Tips on How to Get More Sales from Your Current eCommerce Customers

onlineshopping Tips on How to Get More Sales from Your Current eCommerce CustomersIn marketing, the focus of many businesses is exclusively on attracting new customers. It’s an appealing and exciting route that many merchants believe will lead to higher sales and profits. While true, customer retention is just as critical to long-term success, and is actually much cheaper than acquiring new customers. In fact, the cost of acquiring a new customer is 5 to 10 ten times more expensive than retaining an existing one! Unless you’re a new business just starting out, your existing customers will actually play a more critical role in your business’s success and revenue.

According to a study by Bain and Co., a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a business’s profitability by 75%. Furthermore, studies by Gartner Group show that 80% of a business’s future revenue will come from just 20% of their existing customers.

Your current customers are the bedrock of your business’s success. They’ve developed a personal relationship with your brand through their experiences, and when targeted correctly, will continue to provide your business with revenue through the years to come. With this in mind, it’s important to remember that customers should be regarded in terms of their representative lifetime value, not transactional value. Studies show that over the years, customer profitability rates will only increase over the life of a retained customer.

But in order to get your customers to return to your store, you need to re-engage them frequently, something many businesses fail to do. Let’s take a look at some of the creative ways you can get your customers to purchase from your store more often.

Adopt a Customer Rewards Program

A rewards points program is a great way to reward your customers for their continued loyalty. By offering points for every dollar spent at your store, you’re providing customers with an incentive to return and redeem their accrued points, a tactic that will increase conversions and customer satisfaction at the same time.

Setting up a rewards points program is easy and takes only a few minutes. Click here for a step-by-step tutorial.

Engage on Social Media

Nearly one-third of the world’s population is an active subscriber to one social media platform or another. Use this massive channel to your business’ advantage by interacting with your loyal customers on Facebook, Twitter, and the like to build lasting personal relationships.

Remember, those who “follow” and “like” your brand have done so for a reason – they’re a fan! Don’t be afraid to reach out on a regular basis with frequent engaging posts that highlight new, trendy products, limited-time sales and other pertinent news.

Keep in Touch with Monthly Newsletters

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and influential marketing channels at your disposal.  76% of marketers consider email marketing essential to their business’s success. With an effective email marketing campaign, you can re-engage customers on a personal level, increasing conversions on a massive scale. Remember to personalize your content as much as possible. With a more targeted email comes a higher ROI and a happier, more-likely-to-return customer base.

Remind Customers to Order Again

If you’re in the business of selling consumables or perishables, follow-up emails are a great way to promote repeat traffic. Of course, you shouldn’t send these emails out whenever. If you’re a seller of pet food and treats or skin care products, for example, you’ll want to send out emails around the time that a customer’s supply will be running low.

3dcart makes sending out these types of emails really easy. Check out our guide on Newsletter SmartLists here.

Give Customers a Say in What You Sell

Everyone loves to have their opinions heard. Give customers a say in your business’s future with a poll or survey that lets them voice the products they’d like you to carry. Not only does this method encourage a high level of customer engagement, but it also provides an incentive for customers to return. By offering the products personally requested by your customers, you’re promoting a level of loyalty that leads to a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship – and of course, a return visit to buy the products they want!

Customer Account

Make it easy for your customers to checkout by allowing them to create accounts. With a customer account, shoppers can quickly re-order their favorite products and conveniently store their account information. With everyone in a rush these days and the eCommerce waters flooded with competitive sharks, providing an easy, seamless checkout experience is an absolute must. And of course, if you’re looking to implement a customer rewards program, accounts are necessary for tracking points as well.

Reward Coupons & Return Incentives

Follow up with customers who have just made a purchase with a coupon that’ll bring them right back to your store. As a consumer, you’ve probably received these countless times before: “Thank you for your purchase – here’s a coupon for 25% off your next order!” So why is this marketing tactic so popular? Because they work! Everyone loves a good discount; you don’t need to wait for weeks to pass by to bring them back.

A similar tactic can also go a long way to appealing to dormant customers. Offering an appealing flat rate or percentage discount is an effective means of getting customers back to your store that haven’t made a purchase in some time.

Are you doing everything you can to re-engage your customers? Remember, your current customers are your easiest and most predictable source of revenue. Take steps to ensure they’re coming back to your store on a regular basis.

Can Online Product Returns Help You Get More Sales?

Can Product Returns Help You Get More Sales Header Image Can Online Product Returns Help You Get More Sales?

Online retailers have a lot on their plate. From cart abandonment to SEO, the conversion funnel is a ticking clock that never stops. At the core of any successful online store is customer service. A lot of retailers are so focused on the sale that they often fail to consider what happens afterwards.

What happens during the after-buying experience, when the customer needs to make a return?

Retailers go to great lengths to ensure that it’s as simple and straightforward as possible for a customer to checkout and order the products that they want to buy. But if the customer has an issue with the product after the fact, often they are faced with a discouraging process that ultimately makes the return more complicated than the original purchase.

For years, online retailers have been mistakenly led to believe that product returns were both a hassle and a pain point for their bottom line. But newer, emerging studies are finding that there are ways to actually profit from product returns while simultaneously improving profits, customer service and loyalty.

Easy Returns Increase Profits

A recent UPS report – “Pulse of the Online Shopper” – determined that 81% of shoppers are more likely to buy online when easy returns are offered. What’s more, 65% of them take the time to read your return policy before they make a purchase.

When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. If you could buy the same thing at a brick and mortar store for the same price, and it’s easier to just drop it off if the product doesn’t suit you, then you would want to know that this same shopping convenience is being extended to online. Otherwise, online shopping just isn’t as convenient for you.

To answer the looming question, in conclusion: Yes, offering hassle-free product returns can make you money. But how much?

A CNBC report found that profits from free returns can soar by as much as 357%. A 49-month survey that followed two prominent online retailers concluded that: “After a free-return shipping policy was instituted at one of the retailers, average spending per customer increased by $620 over two years. At the other, it went up $2,500.”

The solution: Make returns easy for your customers and they become more loyal and spend-happy. Furthermore, they’ll tell other prospective customers about your store, its offerings and its friendly returns policy.

The Science Behind Profiting From Returns

There is a science behind profiting from returns, albeit a rather new one for ecommerce. A Science Daily report found that retailers can indeed profit from offering hassle-free returns. In a recent study that followed 26,000 customers over a six-month period, it was found that cost-free returns positively influenced consumer buying patterns.

For the study, the customers were divided into control groups. By effectively managing the cost of returns and how customers that made returns were retargeted to, it was found that the group that offered free returns generated $1.8 million as compared to the group that didn’t, which generated just $1.22 million – a sizable 25% difference in sales over 180 days.

The study’s authors, J. Andrew Petersen (University of North Carolina) and V. Kumar (Georgia State University), concluded that: “Retailers who do not consider product returns in their measure of customer value (even simply as a cost that needs to be managed) are missing out on profits they could be obtaining by understanding and allocating resources to product-returning customers. Paying attention to these customers pays off.”

Large Retailers Lead the Way

The big name retailers lead the way with their offering of hassle-free returns to consumers. Names you already know of – like Amazon, Zappos, Zalando, Target, Nordstrom’s and plenty of others – offer an ironclad return policy. And they are all enjoying increased profits from it, too.

Take for example Zalando and Zappos, two of the largest online clothing and footwear retailers. Each has an aggregate product return rate measuring at about 50%. And each offers hassle-free, no-questions-asked returns with prepaid shipping. But neither is going to change a thing. One reason is that customers who make the most returns often also make the most purchases.

Even with sizing apps that are available, many customers buying apparel want to know that they are getting the right fit the first time around. This can often result in the customer buying several items of the same style at the same time, but in different sizes, and then later returning the ones that don’t fit.

This convenience is also something that the customer craves when shopping online. It certainly results in more returns that a retailer has to absorb. But it also means that the customer remains an avid, loyal brand ambassador who frequently orders from the store, too.

“A world without returns would be nice, but it’s unrealistic. For us, the question is: can the business be profitable with returns? And we are certain that we can. And to end the discussion, I will tell you: the overall return rate for Zalando is 50%,” said Rubin Ritter, managing director of Zalando.

Infographic: Can Product Returns Make You Money?

To better drive home this thesis, we leave you with this illustrated infographic. It can help you better understand how easy product returns can improve profits, and what changes you can make now to help improve your returns policy and conversion funnel.

INFOGRAPHIC can returns make you money 3dcart Can Online Product Returns Help You Get More Sales?

About ReadyReturns

ReadyReturns is a plug-and-play, automated returns solution for your online store.

ReadyReturns lets you automate your 3dcart returns policy with customizable rules to determine when an order can be returned, who pays the return shipping and where it is to be sent. Consumers process their own return through a friendly workflow, made popular by the largest online marketplaces, to create a return packing list and shipping label in minutes.

ReadyReturns is now available in the 3dcart app store with a 30-day free trial, with the option to continue service for as little as $25 a month.

Get started today by visiting:

Shipping with UPS? Find out if you qualify for special subsidized pricing.

November’s Featured Partner: 71lbs

7lbsblogpost November’s Featured Partner: 71lbs3dcart is currently partnered with over 200 eCommerce companies. We’re constantly on the lookout for vibrant, innovative partners that can bring state-of-the-art solutions and services to our customers.

For the month of November, our Featured Partner is 71lbs.  Our team interviewed Shelby Hamilton, 71lbs Marketing Manager, to help 3dcart merchants get insight into their company and solution.

Please provide some general background and history on your company:

When we founded 71lbs five years ago, our goal was to democratize shipping for small business owners. Today, our goal has changed only in the customers we serve. 71lbs is proud to help thousands of businesses of all sizes, across many industries, to save money on shipping and keep the carriers honest.

71lbs’ CEO and Founder, Jose Li, is a 20-year veteran of the shipping, e-Commerce, and logistics industry. He ran FedEx’s billion-dollar Retail and e-Commerce practice, helping customers achieve operational efficiencies. He has worked with Fortune 500 firms and helped thousands of small and medium size companies optimize their shipping/logistics.

What’s the main service your company offers?

71lbs has automated the process for filing refund claims on late FedEx and UPS deliveries. 71lbs’ proprietary system will monitor a customer’s shipping account(s), identify late deliveries and automatically file claims on their behalf.  100% of the refunds get credited back to the customer’s shipping accounts.  No sign-up fee, monthly dues or contract. Our customers say it’s like having a free insurance policy without ever paying a premium.

Describe the integration and how long you’ve been a partner with 3dcart.

No integration required. Just provide your shipping account credentials when you sign up and that’s it.

71lbs has been a 3dcart customer since 2013, and together we have found 3dcart Merchants tens of thousands of dollars in refunds.

What are the benefits for 3dcart Merchants that use your solution?

With 71lbs, 3dcart Merchants get a set-and-forget method for collecting all of the refunds owed to them by FedEx and UPS.  After signing up (which takes about 2 minutes tops), 71lbs starts auditing for due refunds and the Merchant can go back to focusing on their business. The refunds appear in their online shipping accounts and it becomes one less thing for them to think about.

What are your solutions’ biggest strengths?

Ease of use! Because 71lbs’ service is designed to be set-and-forget, shipping refunds become one less thing for a Merchant to worry about.  Also, every 71lbs customer gets access to a personal dashboard that provides analytics and insights into their business’ shipping habits.

How’s your solution price structure?

There is no cost to sign up for 71lbs, no monthly service fee and no contract. Each month, the customer will receive an invoice for half of the refunds successfully recovered by 71lbs. No refunds? No invoice.

How does your solution compare to similar solutions in the market?

71lbs has been a 3dcart customer since 2013, and together we have found 3dcart Merchants tens of thousands of dollars in refunds.

What plans do you have for future development of your solution?

We continue to develop our software and company around our customers. By really getting to know our customers and what tools/features would help their businesses, we are able to implement new products and services all the time. As for our next developments, you’ll have to sign up to find out!

Any other thoughts for our readers, who are mainly ecommerce merchants?

Running a successful ecommerce business isn’t easy. 71lbs was designed for the busy business owner who can’t stop to think about shipping refunds. Your shipping refunds belong to you and 71lbs wants to make sure you don’t leave them behind.

Click to learn more about 71lbsJoin us for an upcoming 71lbs Webinar on Tuesday, November 24th @ for 2 PM! To register, click here.


Simplify Product Returns with TrueShip’s ReadyReturns

readyreturns Simplify Product Returns with TrueShip’s ReadyReturnsToday’s online shoppers demand a simple and transparent product returns process. Unclear or inconvenient return policies are an increasingly prevalent cause for cart abandonment, with merchants unaware or ill-equipped to deliver customers a hassle-free, easy returns experience.

To help improve customer satisfaction, confidence and reduce cart abandonment, 3dcart is proud to offer ReadyReturns 5, TrueShip’s fifth generation of their industry-leading returns management solution for eCommerce. With over 30% of online goods returned, and 65% of returns to due to merchant error, having a simplified and effective returns system is more important than ever, and plays a large role in securing a business’s potential for long-term success.

ReadyReturns provides merchants with the necessary tools to simplify and automate their returns policy. Merchants and shoppers will benefit from:

  • An automated returns policy.
  • Sophisticated rules that designate which products are returnable and who pays the return fee.
  • The ability to manage multiple return warehouse destinations and gather critically sensitive data, such as item-based intelligence as to why a product is being returned.
  • Easily build and promote trust among shoppers, who are increasingly wary of suspicious or lacking return policies.
  • Unlimited storage, courtesy of TrueShip’s ReadyCloud, for instant access to all orders, back-ups and data recovery.

According to recent research, 80% of shoppers want a simpler solution for product returns, with customer satisfaction highest among retailers that meet customer expectations. Start improving customer relations and increasing conversions with a simple, automated system that ensures every customer is delivered the best shopping experience possible.

If you’d like a peek at just how easy it is to use ReadyReturns, then you won’t want to miss out on our live webinar with TrueShip on December 3rd, 2015, from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PST. If you’d like to secure your slot for this event, you can register at:

ReadyReturns is available for as little as $25/month and is available for a free trial at our app store here:


2015 Thanksgiving Store Showcase

pumpkinpie 2015 Thanksgiving Store Showcase

Welcome to 3dcart’s Thanksgiving Showcase! With Turkey Day just around the corner, we wanted to highlight some of the 3dcart powered stores that offer delicious, scrumptious goodies, from cookies and pies to meats and cheeses. Check out the following stores and treat your family and friends to some treats they’re sure to enjoy.

Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies

makedascookies 2015 Thanksgiving Store Showcase

Tait Farm Foods

taitfarm2 2015 Thanksgiving Store Showcase

The Inspired Cookie

theinspiredcookie 2015 Thanksgiving Store Showcase

Tennessee Cheesecake

tennesseecheesecake 2015 Thanksgiving Store Showcase

Karen’s Cookies

karenscookies 2015 Thanksgiving Store Showcase

American Quality Foods

americanqualityfoods 2015 Thanksgiving Store Showcase

Bernie’s Fine Meats

berniesfinemeats 2015 Thanksgiving Store Showcase

Olde Colony Bakery

oldecolonybakery 2015 Thanksgiving Store Showcase


Beef Connections

legacymeats 2015 Thanksgiving Store Showcase


Planet Bakery’s

baklava 2015 Thanksgiving Store Showcase

Sweeties Southern & Vegan Catering

sweetiescateringnc 2015 Thanksgiving Store Showcase

Diane Krön Chocolatier

dianakron 2015 Thanksgiving Store Showcase


Check Your Website with Bing’s New Mobile Friendliness Test Tool

binglogo Check Your Website with Bing’s New Mobile Friendliness Test ToolA year after the release of Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool, Bing has launched their own version, the Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool. Merchants looking to improve their ranking in Bing search results on mobile devices are urged to check out the new tool, which may alert merchants to factors that may be negatively impacting their site.

Bing uses the following key factors to determine if a webpage is mobile-friendly:

  • Viewport and Zoom control configuration
  • Width of page content
  • Readability of text on the page
  • Spacing of links and other elements on the page
  • Use of incompatible plug-ins

If a website fails to meet any of the above criteria, detailed information is provided on the failure. According to Bing, “When you submit the URL of a page to be analyzed to the Mobile Friendliness Test tool, our Bing Mobile crawler fetches and renders the page, extracting important features that are used by the tool to determine how the page performs against each of the above factors. The outcomes are then aggregated into a consolidated mobile-friendliness verdict for the page.”

Recent studies show that mobile media usage is now considerably higher than desktop, with 51% of total media time occurring on mobile devices compared to 42% for desktops. As mobile usage continues to reshape the ecommerce landscape, merchants are more than ever urged to check their website and ensure their customers are experiencing a smooth, hassle-free mobile shopping experience.

Take a look at how the new test tool in action:3dcartmobilefriendly Check Your Website with Bing’s New Mobile Friendliness Test Tool

With the arrival of the holiday season, a mobile-friendly design is more important than ever to ensuring a profitable 4th quarter. If you’ve yet to adjust your website to meet Google and Bing’s new standards, check out 3dcart’s Theme Store, which boasts a collection of more than 100 professionally designed mobile-friendly themes.


Get Ready for the Holidays with 3dcart’s Pre-Black Friday Sale

holidaysign1 Get Ready for the Holidays with 3dcart’s Pre Black Friday Sale

The holiday season is the most profitable shopping time of the year, and as an eCommerce merchant, you’ve hopefully taken the necessary steps to ensure your online store is ready for a boost in traffic and sales.

If you still have a few things that need checking off your holiday preparation list, 3dcart’s got you covered! Our Pre-Black Friday specials will have your store in tip-top shape for the busy days ahead, without putting a strain on your holiday budget.

Holiday Must-Haves:

Start 2016 off with a bang by taking advantage of the following additional deals:

Don’t miss out on these limited time deals, available from November 18th – November 27, 2015. Elevate your store to the next level, today, and ensure a profitable 4th quarter and New Year.

From Cart Keeper to 3dcart: Featuring Bumbini, a Cloth Diaper Company

bumbini migration From Cart Keeper to 3dcart: Featuring Bumbini, a Cloth Diaper CompanyAt 3dcart, we’re dedicated to providing online retailers with the best, most innovative eCommerce solution available. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why our platform was built and designed with customer feedback in mind, ensuring merchants have the tools they need and want to succeed in a growing and competitive market.

Unfortunately for many online businesses, few eCommerce platforms share 3dcart’s customer-focused goals. In recent years, countless businesses have moved to 3dcart from small and large eCommerce platforms, with merchants popularly citing a lack of features, poor site performance, or inattention to smaller businesses as reasons for switching. Consequently, our 3dcart community has grown tremendously, with over 17k merchants now happily calling 3dcart their preferred platform of choice.

This week we’d like to feature a website that moved to 3dcart after many years with Cart Keeper: Bumbini, a Cloth Diaper Company (

bumbini From Cart Keeper to 3dcart: Featuring Bumbini, a Cloth Diaper Company

Bumbini, a cloth diaper company, provides shoppers with beautiful, comfortable cloth diapers for babies and toddlers. With a catalog that boasts a wide range of colors and fun designs – everything from eco to chic — Bumbini is a leading provider of diaper brands and styles that suit every budget.

Bumbini moved to 3dcart after six years with Cart Keeper. Katie from Bumbini cited her main reason for switching was a necessity for features that her previous platform could not provide, such as an easy way to implement SEO, a points program, and an simple solution for meeting mobile-friendly standards.

Since having transitioned to 3dcart, Bumbini has experienced tremendous success, with traffic having increased substantially. Katie attributes this success to her easy-to-navigate website, her upgraded mobile-friendly theme, and SEO implementation.

Bumbini has also greatly benefited from 3dcart’s huge selection of optional plug-ins and modules. In our follow-up with Katie, she reported: “We just added the affiliate program to our site to encourage bloggers to refer us to their followers. It took me less than 15 minutes to set up, and is already showing results!” Katie also applauded 3dcart’s easy to use checkout and autoresponder, which have helped increase Bumbini’s conversion rate.

Bumbini is ready to see new parents through every stage in their little one’s life, from newborn to potty training – and all in style! With the help of 3dcart, Bumbini is ready and dedicated to provide new parents with invaluable advice, information, and a catalog that always features the latest, most interesting products.

For all new parents in the 3dcart community, we urge you to check out for your bundle of joy’s diapers, playful covers, and cute swim diapers! Feel free to check out their extremely helpful workshops, which will teach you everything you need to know about cloth diapering.

If you’ve switched to 3dcart from another platform and would like to share your experiences, fill out this form here.

Stay tuned, we’ll be featuring another wonderful 3dcart powered website soon!

7 Tips for Mobile-Friendliness

mobilefriendliness 7 Tips for Mobile FriendlinessWith the incredible rise of mobile internet usage, it’s more important than ever that your website is mobile-friendly. Not only are your competitors updating their sites and consequently attracting more customers, all major search engines will soon reward mobile-friendly online stores with higher search rankings. If you’re not looking to be left behind, check out the few steps you can take to update your online store for mobile-friendliness.

  1. Use a Responsive Design. With a responsive design, the same information is relayed to every customer, regardless of the device they may be using, with CSS automatically translating and presenting information in a way that is mobile friendly. This allows customers to easily make a purchase whether they’re sitting in a waiting room, in line at the grocery store, riding the bus to work – virtually everywhere.

In most cases, adding the necessary code to make a site responsive is fairly simple. For 3dcart customers, this transition simply involves the selection of one of our 100+ responsive, mobile friendly themes. Choose a theme – download – apply; it’s really that easy.

  1. One of the more problematic aspects of making a website mobile friendly is optimizing the images. While pictures and videos may look great on desktop, they may appear distorted and fuzzy when viewed on a phone or tablet. Optimizing your images may involve a certain amount of trial and error as you test out what looks good on a smartphone and which images lose their integrity. Here are some tips to follow that will help you get the most out of your images:
  • Compress your image files. Try to use the smallest file possible. This will speed up load times while making sure that everything still looks sharp.
  • Beware of certain programs. Not all programs translate to mobile designs. For instance, if you are using Flash Player on your site, it won’t play videos on a mobile device. Do some research and testing to ensure that everything works properly across all devices.
  • Resize images. Mobile designs tend to create long websites that require visitors to scroll through. If your site has a lot of wide, header sized photos, you may need to crop or resize them so that they are more vertical and look better on mobile devices.
  • Use high quality images. This should be a no-brainer, but be sure that you’re using only the highest quality images available. Starting with the best possible material will make things easier down the road.
  1. Cater your website design to the most common mobile devices. You may not be able to accommodate every mobile device on the market, but if you target the most popular brands and models, then you’re sure to reach the largest sector of your intended audience.
  1. Follow established standards for mobile design. Make sure that there is enough space between links so that users don’t end up tapping on two links at once or hitting the wrong one altogether. This can create a frustrating user experience. Mobile friendly sites should also be as streamlined as possible. Keep it simple so that people can easily scroll through your site. Dropdown menus should be limited to three items. Reserve more complex design elements for your main site and keep your mobile design simple.
  1. Carefully design the “view cart” and checkout pages in order to create conversions. This is an important area where simplicity is key. Make sure that it is easy to verify an order and enter payment information. Getting bogged down on these pages will significantly affect your sales.
  1. Improve load times. This applies to all your content and not just images. As you focus on making design adjustments, it can be easy to forget how all these changes may be affect how well your site operates. Simplifying the design, compressing files and updating programs can help speed up load times and ensure that customers stay on your website.
  1. Take advantage of mobile friendly testing tools. Major search engines are pushing websites to move toward mobile friendly designs, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve left developers in the lurch. You can quickly have your site analyzed and receive feedback about where and how you can make improvements. These tools provide a handy way to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your mobile design.

The idea of having to update your website for mobile-friendliness may seem overwhelming, especially as you continue to juggle the day-to-day business of running your online store. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to happen all at once. You can continue to follow these tips and make adjustments at your own pace. Just be careful – don’t’ drag your feet too much, or you’ll risk losing business to competitors who’ve already embraced a mobile friendly design.

Islotech Responsive Theme – A FREE Professionally Designed Theme from 3dcart

Here is a preview of our most recent theme “Islotech” — a new, professionally designed responsive theme.

islotech html5 Islotech Responsive Theme – A FREE Professionally Designed Theme from 3dcart

If you would like to preview the live demo of our “Islotech” theme, you can do so by clicking the link below. Check it out on your phone, tablet or computer; you’re sure to love it for the price, FREE.

3dcart’s Live Demo of the theme “Islotech”

Stay Tuned! Additional New and Updated 3dcart Templates are coming soon!