLY SEO guideline you should ever worry about is the following:

If you build a great web site that attracts lots of people, lots of links, lots of attention, etc., it won’t matter if your domain is only registered for one year, registered with the same company as 100 of your other domains.

Have a good weekend kids.

The Impact of Viral Marketing

Witness the power of the viral video.

4 days ago, an anonymous YouTube user who calls himself Merton posted a video under the username PianoChatImprov. In it, a young man wearing a green hoodie and glasses, proceeds to serenade random users with humorous, improvisational, piano-driven songs. During this time, the video has received 2 million views and has 50,000 youtube subscribers.

2 million views!

This is the impact of viral marketing. Create something that people WANT to see and they will flock to it.

… It also doesn’t hurt to be Ben Folds.

3dcart Shopping Cart Review recently updated our review with a fantastic video.

All of the 3DCart plans include a host of features for every aspect of running an online store. The service has unlimited potential when designing a custom store. With almost every aspect being adjustable, you can truly create the store just the way you want it. You can upload your merchandise in bulk, and add an unlimited number of pictures. We particularly enjoyed the advanced image gallery, which automatically resizes your uploaded pictures, and supports impressive zoom-ability.

Lack of Innovation in E-Commerce?

I read an article over at Exciting E-Commerce :

Joshua Goldman from Norwest Venture Partners gave a short introduction to Swooponomics at the Retail Innovation & Marketing Conference:

Parallel to that, several American innovators met at the First Round Capital E-commerce Summit.

The comments of the event organizer (“Change is coming to online shopping”)  corroborates much of what Exciting Commerce has been heralding since 2005 which was also self-evident at this year’s Live Shopping Days Conference:

“One of the things that’s surprised me the most over the last decade is how little transformative innovation has occurred in ecommerce.

eBay looks pretty much the same as it did a decade ago.  Amazon looks pretty much the same as it did a decade ago.  While the top 10 sites on the Internet have changed dramatically over the last decade, the top 10 online shopping sites on the Internet have not.

The traditional catalog/cart shopping model remains pretty much unchanged.  I’m not sure of the reasons why so little innovation has occurred – perhaps it is because of Google.

Specifically, the fact that online retailers had a scalable, measurable, and predictable source of customer traffic (through both SEO and Adwords) might have reduced the external pressures to innovate.

However, the online shopping paradigm is finally changing.  Indeed, I think we’ve seen more innovation in the last 10 months than in the last 10 years.
We’ve seen an explosion of interesting technologies and opportunities that seek to change online shopping”

The American innovators cover a wide range of methods and models from alternative payment systems down to game mechanics.

This is where I differ in opinion with Exciting E-Commerce and Joshua Goldman. Amazon looks the same way it did a decade ago for a reason. It works. Each day,  I speak with store owners who have grandiose ideas about how they want their online stores designed. At one point, I witnessed a site that was so puzzling that it dared users to figure out how to buy something.There seems to be this spark that gets lit under people where they feel they need to make sure their site looks nothing like an online store. This needs to end.

The Nielson Group put together a fantastic book, E-Commerce User Experience which is described as:

207 design guidelines to improve the usability (and thus the conversion rate) for e-commerce sites. Richly illustrated with 221 color screenshots of designs that worked particularly well or that caused problems for shoppers.

All the design guidelines are based on findings from detailed usability studies of twenty e-commerce sites with real users in the United States and Europe, showing what they did as they shopped on real e-commerce sites.

Covers the following topics:

  • Category pages (including homepages)
  • Product pages, product descriptions, product photos
  • Shopping carts, checkout, and registration
  • Search
  • Selling strategies, cross-sales, recommendations
  • Trust and credibility
  • International users
  • Test methodology used in this research; how to run your own usability studies

Guess what the verdict was… Sites like Amazon are functional and succesful because they cater to the way we, as humans, view and absorb information of the written variety.You can surely have an original, creative online store, but don’t create it without keeping your visitors in mind.

HOW TO: Build a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business

I usually don’t repost what other blogs have posted, but this was sipost from is simply perfect in execution:

Facebook is known for its uniformity. You can post all sorts of content, but the actual design and layout of your profile is the same as everyone else’s.

But with Facebook Fan Pages and the array of apps you can plug into them, there are a few ways you can customize what people see when they land on your Page.

You’ve probably seen custom Fan Pages like those of Best Buy and Victoria’s Secret. When you land there, you start on what is essentially a mini website within Facebook, instead of the Page’s wall or feed.

These are often used to promote deals, call attention to new products, or simply welcome visitors with an attractive branded splash page. Anyone with a Fan Page can create one, but it takes a little effort. Here’s how.

1. Add the Static FBML App

The tabs at the top of your Facebook Fan Page are apps. Some, like your wall and photos are built into Facebook. Others are essentially plug-ins where fans can view external content, like YouTube () videos, Flickr () photos, etc.

The app you need for your custom page is called “Static FBML,” located here. If you’re logged into Facebook, you can add it to your Page. It is essentially a blank canvas where you can add whatever content you want, including custom graphics and links via standard HTML.

FB01 HOW TO: Build a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business

2. Set Up Your Tab

Once you’ve added the Static FBML app, click “Edit Page” below your company’s profile image. This will bring up all your settings and apps. Look for the FBML app and click the “Application Settings” link.

FB02 HOW TO: Build a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business

The app can function in two ways: As a set of boxes, or as one dedicated profile tab. If you’re building a splash page, you’ll probably want to use it as a tab, so go ahead and make sure that the “Box” setting is removed, and the “Tab” setting is added. You can always experiment with boxes later if you find them more useful.

FB03 HOW TO: Build a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business

3. Add Your Content

Once you’re in tab mode, go back to your settings and click the “Edit” link under the Static FBML app. This opens a standard text field where you can add your content.

FB04 HOW TO: Build a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business

“Box Title” will be the name of your tab, so you’ll want to change it to something appropriate, like “This Week’s Deals,” “Special Offers,” or simply “Welcome,” depending on how you plan to use your Page.

FB05 HOW TO: Build a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business

The main text field is where your content goes, and you can add standard HTML to the page as you would any website, including images, text, links, and other formatting. No need for HTML, BODY, or HEAD tags.

Note that your images must be hosted elsewhere (on your company’s website, for example) and only referenced in your HTML code.

4. Make It the Default Landing Page

If you want this new tab to be the “face” of your business Fan Page, head back over to your page settings and edit your “Wall Settings.” There is an option for “Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else.” From that menu, select your new tab.

FB06 HOW TO: Build a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business

From now on, it will be the first thing visitors see when they arrive.

FB07 HOW TO: Build a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business

5. Engage Further With FBML

FBML stands for Facebook Markup Language, and it is the code used in Facebook applications to reference items on the social network, like user profiles, groups, feeds, and other data. If you’re really looking to integrate your landing page and get interactive with visitors, it might be worthwhile to learn this language.

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